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  1. Well, Molotoks are better than Spitfires against anything with arm greater than 3, and only worse than Spitfires vs arm of 2 or 1(which will still be murdered very fast). If you want to get a Spitfire up the field with minimal order investment, its a good choice.
  2. Aleph proved they were incapable of securing the command node. Ariadnan security forces were simply doing what needed to be done.
  3. I think the main problem with the Knightly Orders is that they're all a little too similar. They all have some sort of gun, a melee weapon, and aren't particularly amazing with either. Each Knightly Order could use some sort of specialization to give each of them a niche to fill. Give one order TO camo. Make one or two orders absolutely amazing murdermachines in melee(like giving Teutons all Exp CCWs, MA2, and Assault). Make another order a primarily ranged order. Mostly guns, but with AP/Shock CCWs as backup.
  4. Not really. You can still design interesting models without taking away arm or weapon swaps. The new minutemen and marauders are actually already doing this. Thr Male and female bodies are identical, jsut with different arms. CB can do this, easily. And frankly many of CBs poses are just rediculous and silly. Toning it down slightly to allow for weapon swaps would be a massive improvement with little loss.
  5. In a FtF rol, a successful dice roll cancels ALL opposing successful dice rolls of a lower or equal value. They are canceled even if that successful dice roll is itself canceled by another higher roll. Say for some reason I am rolling 5 dice vs your 5 dice. We both needed 14s to succeed. I roll a 2, 5, 8, 17, and a 13 You roll a 1, 5, 6, 9, and 12. My 2 cancels out your roll of a 1. Both of our 5s cancel each other, and your 5 cancels my 2. Your 6 cancels my 5 and 2. My 8 cancels your 6, 5, and 1. Your 9 cancels my 8, 5 and 2. My roll of a 13 cancels your 12, 9, 6, 5 and 1. My roll of 17 is a failure. So in the end, your dude takes a single hit from my 13.
  6. CB really needs to get on the weapon options train that EVERY SINGLE OTHER MAJOR MINIATURE COMPANY DOES! They even already have bodies that take multiple arms. Not giving weapon options is really like 30 years behind the times.
  7. What I'd really like is if the program would condense multiple charts onto one page. You can usually get 2 hacking devices worth of programs and the weapons chart onto a single page, but it automatically kicks it to a new page. Even when I uncheck charts on new page.
  8. They both look very cool. But I am a little disappointed in the Shikami. I was hoping for scary mask, not generic rice paddy hat guy. CB! If its not too late, give him an alternate head pretty please!
  9. Well, there are the 3 most important RPG questions. 1) Can I kill it? 2) Can I have sex with it? 3) Can I eat it? Nobody ever wanted to have sex with an artichoke, so we're just left with killing and eating.
  10. Hey, you gotta at least admit the tactical sweater isn't an egregious offender as far as CB goes. And it could theoretically be made of space kevlar or something.
  11. I know, but those hats aren't exactly a practical thing to wear. Not in the cyber-punk future when you are scaling buildings. Especially with Ninjas being the "practical" half of the Samurai-Ninja duo.
  12. And there's nothing like sneaking up behind something with a BS22 boarding Shotgun!
  13. I mean its a cool sculpt. But I was expecting something with a big scary mask. Not rice paddy hat power armor. I was honestly expecting something like this, Just in power armor.
  14. Yay for Minutemen! Boooooo for no Blackjack! Weapon prediction for minutemen was pretty much spot-on. Rifle, shotgun, HMG, and missile. Molotok Airborne looks cool too.
  15. Well it was a learning experience. 5-6 quality battle reports with a write-up, 3-5 pictures, and maybe a linked report with your opponent are going to count more than a dozen reports which consist of "I fought this army, I won". Which honestly is important. It keeps people from submitting fake battle reports just to inflate their numbers. Besides, it can be a lot of fun. I did my battle reports by taking simple notes of the general events on the battle, a couple pictures, and then writing up a little short story with the events as highlights. It took me maybe an hour to write it up and it feels nice and fluffy, and gets high quality ratings.