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  1. In what way is Airborne Deployment a disadvantage in Firefight?
  2. Maybe offwhite edge highlights ?
  3. In Haqqislam I generally favor the Chain of Command SpecOps. That allows obvious or aggressive Lt. preventin LoL. In PanO the generic Hacker/Doctor/Engineer is king However, as dakara pointed out, Spec-Ops are not that heavily played in Germany
  4. I think, the YuanYuan is a wonderful characteristic of CB. Hey the Community likes our joke...I like the joke, too. You know what: Let's do it! That is creative energy at its best. Please continue CB, that is what makes you awesome !
  5. Hey Drunk Corsair, if you would not mind, I would be grateful if you could get me one of those Pilots, too. Based in Bavaria
  6. memes

    Thank you very much. While I still think the detail was a combination of luck and even more luck, rather than skill. I was only able to produce a similar effect on one other model by now
  7. memes

    Be my guest I painted the guy during Operation Flamestrike and took a picture for the Haqqislam High Command. It does make me a little proud Interesting enough, that rather my own Hafza was picked, instead of the stock pictures, however, that was most likely random
  8. memes

    You know what is really delightful about this: That is my Hafza
  9. It is so god damn beautiful..... Although I only play PanO and Haqq (YuYing is waiting on my shelf...) I will definitly get this, if it stays true to the render
  10. Hm, Fusilier (D')angus killed Kitsune with the butt of his gun during an event I attended. Does that count, too ?
  11. It is Haqq !
  12. nice transition of colours. will look great on the table
  13. Thanks for the info, looking forward to it.