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  1. TT Combat has some nice traditional style japanese buildings, [link removed] Customeeple have some awesome stuff, including a giant asian style castle http://www.customeeple.com/infinity-shop/ And Warsenal recently released Yu Jing terrain, though I think that's more chinese in style.. https://warsen.al/collections/designed-for-infinity/terrain None of them are pre painted though, but I own stuff from all of them and the quality is great and they look beautiful on the table ^^
  2. Hmmm I have to say I am surprised by the amount of complains I see here... The Flash was neglectable for me...it took me about a minute to get rid of the few bits I had, I am used to way worse from the likes of Forgeworld Resin figures...I simply don't care for "problems" solved within seconds with no effort whatsoever... The models fit perfectly for me, no greenstuff was needed at all, so no problem there either for me, the sniper is aiming down sight as well more or less.....not that I see much point to aiming down sight when you have a high tech helmet which most likely displays whatever you aim at into your field of vision anyways, but that's just me I guess ;-P It's true that the profiles could have been better selected, I instantly switched the HMG for a Spitfire (took me about 10 minutes, no biggy there...) so that problem doesn't exist for me anymore, unless they later on bring out a awesome spitfire model...in which case I still won't ever use the HMG Version though ;-P The missing Braid is a bit sad, I am actually a big fan of this design element especially in the Crane Agent, but oh well, I never owned the old models, so I don't miss it as much as others might. The Sniper is a bit meh indeed and I would have prefered the rifle one...but since the Beyond Boxes are meant to level the playing field between the starterbox armies, and Yu Jings Box simply didn't have a Sniper yet, it was kinda obvious they'd pick that profile... (Don't ask me why Nomads got 2 Snipers though, that one is a bit baffling...) If I get tired of playing around with the Sniper Version though, and decide she's utterly useless, which I am not yet as she did quite good last game...I might just cut the sniper down and call it a rifle I guess ;-P....the model itself I actually like a lot, and she fits quite fell next to the old Guilang in size....not perfect, but well enough for me... The Zhanying I actually like a lot, it fits very well with the Hacker one they released before (painting them both at the moment) and they look nice together, as they will usually be next to my Hsien. I am a bit surprised the coats are so different in style between the 3 versions, but I guess no one is forcing them Agents to wear the exact same one, so a bit of unique style is welcome. So yeah...for me the box is actually quite nice, and I can't wait to play my two mates that recently started Nomads and PanO with their Beyond Armies. What I found funny was that even CB used the Spitfire profile for the Daofei in one of their Beyond Red Veil Missions :-P
  3. Very lovely video indeed, instantly reminded me of the old C&C Cutscenes in a very good way. Keep up the awesome work!! It's stuff like this that makes this game and its community so great!
  4. Hmmm I don't quite get the drama going on here....has Corvus Belli so far disappointed us in terms of model quality? Have they shown signs of not caring, being greedy bastards, or settling for low quality? I don't think so from what I have experienced over the last few years. So how come people see one bad picture, and immediately jump to conclusions, scream doom and damnation, and lose all faith in Corvus Belli? Slow it down guys, CB knows what their customer base expects, they love creating awesome miniatures...so there is a very high chance that good miniatures is what we'll get in the end. It is of course viable to say that what you have seen on the picture seems a bit low quality, and mention that you hope that the end product has better quality...but this has gone a bit too far no?
  5. Yojimbo is an auto include in every single of my JSA lists, he has never ever ever failed me so far. If I could use him in Vanilla or ISS, he would be an auto include there as well, he's just that good for me really....and he looks cool! Honestly one of the main things making me sad about currently playing Vanilla and ISS, is that I don't get to use him!
  6. That really *lol* the Su-Jian is so good that it makes it feel like I'm playing on "Easy Mode"....somehow this leads to me subconsciously not picking it even though I know it's a beast...and I purposely didn't pick up another set of 4 Kuang Shi just so I wouldn't get tempted to trying this nasty cheese.... A new player in my area just picked up a nasty Combined Army List though...so who knows, maybe the days will come when it's time to unload the cheese, just to teach Combined a lesson ;-P
  7. Hello Everyone! Since I wasn't able to get in contact with JJ.Konko in any way, I was forced to draw another winner! Sooooooo...here it is! The new winner of 1x Forbidden Palace Walls set (containing 1 Door, 2 big sections and 1 short section). is: Minister_of_Truth https://wotan.warconsole.com/commander/minister_of_truth Congratulations!!! Please send me a message here in this Forum so I can forward your Information to the awesome guys from Customeeple! ^^ (I can't find your account here)
  8. Well well then I shall tune in as well, thank you very much for the lovely prize! Looking forward to the next campaign :-)
  9. Hm? You are confusing me O.o Are we talking about this prize?: 1x Forbidden Palace Walls set (containing 1 Door, 2 big sections and 1 short section). JJ.konko (https://wotan.warconsole.com/commander/jj-konko) I contacted BoW Support to send JJ.Konko a message that he should contact me, which supposedly happened, but until now I haven't been contacted by JJ.Konko yet, and the guys at Customeeple apparently haven't either (at least that's what they told me in their E Mail yesterday). Could you clarify what you mean? Maybe you where talking about the Su Jian you sponsored which went to Greysturm? (Once again thank you for that btw!)
  10. Hello Everyone, One of our winners of the Masters of Complete Abundance, JJ Konko still hasn't contacted me or responded to my or BoWs attempts to contact him. If you know JJ.Konko or if you read this, please contact me until the end of the week, else I will be forced to draw another winner for the prize! Best regards, Yasashii Fuyu
  11. Meh, that's a shitty premise as well, that way it'll be like Flamia all over again, no matter what Yu Jing or PanO does, in the end they will have lost territory to others, basically making this campaign a loss for them. If you start a campaign by saying "Everything belongs to Faction X and Y, and everyone can now grab areas" that's just a massive gangup on X and Y and all they do all campaign long is trying to protect what should rightfully be theirs, alliances will be stupid and blabla....frankly I fear the setting will actually be something like that, but I hope they come up with some better idea really.
  12. Ah come on...gene engineered slaves aren't any better for the public image you know...it's like I said, all factions are just as evil as Yu Jing in reality. Don't let the words of a Tohaa lose faith in your own faction, obviously Tohaa likes to think we attacked them cause we like to bully people, but there was way more going on than that, and it is not in Yu Jing's interest to bully people, we were just trying to regain control of OUR island, and the Tohaa for some reason decided to keep what wasn't theirs...I won't even go into details on all the horrible human experiments they did in that hospital when we got there *shudders in horror of the memory* Don't worry, like Flamestrike Wotan also had some very promising new faces ^^ lets hope they will stay true to Yu Jing until next year as well...if not you'll be stuck with me again...and my struggle to stay nice and friendly, only to fail once every while and go on a mad rampage for a hand full of posts before calming down again ;-P One of these campaigns I shall achieve the full state of Zen though...and then I shall be master of everything! ;-P My 2 kids are sure working hard on my patience, so who knows, by next year I might be ready ;-P
  13. People say spamming is not a problem of this campaign....out of curiosity...has anyone compared each factions points when the top 10 players of each factions (in terms of battles fought) are removed from the equasion? I'd love to see the values of Ariadna, Nomads, Yu Jing and PanO compared to each other then... It'd also be funny to see how much influence that'd have on small factions like Tohaa or Aleph....
  14. Meh, the problem here is, everybody LOVES to hate Yu Jing, in every campaign so far, Yu Jing was instantly the bad guys right from the start, if we want to have alliances with others it's always an uphill struggle for Yu Jing, and the risk of backstabbery is EXTREMELY high. The likelyhood of others allying against us is also extremely high, and there is little to no reason for that based on our own actions needed, just the basic setup of the world seems to give everyone whatever reason they want to consider us as bad, even though we really aren't any worse than any of the other factions. We were even considering an alliance with Nomads this time around before the campaign started, but the setting and every update and every word of fluff from Bostria instantly ruled that out. We thought we could maybe not have an agression with Tohaa this time, as we didn't want them to be our enemies from the ongoing fluff perspective, but nope, turn around from their attack on La Forja to attack us for no reason at all (other than secret alliance with Nomads of course....) so whoopdiedoo for that idea. Oh well, anyways, we tried to make friends, everyone still hated us, I guess that's just what Yu Jing will have to be...
  15. Who knows, most likely it wasn't their goal, but what does it matter? We know that most of this campaign was already pre designed before it started...and in the beginning Tohaa were treated as the weakest or at least one of the weakest factions around....so the campaign organizers deciding that in phase 2 the big challenge for PanO (who were considered the strongest or one of the strongest factions) was supposed to be the weakest faction out there.....shows...what?