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  1. The real joke is that all of the Pan-O TAGs have crabs... Maybe thats why the Machinist WIP is so low, they don't wanna touch them.
  2. Indeed. Its probably more of a situation where you only have as much right as you earn/enforce for yourself. Normally there would by a tyranny of some kind presiding over a society like this, but everybody doesn't want that so its pretty much "don't mess with me and I won't mess with you".
  3. I noticed a small bug. When printing a courtesy list that has a figure with multiple profiles, like a Bike or Blackjack, when listing orders on the courtesy list it double counts that figure's regular order.
  4. Examples would certainly be nice. Vs non-immune and immune models as well.
  5. I play Ariadna Besides, with a physical book you can beat your opponent over the head, unlike a fragile electronic device.
  6. Or just keep your rulebook in your bag.
  7. There actually is a equivalent in western history, but you need to go back to the Renaissance. While not strictly made up of criminals, the lack of volunteers often meant criminals, often those sentenced to death, got pressed into the ranks.
  8. Yup. Draw second, shoot first. Or your opponent just sucks at shooting
  9. Sixth Sense 2 basically means you're a hero in an old western. You'll whip around and shoot the guy the split-second before he stabs you, or at least try anyway.
  10. I always forget this part of Sixth Sense, need to remember it more. Helps vs those pesky warbands trying to template my link team.
  11. That is correct. It essentially gives you 360 degree LoF and can ignore all visibility zones if you get attacked.
  12. I think its for retreat purposes. Every thing that has a G: Synched model come along with it on its standard profile has the same format. Devil Dog and K9 antipode, Bit and Kiss, everything in Pan-o that has an Auxbot, etc... You'll note on all of these profiles, the G: synched model is listed as gear for the trooper its synched to.
  13. Wu Ming aren't actually exactly expendable. Expendable criminals become Kuang Shi. Wu Ming are military criminals who are too valuable to just get rid of. So they're given power armor and used as shock troops. They still have a good amount of value as experienced soldiers. You'll get them back in the fight if possible.
  14. Honestly not too much of a fan of irregular orders in LI. If you don't mind the 8 extra points, you could go for a Celestial Guard with smoke grenade launcher. Its a regular order plus you have extra range.
  15. the Molotok is for when you are running a full link team mostly. Then its amazing.