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  1. Yea this is what I'm thinking, because Viral says GO TO DEAD, but Shock says "cancel the effects." However, I would like a full ruling.
  2. Yea, so while this was answered for Shock, it wasn't answered for Viral, which still has the "straight to dead" rule that Shock has. I would say yes, it should, but currently as RAW, I don't think it does because that specific ruling only says "Shock" I believe.
  3. Yea, but I feel like a Doctor Tuareg is just better. That doctor on 18 is insane, and 15 WIP specialist halfway up the board. And they go into suppression and ruin lives.
  4. Wait, that 50 EUR is 50 with VAT? Holy shit, that's actually about 15 dollars cheaper with shipping than like the cheapest source here in America pretty much. I might grab the Tohaa one to go with my 300pt box. Rasails are legit.
  5. I know America will NOT ding you customs if below a certain amount. I'm pretty sure these are. For Canada, I am not sure, but other Americans should be fine. What I don't know is if we have to pay VAT.
  6. Ah, I think I see. It would be number 1, as everything happens simultaneously. If you have a model under a template during 1st action, and he moves out of the template for action 2, he still takes the hit because he was at one point under the template. At least I think that's what you're asking. There was an FAQ that might help a bit. N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.1 Q: When a group of troopers activate simultaneously (using a Coordinated Order or a Fireteam, for example), and they receive an ARO from a Template Weapon, does the attack affect all the troops that traverse the area of effect at any time during the Order, or does the Reactive Player have to declare the exact moment where he places the template, affecting only some of the targets? A: The template affects all the troopers that get in contact with the area of effect during this Order, as everything happening during the Order is simultaneous. Related Pages: ARO, Coordinated Orders, Fireteams in the Active Turn, G: Servant, G: Synchronized, Template Weapon
  7. He may place the impact template anywhere he had vision of the model before exiting his LoF. So he may place it just before you exit LoF, or when you start, or anywhere in between.
  8. Adding onto this, you can sync with the HVT (it has the civilian special rules!) and just carry it around with you so you're immune to templates.
  9. I never want to see a 5 man link with MM lvl 2 on 5 robots. I'm glad I rarely ever see Onyx because 5 man unidron link with a MM2 Plasma Sniper seems crazy.
  10. Ayyar is next month's release I think.
  11. Why is Lunah's name written backwards?
  12. I would say yes they can, because the rule says Trooper, and Markers are troopers.
  13. If you aren't rolling a save, I don't think you get a guts roll,
  14. You have very good hackers. Barids are one of two units with access to Icebreaker (0 BTS for opponent) and Lightning (-6 mod to opponent, dam 15 Breaker). The other is the Interventor, meaning your hacking game is very good, and with those two programs a Barid can easily punch above his weight class. They have pitchers, so dropping repeaters is easy, and your handy Hunzakut can drop one easily half-way up the field, making your opponent who fields anything hackable think twice during deployment.
  15. Can Owen give his strategy with that list, and his rationales? It looks like it's a lot of hard to shoot guys, with tons of Mines all over the place to ruin any sort of advance.