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  1. Two Part report for back to back battles, Lieutenant Fahim gets decimated, then comes back to...get decimated again but secures the win! Combined Army is brutal on the Raxora! Thats for sure! Boarding Actions - Misteps BOARDING ACTIONS PART 2 - PRESS FORWARDS
  2. Haqqislam will continue its duty in the execution or capture of any pirate parties or organizations that we come across. The Qapu Khalqi are under authorization to open fire on any forces bearing pirate colors. Pirates pose not only a threat to trade, and stability in the region they pose a security threat as well. A force of free willed, and uninhibited individuals can be easily swayed or infiltrated by the EI. Haqqislam does NOT support any free pirate organizations that do not bare a letter of Marque from the Sultan of Funduq. This will be your only and final warning.
  3. If you have coin, Ilik has goods. Come and party as you wish, if you pay, we don't mind! All business is good business for us! As-salam!
  4. Naffatun Doctor Plus now. Hes a walking Burn Ward.
  5. OOC: I am dieing! Go Caledonia!
  6. OOC: Okay so real talk...the Combine players have really been persuading me over the course of this cube is getting a bit itchy all of a sudden...
  7. ooc: Gotcha! thanks!
  8. OOC: Oh no, I get you, and I think its awesome your trying to band together a Pirate faction, I just have to respond ICly how any loyal Haqqislam citizen would have to. Pirates are a big threat to Haqqislam because money.
  9. I find it interesting Panoceania is quick to fire off warcrimes and accusations after their attempts at colonization of Dawn, and the near loss of a an orbital gun to the Combine forces. I trust the Ariadnans with security far more than the Panoceanians who would rather run screaming at a perceived threat than to open communications and assess them first. The Tohaa have proven to be reliable and open to negotiations. Both military and economic. You want to be the big hero in blue for all of Humanity, go play at it. Haqqislam, and Ariadna can handle the security matters and use the big words with the other aliens. As-salaam
  10. Do you have a letter of Marque from the Sultan of Funduq? If you are indeed actual pirates, we will see you as a threat and irregular. The Qapu Khalqi have plenty of experience in taking care of your ilk, and the Old Man may see you as a threat to humanity as a destabilizing influence in the Wotan Blockade.
  11. ooc: didnt the Combine take Sygtir-1 for a while(2?)?
  12. Daylami are very good but you need to bring them in multiples. They only infil on a 7, so multiples help ensure you get at least a couple up the field. A lone doctor is not fast as well, they almost require a Nasmat to help expand their reach and to let them hide in safety on a building keeping aro elements alive while their Nasmat does the work. I would also switch your ghulam snipers for Ghulam Missile Launchers. It is a much larger threat and punishes poor link team deployment well. As mentioned above, @Orthas, You want Tarik as your LT and take a CoC Farzan to maximize him, and it will also get you another midfield specialist.
  13. Heres the only profile with Suprise Shot L2, as noted it is in the profile listed.
  14. One effort. We give it exactly one effort.
  15. Providing Security is hardly "taking over" on Baijing. Yu Jing has other concerns right now (including their Frigate) so we are providing security, rather well might I add, to Baijing to defend their interests while their resources are limited. Nothing nefarious going on here.