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  1. You definitely could end up with different species perceiving EM light differently. And could end up with some strangely effective camo. This could also translate to very strange weaknesses of certain species. Perhaps Shasvastii can see UV light, but cannot see a good chunk of what we call visible light. So colors based on the spectrum that they cannot see would be a functional camouflage. Or you could use that UV light against them by use of altered Flashbang grenades or other strong sources of UV light that, while harmless to humans, is blindingly bright and debilitating to them. Sound could also be a dangerous weapon. Perhaps Morats have subsonic communication sensitivities, and simply playing a loud subsonic noise is enough to deafen then. Just imagine laying a trap for the aliens that involves making the kill zone resemble a night club.
  2. The obvious solution is to make the Europeans do all of their missions on the exterior of the Asteroids.
  3. Given we don't have a TAG, it seems fair. MSV2 in a link team would be an interesting dynamic. BAO troops also have MSV2 and they can Core link. So can Djanbazan and Yaogats. The Hsein is excessively expensive, but he just seems to somewhat fall flat as a link choice since once you have a link built, you've almost spent as much as a full 5 man Wu Ming link. Which just seems a better use of points. On the other hand, being a very expensive, somewhat obvious Lt, that could join any Link in ISS would make the Hsein an interesting flexible choice. If a bit expensive. As is, he loses one of the major advantages of fireteam Haris, a cheaper link you can run alongside a Core team.
  4. Honestly, I'm really confused by how the Hsein is treated by the rules. Seems odd that the highest ranking agents can't join other links. Or that the link isn't as flexible as it seems it should be. It really limits the use of the very awesome Hsein. I'd love to be able to slap one into a Bao, CG, or Wu Ming link. You might see them be used a lot more.
  5. Those studies are invalid since they arent similar situations. For one, they assume you have contact and physical suport from Earth. Which was not the case with Dawn. Even if the second ship haad arrived, there was no way for the colony to communicate or have help from Earth. They were going to be on their own for the forseeable future. You need to have a situation where the colony is completely cutoff.
  6. Hard to respect a sentient race that still slings feces
  7. 1 million is the minimum population level to maintain modern technology levels. Its from calculations relating to apocalyptic events causing mass casualties in the human population, and how many people would have to survive in a particular society for it to not regress back to the stone age. Which is a similar situation to colonizing another planet, assuming the colonists care about maintaining modern technology. Ergo, the Ariadna must have had a minimum of 1 million people, because they not only maintained modern technology, they actually advanced beyond it. You could maybe cut that number down somewhat by giving them all the equipment that they would need(as opposed to a post-apocalyptic event) and the fact that this lets you plan ahead, but you're still going to need ~800k people. And just for a margin of safety, you're going to go with the 1 million anyway, because if you can build a ship with 800k stasis pods, you can build one with 1 million.
  8. The thing is, modern nations only have 1% growth rates because they are not expanding. And our culture and resource consumption means that a lower reproductive rate is what is desirable. Dawn will have a different effect. You'll have incentive to reproduce with 4-6 children per family minimum, and 6+ will be very common. The situation on Dawn is basically what areas of the world that have very high birth rates have, with the exception that you have advanced medical and farming technology to ensure that mortality rates remain low. So yes, 2% would indeed be conservative. 1% growth would be suicidal for the colony. They would have to have at least a 2% growth rate to actually get to where they are now. The only way 8.5 million people makes sense is if the Ariadnans had all remained in a fairly concentrated area. Yet they spread way the hell out, which is impossible for them to do if they only had 8.5 million people. No way is that few people making 4 separate nations, as well as a fairly complex infrastructure for travel. Everything the Ariadnans have effecting their culture and situation would push towards very high reproduction. Meaning that 2% growth would in-fact be the conservative estimate. With anywhere between 3 and 4% being possible. 8.5 million is simply too small, its unfeasible.
  9. Well yes. But hopefully they would realize that this was a bit of a mistake, and then retcon it. That's the smart thing to do. And for myself, if and when I run a Infinity RPG, I will use my GM powers to say "CB is being silly" and change the Population to a reasonable number.
  10. Definitely some areas for improvement. Just cleaning up some language issues where its been clunkily translated would be a start. Get rid of suicidal Impetuous jumps. Get rid of "Special Dodge" from Smoke+similar grenades. Rename it to "Obstructing" or something. Putting Dodge in there just causes problems. Stealth needs some cleaning up in particular. Especially in regards to moving into melee with it. Stealth says they don't get an ARO as long as you didn't declare any non-movement short skills and didn't enter LoF, yet being in base contact automatically gives you 360 degree LoF. This is contradictory, so Stealth needs to get reworded to say something to the effect of "You only get an ARO if the Stealth model declares a non-movement short skill OR was in your LoF prior to entering base contact". Hacking could use a bit of streamlining. Too many hacking programs that are too similar to each other. Make each type of program more linear. Just have 1 single Overlord Program with 3 levels, 1 single Gotcha program with 3 levels, etc...
  11. Which is impossible. A modern society needs a minimum of 1 million to maintain technology levels. We could maybe handwaive that down to 800 thousand or so with good data banks and lots of equipment to give them a headstart in maintaining themselves. Secondly, the designers of the mission would have been absolute morons if they hadn't given the first ship enough to actually survive. You always build lots of failsafes when you're planning a colony ship that will literally never receive communication or help from Earth for at least 100 years or so. It also makes sense to send most of the equipment with the first ship, so it can all get set up for the 2nd ship(which will also have spares in-case the first ship fails). Each ship will have the mandatory equipment needed to make a self-sustained colony, because if you don't do this if either ship fails to arrive/is destroyed/disappears then the other one is screwed. So the first ship, while its primary mission might have been to set up for the arrival of the 2nd, it would have had all the necessary gear to survive on its own. Including a minimum number of colonists. That's if we do the only logical thing, and assume that the NASA dudes who designed this mission were actually smart NASA folks and not naive game designers. Even if we have 10% of the colony getting wiped out by the 1st Antipode offensive, that leaves us with 900,000 people. With a 2% growth rate, which I again stress to be very conservative, that leaves us with a Ariadnan population of over 47 million. We could even take some slightly heavier losses from the conflicts with Antipodes and still be several orders of magnitude higher Pop than the alleged 8.5 million.
  12. Something like that. This game is most balanced when fighting in an urban environment, since MSV2+ can just see through trees which makes things horrifically unbalanced. And Urban environments are supposed to be dense with the exception of the occasional road.
  13. If the Hacker in question has Stealth, he definitely could do this.
  14. A total pacifist Morat? Impossible. That's like asking if its possible for a Lion to be Vegan. Violence isn't just part of their culture, its ingrained into their DNA. A Morat who follows a slightly less overtly violent version of their warrior code? Definitely possible. Perhaps a portion of the Morat race who are in rebellion against the E.I., either openly or in secret, who view the EI as having corrupted their species's traditional ways and is leading them down a path where they'll only become beasts who live to kill.
  15. 1 million people wouldn't be that unreasonable. And the ship would indeed have been massive. The physics of space travel make a bigger ship more fuel efficient, so they would have been incentivized to make the ship even larger. And yes, it was intended to land. But remember it was NOT intended to take off again. So really all it needed was sufficiently sized rockets to allow it to land smoothly, which means the ship could have been very large indeed. Plus, we should remember that the vessel itself was broken into several pieces over the course of the mission. They weren't landing the whole thing, just a portion of it. Size doesn't really prevent you from landing, what it does do is prevent you from landing and then taking off. The last part wasn't a concern. The Ariadna was staying put once it touched down.