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  1. OOC: Would have been nice if you had posted this in the Pre Campaign Propaganda thread instead ;-P
  2. Hello Everyone! With Strikezone Wotan so close around the corner it's time for another Story Chapter! It's still another battle Report (which I'll be posting tomorrow most likely) until my crazy little crew actually arrives at the Wotan Gate, so stay tuned, and expect a LOT more updates once Strikezone Wotan has started! Story Chapter 2.3: The Dancing Panda https://thegentlewinter.wordpress.com/2017/05/26/chapter-2-3-the-dancing-panda/
  3. Could have sworn he was Haqqislam....but truth is truth anyways.....
  4. But just to show how important the "Don't be the King" factor is....even Bostria didn't act like "The King" during Flamestrike, he simply gave advice from the sideline, letting the faction itself decide how to react to this information. So if mighty Bostria doesn't do it, no one should ;-P
  5. One thing worth mentioning might be "Don't be the King"....your ingame persona sure can be whatever you want it to be, but no one here will be taking you seriously if you overdo things, and claim to be the Jade Emperor of Yu Jing, or the Pope of PanO or whatever sort of ultra powerful figurehead of the whole faction, who's every word would have to be every players command of that faction. People want to have some fun and enjoy themselves in this universe and campaign, and being bossed around by some random dude who claims to be the leader of your faction while he's just that...a random dude...is kinda lame ;-P Obviously during the campaign people have a chance to get Military Ranks, and some people might become members of a factions high command or even the spokesperson of said faction during this campaign, in which case their word will maybe have more weight than before, but by that point you will most likely know about this as well, and the person will most likely have earned himself the respect such a position needs in one way or another...at least that's how it happened last Campaign.
  6. Damn those are some sweet bundles there! If only there was a Caledonian one, I'd instantly stock up my wives army with one of them ^^ (I sadly already own everything Yu Jing from that bundle besides Sun Tze ;-P)
  7. Well the idea was to not limit access to the whole forum, but to make something like a "command" subforum where only people of a certain rank in the campaign would have access too, basically like in real life where your average grunt doesn't have access to all the mission details. This would at least force spies to put in a lot more effort. But like I said, we'll learn to deal with what we get....I guess I'm just specially sad about this not getting improved because of the Spygate thing Warren originally hinted at which sounded nicely ;-P Anyways, can't wait for this thing to start ^^
  8. That's rich coming from the faction that supposedly staged a whole fake war against their "Nomad Brothers" last campaign ;-P
  9. Meh, there are certain ways to prevent spying, or at least make it harder....one of them could be to only allow access to the closed faction forums once you have reached a certain rank in the campaign, or have certain areas of the forum closed to everyone who isn't at least of that rank....so low ranking members and spies would only get access to basic intel, while high ranking officers would have an area to openly discuss strategy. Obviously that could still be abused with a lot of work put into a spy account, but at least it'd make it harder for most people except the very dedicated scumbags.... But anyways, it's not going to happen, so we'll have to live with it, even if it does ruins the experience a little bit, at least for me.
  10. Warren said so in the video at some point if I remember correctly, it was only a little side comment while he was talking about something else I think. About the spies....well to be honest I really don't like that they just ignore this, I get that it's very hard to counter from the technical side, but there is a HUGE difference in between real life spies and "cheating" spies that create fake accounts and stuff like that....in real life if you actually catch a spy, you can "question" him for information, you can simply kill him and stop him from spying on you any further, you can create diplomatic pressure with having caught a spy, and so on......none of that is possible in this campaign, giving spies way more power than they'd usually have. I had actually hoped that since last campaign when they announced the "Spygate" as a sort of punishment for spies, that they'd at least finish that idea for this campaign, but I guess not.... I guess what they are basically saying is that the closed in faction forums might as well be open forums for everyone, since you'll have to expect every faction to know everything written there anyways. A shame really, but I guess we'll just adapt accordingly.... And if you are a person that creates fake accounts to spy on others, and then even go as far as to vote on their polls, you are just a scumbag beyond believe in my book to be honest....but then I guess people like that don't care about how others think about them anyways....most likely pretending everything is alright because "in real life spies could do the same".....
  11. The solution to your question/problem has already been mentioned before (at least once by me as far as I know)....if someone doesn't abide to these unofficial rules of conduct that where decided upon by the Strikezone Wotan Community, whatever he says will simply be taken as OOC and not be considered part of the IC "Story" going on. Sure that'll exclude the person from being a part of the in Character story, but if the person can't even be bothered to follow such a simple rule, I think we shouldn't have to bother with deciphering his texts into IC/OOC ourselves just to compensate for his laziness.... How people react to his OOC talk will depend on them (as it always does) , but I think basic forum rules should apply to anything that isn't marked "IC:", so no swearing and whatnot... Obviously most forum rules still apply to "IC" stuff as well, though the "no swearing" part will be more lax I imagine as long as it's done in universe... Anyways, I don't see many problems with this to be honest, the main problem last time wasn't the swearing itself (reports, ban, whatever can take care of that), but the fact that some claimed their insults where meant to be in-game banter when the context didn't exactly hint at that and there was no clear markings. To prevent just that we've now come up with the IC/OOC System to deal with it
  12. Since my Story Blog started after the motivation and fun from the first campaign, I fully intend to participate in this campaign as well, defending Yu Jing's interests at the Wotan Gate to the fullest of my capabilities, while attempting to write a fun story at the same time ;-P Coordination will be key in this campaign more than ever, and the more active and involved players we'll get in our player base the better. I can guarantee whoever is interested that Yu Jing had one of the most friendly and united communities during the last campaign, and even if most other factions consider the Yu Jing Empire as "the bad guys" for some nonsensical reason (I mean seriously, who doesn't like adopting a Kuang Shi???) , we shall once again show them the errors of their ways. Please keep in mind though that good battle reports will most likely once again be the key to dominance in the areas of interest, and last campaign Yu Jing suffered heavy losses because of some very badly written battle reports which ended up not counting in the end....so the better quality you can deliver during the campaign, the better...we're not talking Pro Level Battle Reports here of course, but a bit more than "Been there, won" will be required ;-P Hope to see you all in Strikezone Wotan!
  13. This will be the Out of Character Thread to comment on any of the Pre Campaign Propaganda or News In Character Postings on this Forum. No In Character talk is supposed to happen here, which also means that insults aren't allowed, and banter should be kept to a civilized level, keep the banter mostly IC in the other threads if possible ;-)
  14. Feel free to post your Pre Campaign Propaganda, Secret Messages, Threats, or whatever here. Please remember that this is meant to be purely in character and in universe, any out of character comments should be made elsewhere.
  15. It would be nice if people could only use the Character Introduction Thread to actually introduce their IC Persona, any additional other secret messages, news flashes, motivational speeches or whatever should be done in another thread (feel free to create one), otherwise things will get VERY confusing and hard to read once more people join, and people simply won't bother reading it anymore, making the whole exercise pointless... I don't mean you shouldn't introduce your character in the style of a news article, that's fine if you want to, but don't swamp the thread with new posts including other things afterwards please. (PS: My Introduction will come as well obviously, still waiting for a little something first though...)