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  1. You are doing it correctly. And as mentioned, it can go both ways. Enemy KHDs can use your own repeaters against you. It's also worth noting that you can simply shoot enemy repeaters and destroy them.
  2. Sniper Blackjack's aren't really active turn pieces. They're perfectly fine spending the 1-2 orders in the secondary pool, if that. They're there to be a big reactive gun.
  3. Team America, duh
  4. I do think a camo link would have to be limited to 3 members. Fireteam Harris or Duo would be more than sufficient. Duo Spetznaz, Haris Tank Hunters. Boom. Invent a new skill that allows members to link while in the camo state.
  5. I don't know. Antipode Assault Packs are, practically speaking, a Camo link team. Shooting with a single member of a theoretical camo link would reveal the whole link. It might be an interesting Design Space to explore.
  6. Fluffwise, the Crabbot is remotely controlled by the TAG pilot just like the TAG is.
  7. Well you paid for 3 dudes, so it's hardly like you're getting an unfair chance for no cost. Besides, if deployment was not sequential, a lot of other rules would be messed up. Like you couldn't ever place a Mine put down by Minelayer in ZoC of the figure with the Minelayer skill if they had to go down simultaneously.
  8. To expand on the above, it is done sequentially. You place 1 Grunt down, roll to see if he sticks, resolve the result. Then you move on to Grunt #2.
  9. An unfortunate pitfall of the rules not being written in English. The translation gets really messed up in a few places so that it says one thing when they want it to say something completely different.
  10. Yes, aro generation and declaration are sperate, but they still are relative to the same model. You only get to aro vs the model which gave you one.
  11. The Wotan Ariadna boards and the Facebook group. Its where the patch further up this thread came from.
  12. You can, as long as the thing that is in the camo state is a trooper capable of going prone. If its a fake camo marker or a piece of equipment like a Mine, or something like a TAG or REM, they are incapable of being prone. If you can legally be prone, then you can be prone while in the camo state.
  13. yeah. There's gonna be a lot of railguns around that sucker.
  14. Well, if CB uses what we the fans did in the last campaign, they'll give us an Orbital Shipyard since that was what we decided was going to be our secret objective that nobody knew about.
  15. Really the whole G:Servant rule should have been changed to work as follows, A trooper with G:Servant attached to a trooper with the following skills gains those same skills as it's controller. Engineer,Doctor, Akbar Doctor. A trooper with G: Servant's WIP value is considered equal to it's controller's WIP when making skill checks for the above skills. A trooper with G:Servant and it's controller may not both declare either Engineer, Doctor, or Akbar Doctor skills during the same order. If one declares one of these skills the other must declare Idle. A trooper with G:Servant is never considered a specialist even though they have the Engineer or Doctor skills. This would simplify the whole problem here instead of having a weird flux state where the controller is doing the roll, but the servant is performing a skill they don't actually have.