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  1. Can a crazy koala become immoblized if it triggers a madtraps?
  2. I'm with Mahtamori - you lose the benefits as soon as you drop - not the resolution of the "ARO" but you keep their declarations.
  3. Do you typically just run Mcmurrough vs tags? I'll bet even the galwegians can fight with one.
  4. For the love of the Emperor is this legit?
  5. I'm glad to have more options but for how frequently I use celestial Guards as cheerleaders I don't think I'll ever take one.
  6. I would buy that Starter so fast it isn't even funny. And I haven't purchased either of the past two because the factions haven't interested me / I already own most of Yu Jing.
  7. ObviouslyDexter reporting in, I don't have a ton of time to play but I'll try and do the Emperor proud! 2-0 so far =D
  8. There are some comments on facebook stating that these changes will not carry over after the Wotan event. Is this correct?
  9. Hey! Are these confirmed permanent changes? All I see is that they are ITS official and don't replace the original profiles.
  10. http://www.beastsofwar.com/infinity/special-army-bundles-fight-strike-zone-wotan/ 50%off select bundles to celebrate the upcoming strikezone! Just a quick q regarding the Corvus belli store. Have people been dinged for customs fees or taxes for buyers in north America? (I'm in canada)
  11. Oh snap, that's my bad! Thank you for the clarification. Just when you think you've got the rules down lol
  12. Right, so if the ARO is shoot - it's only a FTF between the one link team member, with +3 BS and +1 burst, and if he wins the face to face roll nothing happens. If the attacker succeeds then they all have to roll armour saves. Consequently, they could all dodge - with the entire link team being able to dodge at normal PH (because SSL2 ignores the -3) *Edited for SSL2 rules on dodge
  13. In this example, wouldn't it be B1 attacker using intuitive attack vs B2 link team member that was targeted, without the -6 (due to SSL2) So it's essentially Straight WIP vs B2 BS attack from the targeted model, likely with +3 for range and +3 for being in a link team... and if he wins the FTF the template doesn't even happen. I think the important distinction is that the Intuitive attack targets a single model, even though the entire template could theoretically hit the other dudes. So if the whole link team was to dodge, it would be FTF unmodified for the targeted dude, but PH-3 (for being hit by a template without LOF) for the other 4.
  14. Would it be possible to get a Wu Ming boarding shotgun (with the knife) not currently available on your website. Along with: Yuriko Oda 6.5 Celestial guard aiming 5 Zuyong combi 5 Edit: and a crane w spitfire 4.5 Wulver mk 12