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  1. I don't need someone to moderate me. If you have an issue with me, PM me and we can discuss it. As for links, I make no apologies, and I'm quite clear on where I stand with those links. Most of which are personal links involving my blog. Furthermore, I've already seen what 'criticism' did to another forum that I frequented greatly, and that place turned into a damned graveyard. I've also seen what rampant 'over-criticism' did, and it became a place of nothing but constant bellyaching. Neither extreme is one I particularly want to see happen in this forum. Period. You have issues with me, come at me in private and we can talk it out, or we can learn to accept that our opinions of each other and the game are different. That's all. Peace and God bless.
  2. My next work in progress. Straight Rustoleum camouflage primer/paint. Next step, Army Painter Strong Tone ink. Debating on whether to keep the armor vest or let it stay off entirely. Thoughts?
  3. True, and this also plays a part of where the overall 'intent' needs to be declared (particularly in moments where players don't want to knock around terrain too much and upset things, but instead decide to 'shift' their models and fall back into the same location they were before). The gamesmanship of the players should be inclined to allow both players an opportunity to let their models shine. If you don't feel like you have a total LoF to your opponent through a friendly model's base, then I accept that I'll eat a full burst. But if my declarations of intent leads my opponent to say that I'll likely come under multiple AROs, I am not the guy to complain about eating them.
  4. Reactive. Not inactive. And you're welcome. If you space out your team to give multiple AROs, even if it's just a couple millimeters, the active player should generally allow that he's going to suck up multiple AROs. Unless the reactive player is feeling generous. Happened between me and Claudius, and I still sucked up two Wounds against his Asura.
  5. I believe you are confused. I will create a diagram to explain the situation. See image below. One will see "through" (actually over) the other. For that corner they share the same LoF. Well in order for them to share LoF they would have to be aligned *perfectly* on the same line or there is still this theoretical "one mikron" when you see one earlier than the other. If we try to discern if they are close enough to be considered perfectly on the same line, then we come back to "fudging" that pure-intent was supposed to take away. Trying to adhere to intent-geometry we should probably assume that aligning them in a perfect line is next to impossible and give once again the active player the decision to choose how many aros to generate. I got your one micron right here.
  6. I won't boycott a good-looking model over useless frippery. I'm buying that sucker the next opportunity I get. And I'll like it. Insofar as long-range fire support? No. The Cutter's a damned wrecking machine with proper fire position and defilade. This. (Says the guy who wants at least 1 of every TAG in the game) As far as the backpack thing goes, the Seraph could be gaining Zero-Gee. Again, frippery. Whether it gains AD or Zero-Gee is of no consequence to me. It looks cool, it's symbolic of where it comes from, hey, no skin off my back. It's a TAG. Nuff said.
  7. Honestly I'm ready to make a complaint to Tapatalk itself.
  8. Yup. And in the real-world rules of war, the US has apparently decided that "journalists" creating #DAESHnotISIL propaganda are now enemy combatants and deserving of NONE of the protections ordinarily provided to journalists. There are ethics in Journalism? Hell, most businessmen I know have better ethics than journalists! Or at least flashpulse them to blind their cameras. This. I'm not doing some bullshit "Real BlackOps" unreality show, I am doing no-shit real black ops. Nobody ever knew we were here, like that old SEAL commercial of a beach at night: Cloud goes in front of the moon and the waves get a little muffled, and then there are footprints on the beach getting washed away.
  9. Not bad. Matrix meets Infinity.
  10. Wow. Have an upvote. Love the custom base, and great job with the paint. Especially like the highlighting you did on the edges. Also, that freehand PanO insignia......
  11. Somebody give that man a badge. I think it's just a matter of time. Depp has way too many great likenesses that CB would miss out on using at least one of them. Yes. Yes you do. And I admit she looked great posted up.
  12. ye - but non of thous is touching the wall - if non of them re touching the wall so no benefits of cover - you got legit slice the pie and nobody will argue (unless they are realy perffectli lined up using different sizes and elevetion - this would require a biger difference betven corner and shooter thats not pie slacing rule bendings - this was your error in setting minis - and there is no rule against you making an errors - sorry ;D No apology necessary. My first performance. Next time will go better I think. But yeah, pie slicing away from cover allows one model at a time, but no Cover bonus. In Cover at the corner, you will likely face two or three AROs, unless it is your second half of your Order.
  13. Hyper-Dynamics are a pain.
  14. Correct, you would be sacrificing your cover bonus to gain the ability to give your targets only one ARO at a time. Which might be part of the sticking point here (people don't want to give up their cover to pie slice). Well they need to. I was trained how to for years. It is executed exactly like that. You step out away from the cover and then engage as targets step into view. No, you can't just peek around the corner to engage one target at a time*. Sacrifice the Cover to get one burst off against one member of a fire team, or stick to the hard Cover and hope it absorbs some of the return fire if the enemy has LoS. Your body doesn't bend around stuff like a worm. *If the team members are hidden behind Solid Cover of their own, however, like in tight corridors, that could change the dynamic, but in open spaces and with proper Facing, yes, they would have multiple AROs against you. ** Another caveat is if facing a gun line where individuals are stacked with each other blocking AROs. Happened in my fight against Claudius, he was able to peek his Asura out and gun down a single mini, then split his next Burst between two other models that were directly behind the first.
  15. I know I'm new to the tournament scene, but truthfully, and this is just me being me, I'll accept whatever decision CB decides with this. Toni would be an awesome addition to the miniature lines, but I also understand if they want to remove her from the scene for balance reasons, or even from a fluff perspective, or if they desire to keep her on only as part of the fluff and mention that she remains a number in the Tikbalangs. I'm still learning on how to use the big TAGs properly. How these smaller TAGs operate will be an entirely new fold to explore.