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  1. I know that this is a 28mm game but can it be played on terrain meant for 35mm miniatures? I really like impudent mortal's 35mm city terrain and was wondering how screwed up the cover would be for the different sized models.
  2. Joan, Defersen, hospitaller 5 man link is the bain of my existence in my local group.
  3. I see where you are coming from with the E/M. The panzerfausts only 1/2 the armor and if they are in cover its still 3 for cover 2 - 3 (arm 4 hospitaller, arm 5 joan) for armor so they are rolling for greater than 8's or 9's? With K1 you ignore armor but you probably won't catch them out of cover so they are still rolling for greater than 9's. With the adhesive if you hit they still get to make the PH-6 roll which makes it for 8's on knights 9's on Joan. I am having a hard time seeing how these are good options. They might be the best we have against this fireteam though. Nimbus seems like a gamble. The poor vis makes it -6 to hit if you can keep him in cover it stacks to -9. If your shooting Joan with multi rifle she gets +3 link bonus, +3 range bonus making her shoot back on 12's with defersen probably won't bs that but he dodges on 11's, and if its the boarding shotgun knight then he's shooting back on 14. Plus their armor being 4's and 5's makes the arm saves on 9's and 10's. The flanking rasail might work but I never seem to get him in a position where one of the 5 guys isn't firing back at me and with their armor they only need to beat 9 or 10. I appreciate the ideas but am still having a hard time seeing how they would actually kill the link team. Maybe I am just being too sour about loosing to this team. Its the first time I have run a list that didn't have an answer for the challenge they faced. I think maybe our best bets are breaker combi Neema or the E/M grenades.
  4. Ran into a Joan,Defersen, 3x Hospitaller fireteam last night. I couldn't kill them with suekuel ML triad, suekuel HMG triad and a gao rail sniper triad. The only thing I had that managed to kill one hospitaller was the rasail with viral combi and that took 7 orders. What are some better ways to deal with this particular fireteam?