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  1. YES!
  2. The chance of a Su Jian getting a Bike is 1/20. Which is 5%. To find the probability of at least 1 Su Jian getting a bike, you take the chance of a Su Jian not getting a bike(95%) and raise it to the number of Su Jian's rolling on the chart. Which is 2. And then subtract the result from 1. So the equation is 1-(.95^2)=.0975. So its roughly a 10% chance of 2 Su Jians getting a bike. I rounded up to 10% for simplicity since 9.75% is close enough.
  3. It could come up any time somebody has a Climbing+ model roll on the booty chart. It's a 2.5% chance each time a Climbing Plus model rolls on a panaloply. In any given tournament that runs a mission with Panaloplys, it's a not insignificant chance of it occurring. If I have 2 Su Jians in a game(a fairly common thing if you have Su Jians at all), I have around a 10% probability of one of them getting a bike if there are Panaloplys on the table. 10% is actually pretty damn large of a chance for this to come up.
  4. I could dig a 5th profile with something like the following, Spetsnaz(CH: Camouflage, Infiltration): AP Marksman Rifle. AP CCW. 34ish points You know what else I would like? Something with Hidden Deployment. Kazaks could easily be the first to get a non-TO Hidden Deployment model. Spetsnaz(CH: Camouflage, Infiltration, Hidden Deployment): AP Rifle 37ish points
  5. It could easily get made into a T2 sniper, or some other type of sniper, without any modifications. The only T2 sniper we have is the Cateran, and it's not that different from a regular sniper. Spetsnaz could be a different kind of sniper too. Maybe a DA Sniper Rifle, or give him that new rule which says you also crit on 1s. So change the profiles to be something like Spetsnaz(CH: Ambush Camo, Lethality): DA Sniper Rifle: SWC 1.5 Cost 34 Spetznaz(CH: Ambush Camo, Full Auto 1): HMG: SWC 2 Cost 40 If you gave the Sniper Profile Double Action and Lethality, he might be worth that 1.5 SWC pricetag. Especially when you compare it to Multi-snipers which have option of either DA or AP and only cost 1.5 SWC.
  6. Vet Kazaks on Bikes.
  7. Indeed. Climbing Plus is less than clear on this. Since its worded as if it basically turns Climb to be the same thing as normal movement. With the caveats that you still can't gain cover while on the wall.
  8. Yup. There really isn't any way to properly mark down the locations of hidden deployment without marking on the table and taking a picture. Now your opponent would obviously see this. So you have to ask him to turn around so you can do this. Otherwise, just writing down leaves the possibility of your opponent doubting your placement of the trooper when he does get revealed. And if the judge gets called over, without a picture you will likely get ruled against. So to really keep everything secret, you have to play as if you have hidden deployment at all times. Really they should add a step to deployment called ''hidden deployment step'' where each player turns around and allows his opponent to mark down his hidden deployment locations(or act as if he is).
  9. Poison is a CC special skill, not an ammo type. It is a little weird that it's not actually an ammo type, since that would make sense, but thats not how it actually is.
  10. Indeed. You should always tell your opponent "please turn around so I can mark something". Even if its not there. The most delicious mind games ever.
  11. If the destructible scenery rules are in play, then yes. Note that many missions have these rules in effect standard for certain portions of the table. Namely any scenario with an objective room or consoles. The objective room specifically follows these rules. So you can blow a hole in the wall or blow up the doors.
  12. Thenone thing that throws me off is the second line of climbing plus. ''This allows the user to move along verticle surfaces as if they were executing a normal move on horizontal ground.'' That almost seems as if it would technically allow you to ride along the wall because its effectively flat ground.
  13. So this happened in my last game. Su Jian loots a panalply and gets a bike. How does this interact with Mechanical Transmutation, Climbing Plus, and fluid Silhouette values? Is the Su Jian always the silhouette of the bike in both combat and mobility forms? And always uses the bike movement values? I'm away from a book right now, so not sure if this is answered there, but can you use Climbing Plus to climb while you have a bike? Or do you have to leave the bike behind. Because Climbing Plus says you can just perform normal moves onto the walls. Another question, if a Su Jian loots a panalply and gets +2 arm does it apply to both forms or just the one it was in when it looted?
  14. Burst 6 might be very strong, but I don't think it's game breaking. There isn't a ton of difference between Burst5 and Burst6 in terms of power. If we just look at the chance of getting a crit. Burst5 has a 22.6% chance of getting at least 1 crit. Burst 6 has a 26.4% chance of getting at least 1 crit. Just under a 4% increase in crit chances. The main benefit is that you could split your burst to shoot 2 targets each with 3 burst. Which honestly again isn't all that much better than shooting 2 targets, one with 3 burst and one with 2. Its better, but the difference between burst 5 and 6 is far less than the difference between burst 1 and 2 or 2 and 3.
  15. GW has done narrative campaigns before. They did one about the 13th Black Crusade attacking the Cadian gate. You can do small scale campaigns like that quite nicely.