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  1. Oh yeah I'd forgotten about that one, thanks for the reminder. Still leaves phase 2 and the areas that closed off (or appeared) in it
  2. Cool video but I'd still like to see a breakdown of the first two phases (since they were the really intense ones - phase 3 was smouldering embers compared to a raging fire). Also what about looking at the total for an area over multiple phases (where this can be applied of course)? Looking forward to hearing some more about the wrap up.
  3. Also Haqq High Command did not seek to impose it's will. The Old Guard quickly established some things so it wouldn't be chaos and they a vote was held to decide who would be in the High Command this year.
  4. @Arahain_ It’s the Escape from Sector 9 Mega Bundle from Warmill.
  5. I was slow in writing these reports. I mean they are written a weak apart and the games were one after the other. Gah! Anyway I had some nasty encounters with Morats.
  6. I have no words. That is .... glorious... silly.... Yeah, hold the Dong guys. Grip it really hard, squeeze and don't let go.
  7. If it had been a Bakunin thread then yeah, no one would have blinked. But it was a discussion among us Haqq players and somehow Bakunin got brought up and the discussion went in weird places. And Haqq is not into weird stuff.
  8. Last year we were discussing that Bakunin would manage to out weird everyone and someone brought up the Prince Albert. That killed the discussion I think as we all collectively winced.
  9. As I always said: Bakunin will always come up with some new freaky thing. Ugh, now I recall the Prince Albert discussion.
  10. Not certain which shop I got my noodles from, I was in a rush, but I can confirm they were great. As was the spicy chicken.
  11. Incoming call from Baijing Consulate "Hi there. My name's Flatline, I break codes for Haqqislam and I wanted to say that I almost totally agree with you regarding the Bakunin guys. I've seen to many comrades lost to those *bleep*-ing furries and goat men. I remember one mission we were clearing a place that got overrun by them and you would not believe the mess they left behind. And I mean organic mess. Uhh, anyway the reason I almost agree is that this one time I ran into Cassandra Kusanagi and man ..... if love at first sight exists, then I just felt it then. I mean she beat my comrades and was pretty cold but she agreed to a cease fire once she got what she wanted and let us retrieve our wounded. That was nice. I sent her a ... few .... messages since then but with La Forja blown up I'm worried. So uh, Cass, if you're listening to this ... I LOVE YOU!" "Gabriel what is this?" female voice in the background. "Nothing, Lt.! I was just ..." "Making the general spit his noodles all over a console." "Ah bugger." Silence. "Wait, he's listening to this?" Call ends.
  12. Yeah, dice luck is dice luck. It can unmake even the best plans, nothing anyone can do about that. But it can leave you going "What? But... I ... plan? What? How? Lol!"
  13. And the opponent not having the dice gods smile upon him. Yesterday I tried to break a Morat link team with a Naffatun. First try nothing happened, he rolled a 17, three 18 and a 19. Second attempt managed to take down the REM that was also in the blast. Thrid attempt took out two Morats and the Lasiq managed to viral the others to death. I've never seen so many high rolls in my life.
  14. My latest two battles. Both played in the same day and with the same list. Due to the challenge I had to come up with a fluff reason why the team that got wasted in the first mission was now going on a second mission. Also for some reason I feel the need to ham it up when writing Achilles.
  15. Or the big bag TAG suddenly finds there was a TO hacker waiting in that area. And the second TAG finds that one of the mines it decided to brave was actually a repeater and there is now a hacker doing things to it.