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  1. It is kinda sad, that all the old stories will get lost, though.
  2. Looks quite YuYing to me
  3. Thanks for calling in Koni. Best wishes to you. Hopefully the EU will help you with some funds.
  4. If you look at Angels 2nd book you might get the correct recipie
  5. Sounds good, I'll see if I can come around on Saturday.
  6. Hey, I'll be in Toruń next week. Can you point me to a good gaming place ? Not sure if I get to carry stuff with me, but it would be a pleasure to meet some local gamers.
  7. Looks a bit like Shadowrun...
  8. I like your go on the story. It has a very nice Paradiso flavor to it.
  9. But you have noticed, that the Shipyard snapped in half due to excessive fighting ?
  10. I am really intrigued by your overdose terrain stuff. How did you paint it ?
  11. My wallet hates you now, while I love you even more...
  12. You will probably need photoshop or anything with basic image manipulaition stronger than MS Paint
  13. I'm....just... I can't.... Damnit boy, I have seldom seen such a beautiful piece of work
  14. Wow, that thing is awesome. Can you give some hints on how to paint a Maghariba like that ?