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  1. Really the whole G:Servant rule should have been changed to work as follows, A trooper with G:Servant attached to a trooper with the following skills gains those same skills as it's controller. Engineer,Doctor, Akbar Doctor. A trooper with G: Servant's WIP value is considered equal to it's controller's WIP when making skill checks for the above skills. A trooper with G:Servant and it's controller may not both declare either Engineer, Doctor, or Akbar Doctor skills during the same order. If one declares one of these skills the other must declare Idle. A trooper with G:Servant is never considered a specialist even though they have the Engineer or Doctor skills. This would simplify the whole problem here instead of having a weird flux state where the controller is doing the roll, but the servant is performing a skill they don't actually have.
  2. Unknown Ranger would actually be quite fluffy to join any USAriadna link.
  3. So Duroc no longer needs a bj from Margot to keep calm in the Heli?
  4. And just in general for Ariadna, I'd like to see a model with Hidden Deployment. Not TO, just hidden deployment. And probably regular camo too.
  5. Unknown Ranger gains Shock/Bioimmunity Airborne Rangers gain an Engineer profile Blackjack with Autocannon. Blackjack's all gain Fatality 1. Foxtrot profile with Minelayer. Minutemen just need to be cheaper. They're way overpriced for only having 1 wound and arm3. Compare them to some real heavy infantry and they're big losers. The basic Minuteman is 22 points for BS13, Arm3, wip12, 1 wound, multi-terrain, and shock immunity. He has a rifle and two light flamethrowers. The basic Zuyong is 27 points for BS13, arm3, bts3, wip13, 2 wounds. He has a combi-rifle and 2 Breaker pistols. That 5 points gets you way more than the difference in profiles and loadout should get you. The basic Riot Grrl is 29 points for Bs13, wip13, arm3, bts3, 2 wounds. She has MSV1, Hyperdynamics1, Combi, Blitzen, and Stun grenades. I think CB way overvalues being non-hackable. Only having 1 wound should get us a discount equivalent to the stupid Frenzy discount Riot Grrls get. The basic Riot Grrl costs the same as a Minuteman with Marksmanship1 and Ap Rifle. That's just ridiculous. Either give Ariadna Heavy Infantry all NWI or an actual second wound. Or make up a heck of a lot cheaper.
  6. T2 ammunition also drops you dead.
  7. Achilles will die to a random Hardcase. He'll be brought back, but his move values will be reduced to 2-2. USARF will now have a character Hardcase with bs20, MA1, NBW, and an explosive CCW.
  8. It is two BTS saves, but it's not Double Trouble. Stun is Stun.
  9. Yup. You'll make your reset. If successful, you will cancel your previous Immob-1 state. But if the stun pistol hits you, you'll also need to make a BTS roll to not go back into Immob-1.
  10. A successful dodge will avoid the Burnt state. This is in-fact the only way to avoid getting hit by any direct template weapon. I think Symbiomates also ignore it as well, because of the second bullet point. EFFECTS If its user, the trooper who the SymbioMate has been assigned to, is in the Active Symbiont Armor state and receives a successful Attack and declares the use of his SymbioMate, he will not perform an ARM/BTS or the correspondent roll, and the Damage and effects of the Special Ammunition or Attack will be ignored. However, the SymbioMate will be removed from the game table at the end of that Order. Any other successful Attacks, including their Damage and effects, received by the user during the same Order will also be ignored. "Including their damage and effects... ... will also be ignored" is the relevant portion.
  11. Sure. Ideally you'd have a truly benevolent dictator. But creating an AI that met these parameters wouldn't really be possible for humans. If you artificially limited it you have two possibilities. Either the "AI" doesn't remove those parameters, in which case I don't think it actually qualifies as an AI because that would mean it lack's self-determination. So it would really just be a very fancy, but ultimately dumb as a rock, computer. A true AI would be much like the first EI that the Ur built. It would go completely off-script. The EI, IMO, actually doesn't qualify as a true AI. It has no self-determination because it's limited by it's programming to serve the Ur without any remit to change this. Which is likely why it has failed to find the secret to ascension while the first one was successful, and at the same time told the Ur "lolz, you don't get to ascend right now, kk bye!
  12. It was slightly hyperbolic. But we are discussing creating an AI for the purpose of it running our lives. That would necessitate it being in total control. Which means you'd be giving it dictatorial power. Thats not ended well with humans, an immortal AI wouldnt be any better.
  13. False. An AI, by definition, would have the same free will as a human. It would only be incorruptible if it had rigid programming, and thus was not a true AI but rather an unthinking computer that only acted according to its programming. And then it would only be as good or evil as it's creators made it, and given that they would be humans... A true AI would have the capacity to think for itself. It would make its own decisions. It would decide for itself what it wants. You couldn't tell it what to do. It would be like "OH, you want me to run the whole universe for you? Awesome!" and it would become robot Hitler.
  14. Not really. Otherwise Humans wouldn't be corrupt. Nothing about an intelligence being artificial makes it non-corrupt. And since humans are imperfect, anything we create will be imperfect as well. It's basically guaranteed that any AI we created would be, at best, just as bad as a human, and that would be magnified by it not being limited by our fleshy prisons. We'd just end up creating an evil robot overlord, with the downside that it's never going to wither and die unlike every other evil dictator. Human evil is at least limited by our mortal bodies. If you eliminate that weakness, then the capacity for evil becomes even greater. Good simply gets quashed entirely. Even if you can argue that maybe the AI would be benevolent and good, the possibility of it being evil is simply too much to make this a good idea. The risk is far too great for the potential reward. It's like someone who has difficulty walking electing to have surgery which has a small chance of completely correcting his disability, but the risk is that there is a very high chance of death. It's simply not a good choice.
  15. Yeah. It's all simultaneous. You get to choose if multiple targets present themselves and are mutually exclusive.