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  1. Not certain which shop I got my noodles from, I was in a rush, but I can confirm they were great. As was the spicy chicken.
  2. Incoming call from Baijing Consulate "Hi there. My name's Flatline, I break codes for Haqqislam and I wanted to say that I almost totally agree with you regarding the Bakunin guys. I've seen to many comrades lost to those *bleep*-ing furries and goat men. I remember one mission we were clearing a place that got overrun by them and you would not believe the mess they left behind. And I mean organic mess. Uhh, anyway the reason I almost agree is that this one time I ran into Cassandra Kusanagi and man ..... if love at first sight exists, then I just felt it then. I mean she beat my comrades and was pretty cold but she agreed to a cease fire once she got what she wanted and let us retrieve our wounded. That was nice. I sent her a ... few .... messages since then but with La Forja blown up I'm worried. So uh, Cass, if you're listening to this ... I LOVE YOU!" "Gabriel what is this?" female voice in the background. "Nothing, Lt.! I was just ..." "Making the general spit his noodles all over a console." "Ah bugger." Silence. "Wait, he's listening to this?" Call ends.
  3. Yeah, dice luck is dice luck. It can unmake even the best plans, nothing anyone can do about that. But it can leave you going "What? But... I ... plan? What? How? Lol!"
  4. And the opponent not having the dice gods smile upon him. Yesterday I tried to break a Morat link team with a Naffatun. First try nothing happened, he rolled a 17, three 18 and a 19. Second attempt managed to take down the REM that was also in the blast. Thrid attempt took out two Morats and the Lasiq managed to viral the others to death. I've never seen so many high rolls in my life.
  5. My latest two battles. Both played in the same day and with the same list. Due to the challenge I had to come up with a fluff reason why the team that got wasted in the first mission was now going on a second mission. Also for some reason I feel the need to ham it up when writing Achilles.
  6. Or the big bag TAG suddenly finds there was a TO hacker waiting in that area. And the second TAG finds that one of the mines it decided to brave was actually a repeater and there is now a hacker doing things to it.
  7. Knowing there's a mine might mean he won't run face first into it but you can also use to close off certain areas, force him to either deal with it (which will take up valuable orders) or find another way around (again taking up orders better used for something else). They also don't really know what there - could be a mine or a repeater. Are you bluffing him or not? And is it worth the risk? Same with camo troopers. First he doesn't know what soldier it is (since there are a bunch that can camo and this is private info until revealed) and with which gun. Thus he will be worried and has to decide if he ignores the camo (and probably get shot in the back at some point) or deal with it (and possibly lose troops and definitely use orders). For example my opponents usually know a camo marker in their half of the table means a daylami, chances are good it's the one with the panzerfaust. Ignoring him will bring a lot of hurt, dealing with him can still hurt - once an opponent wasted his entire first turn dealing with a lousy 8 point daylami who didn't even kill anything that turn but kept the whole enemy army immobile with his mere presence.
  8. My second and third battles. The third battle wasn't so interesting so I did it as a discussion after the fact - a blow by blow would have been boring. Boarding party Tunnel vision
  9. Sorry to see you go man. Still, I understand your reason. Best of luck.
  10. I'll add mine here as well.
  11. As I recall from last time, custom missions were fine. If you don't want to play the mission for a particular area but still get points there, you did custom and it was all fine. @Beasts of War - Warren this is still the case, right? Also, cheers for getting this started.
  12. Someone make that a banner. Make it the Nomad rallying cry.
  13. The anticipation is killing me.
  14. It's supossed to go live today, right?