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  1. I acquired myself a few of these bad boys off ebay. I completely forgot about the "one for a 25mm base" thing and tried to put two on the base. Result: I superglued a magnet to the base, then a second magnet to THAT magnet... and then my thumb to the second magnet. Life is suffering.
  2. Hmm, 3 eh? I saw that the bases have a little round gap which I assume is for a 5mm? Where do you get yours from
  3. Heya. I'm going to need to transport some minis a few miles and I'm wondering what sort of magnets you folks use in the bottom of the bases? I'm thinking of magnetizing my morats bases (all infantry, no tags) to stick to a baking sheet so I don't chip them in transport.
  4. Words never spoken about me until now. What a time to be alive!
  5. Got my notification today, should be here by Thursday the 26th from miniaturemarket.
  6. Same today. Woe.
  7. Yeah I kinda buy the things that look pretty too. ALL the things.
  8. I started as Nomads, going halfsies w/ the wife on Icestorm. I picked up some Geckoes to paint (heh) and loved them dearly. I then decided to pick a non-Icestorm faction and was stuck between Ariadna's wolves and Frenchies or a bunch of cool Haqqislam. I decided I'd make a list of all the models I liked from each line to help me decide between the two... and then I bought my CA starter box and MAF box and a ton of other Combined stuff instead and I love them to pieces. I kept hearing about how bad the sectorial is etc etc but I'm new and I don't care because they are gorillas in space armor. Sometimes, you just never know where you'll end up, I guess.
  9. I always forget that is an option here. In WMH that tended to get people to look at you like you murdered a baby goat on the table while singing 80s power ballads.
  10. My wife is going to hate me. It looks like I'm picking up both starters, hah. rip, lol
  11. Painting Tartans, though. I did a lot of that in Trollbloods.
  12. Hello Ariadna forums! I've recently picked up Operation Icestorm to get into the hobby with my wife. Learning is a ton of fun and she was super down to play PanO so I figured I would go Nomads to learn and see where I wanted to go from there. So far so good, few games under the belt, enjoying the hell out of the game However I am just not really feeling Nomads, aesthetically. Painting is kind of the best part of the hobby for me. I went through the entire CB store and made notes on models I liked. I have kind of narrowed it down to Ariadna and Haqqislam. Without further ado, the list and some questions. ARIADNA! Kazaks - love how Stalker-ish they are without being "FUG YEAH, AMERICA" Devil Dog Teams - Werewolf-alien-dudes. With knives. Sweet. Dog-Warriors - that theme continues. I like painting fur. Antipode Assault Packs - Etc etc Caledonian Mormaer - HATE the tartan guys, but Mormaers are kind of Jin-Roh and I appreciate that. Briscards - Love aesthetics, love Frenchness F.R.R. Merovingienne Sectorial Starter Pack - same thing Loup-Garou (YES) (SO MUCH YES) Metros - I feel I'd have lots of fun painting these guys Zouaeves - Gritty. I also played a faction big on movement shenannigans and druids and wolfy stabby bits in another wargame I will not mention that rhymes with Score-Lasheen. I hear Ariadna does that, but I also only kind of like the models listed above so I don't know if I would gimp myself by only fielding these (and probably some USArf, if I absolutely NEEDED to) Then again... Haqqislam has Govads and Naffatun, and I adore their hats. Really, those helmets are wonderful and I like the general aesthetic of a lot of their stuff too. Both armies are a little gritty and lower-tech than the rest. With Ariadna I feel I would get a really neat little force of crazed Frenchmen, expats, and werewolves. With Haqq I feel I could expand a little more because I am "okay" with a proportionately bigger chunk of their total models in vanilla. What do?