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  1. [OOC:] ....you are joking right? You post your update statistic in here without an "OOC" Marking, and now you complain about this not being the right area to talk about this? You are right though, it isn't.
  2. Never claimed anything else, I think you took my words too harshly, like I said, it is definitely worth a shot, and I dont doubt it was fun, so its all good from the player side. But from a fluff point...or lets say from my fluff point...you blew it all in phase 3 and by openly announcing your intentions. No amount of sugarcoating will redeem the true nature of your actions at this point....basically you ruined your own image at the last second ;-P
  3. [OOC] Where is the benefit in numbers based on your own assumptions and little more? Special Focus on YJ Players? All you are doing with this is demotivating even more of our players by claiming we have already lost before Phase 3 has even really started. Good Job mate.
  4. [OOC:] You are an amusing one....you think it's because of Yu Jing that the Carrier would break through? *lol* Damn the logic behind that argument is beyond me. Also would you please stop calling this "Wotan strategic update: " ...it's about as official as Lo Pan winning this campaign based on his noodle sales in Baijing...
  5. [IC]: With a disgusted frown on his face Shogun Yasashii Fuyu swipes away the incoming CA message on his helmet display, sending it straight to the trash bin. "Those Aliens still think they can fool us with their petty words....well at least that proofs that their infiltration attempts so far have had little effect, their knowledge of our race is still shallow and their trust in their own attempts to sweet talk us still as baseless as ever...sadly most of our allies are doing them a favour by bickering among themselves....but it matters not..." With that said Shogun Yasashii Fuyu turned to his strike team, nodded once, and then entered the boarding vessel in wait behind them. "Off to Raxora..time to send this alien filth our answer...."
  6. Maybe your plans simply fail because Ariadna scientists simply aren't advanced enough to even understand the technology the stole, maybe they couldn't steal anything because they are to Atek to hack the systems, maybe there was nothing to steal because what they wanted wasn't even there.... So your point is? All I tried to point out is is that it's funny to believe that Ariadna could simply abandon the whole setting of this Campaign, go for a completely different goal, ignoring their duty and backstabbing all other nations, and apparently thinks that this wouldn't have any consequences for Ariadna from the other Nations? It's as if the Yu Jing Faction in this campaign had simply decided that CA actually isn't that bad, and allied with CA, openly declaring their loyalty to the E.I.....and somehow we would then expect all the other factions to just be fine with it in the fluff and everything to end up our way? Obviously that's an extreme example, but hopefully you get what I mean by it. I like that you tried to think outside of the box and come up with funny fluff reasons for what you do, but there was a fluff setting and a set of fluff expectations on what your faction was supposed to do in this official Blockade, and for your faction to ignore that and go for something completely different, should have a fluff punishment as well. But anyways, nobody in CB cares about my words here anyways, so whatever, maybe you are lucky and your fluff will be all fine and dandy and Ariadna will become the new space power Nr1, it sure was worth a shot. But from my perspective of the fluff, an action like that will lead to heavy punishment from the other O-12 members, especially should the CA actually manage to break though...
  7. Sooo Ariadna basically from the very get go decided to betray humanity by ignoring their duty to defend the Blockade from Combined Army invasion...in favour of stealing technology for building some space ships instead as the rest of the galaxy burns? My my...I think you definitely should get your fluff reward for that approach...but ALL of it...the technology to build a shipyard...but sanctions and diplomatic shunning so heavy that your people starve as you try to build it, only to realize that no one is willing to trade the required materials with you any longer halfway through the process... ;-P
  8. I would like to point out that we have recently seen a clear violation and good example of the "Don't be the King" rule of conduct.....a Account called "O-12" has appeared speaking as if it was the voice of O-12. Obviously that is not something we shall bother with, just as nobody would bother with me creating an account calling myself "Space Pope" calling all PanO forces to retreat from Strikezone Wotan on penalty of excommunication.... So I just wanted to make it clear that Yu Jing shall consider all posts of "O-12" in the "IC" forum as "OOC". I hope the responsible person will understand why.
  9. [OOC:] Please read the rules of conduct we participants of Strikezone Wotan Campaign have set up at the beginning. Creating a User called "O-12" and claiming to speak for them is a clear breach of our agreed upon rule "Don't be the King". Nobody has any interest in taking orders from you as an "official" spokesperson of O-12, as there simply is no such thing in this campaign. You won't see me going around with an account called "Emperor of Yu Jing" either, it's just rude to all other participants of this campaign. Henceforth me and all other Yu Jing forces shall consider everything you write in this IC area as Out of Character and not part of our In Character Storyline. I hope you understand why.
  10. Hello fellow Yu Jing Commanders!! Great News everyone! Our Emperor has decided to call upon another loyal business partner of the Empire, and has managed to organize some more Prizes for our proud commanders! https://everylittlewar.com/ The awesome guys from Every Little War have decided to sponsor our little Motivation Contest during Phase 3 of this Campaign, and it's truly about damn time someone sent in them ninjas to take that objective room! Master of Control https://everylittlewar.com/products/objective-containment-field This awesome prize is 1x Objective Containment Field designed by Scar_Hand Painting and donated by Every Little War and is, as the name implies, a fine example of an Infinity Objective Room. To win this awesome prize all you need to do is be a Yu Jing Commander with an average battle report rating of 7 stars or above, and having gained at least one of the following Achievements: "Recruited-to-raxora-wcd", "Battle-scarred-at-raxora-wcd" or "Cleared the Decks of Roxara". For each of those Achievements you will get one entry into the raffle for this prize, drawn at the end of the Campaign for Strikezone Wotan. Should you get the "Cleared the Decks of Roxara" you will actually get 5 entries at once, but it is a very hard to get achievement, so you will have to work hard for that one... https://wotan.warconsole.com/achievement/recruited-to-raxora-wcd https://wotan.warconsole.com/achievement/battle-scarred-at-raxora-wcd https://wotan.warconsole.com/achievement/ctd-raxora Master of Disguises https://everylittlewar.com/collections/osman-naskali/products/n3-contour-silhouettes-yu-jing?variant=29575068614 Our second awesome prize is 1x Full Set of N3 CONTOUR SILHOUETTES - YU JING created by Osman Naskali and sponsored by Every Little War! Yes you heard that right, this set contains EVERY single Yu Jing Silhouette there is at the moment, and I can tell you from personal experience that they are truly awesome! You'll be able to drive your enemies mad with your Masters of Disguises all over the board! With this prize we want to thank all those of you who really fought hard for Yu Jing, giving your best for our Empire no matter how hard it might have been some times. To win this glorious prize all you need to do is be a Yu Jing Commander with an average battle report rating of 7 stars or above, and having gained at least one of the following Achievements: "Blooded" or "War is my Arena". For each of those Achievements you will get one entry into the raffle for this prize, drawn at the end of the Campaign for Strikezone Wotan. https://wotan.warconsole.com/achievement/blooded https://wotan.warconsole.com/achievement/war-is-my-arena As mentioned before the winners of these awesome prizes sponsored by Every Little War will be drawn at the end of Strikezone Wotan, and the winners will receive a Code that they can enter at https://everylittlewar.com/ to claim their awesome prize! Please keep in mind that the winner of these prizes sponsored by Every Little War will have to pay the shipping cost for the prizes, but don't worry, they pack their things very nicely so it shouldn't be too expensive compared to the worth of these awesome prizes! :-) To claim the prizes the winner will need to respond to the message I will send them on this forum after they have been selected, at which point I will establish contact to Customeeple to handle the prize delivery! Should you be selected as one of the winners, and your campaign name is not your Forum name, please contact me as quickly as possible ;-) The winners will obviously also be announced on the Yu Jing Faction Subform on the Warconsole. So with that said....into the fields of battle fellow Yu Jing commanders! Make Yu Jing proud in these last days of the Campaign!!
  11. Wait...you guys still think there is such a thing as a "Winner" in this campaign? Now come on...has Flamestrike and the pre defined Phase updates taught you nothing? How would a Nomad victory due to points in this campaign even look like? Oh my...their station blew up, their Dong was badly hurt and had to shrink into the void...but hey, they totally won this anyways because of...reasons.... Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to diminish Nomad achievements in this campaign, but with the fluff going as it did...turning this into a victory for them seems a bit Deus Ex Machina to me... How would a victory in this even look like? The only one I can really see winning this campaign is PanO , cause they defended their weapons platform, and should they take over the carrier, succeeded in warding off the CA, which is basically all this Blockade is meant for....some other factions might have gained some minor economic gains...but that's not what this Blockade was supposed to represent, so what's the real benefit of that? 10% cheaper Freedom Fries at Mc Ariadna? Anyways, just my 2 cents, keep on throwing random numbers at each other based on pure assumptions....for all I care the winner of this campaign might as well be pulled from a hat, after all no victory condition was ever stated.
  12. Hello Everyone! Sorry for the slight delay, but I finally have had time to draw the winner of the OPERATION ONIGOKKO Instant Su Jian draw! Don’t forget, everyone that participated in this OPERATION ONIGOKKO will also get added to the prize draw for the 1x Forbidden Fortress, but that draw happens at the end of this campaign, so it will still be a while off until then Now without further delay, the winner of the lovely Su Jian Modell sponsored by Beasts of War Warren iiiiiis: Greysturm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gratulations Greysturm! I have already sent you a Message on this Forum, please react to that one so we can get you your prize! ^^ Best regards, Yasashii Fuyu PS: Should you already have all the Su Jians you could ever want in the world, and would prefer if someone else wins this prize, let me know, I’ll draw another winner in that case Sorry for taking so long to answer, I wanted to answer yesterday, but ended up feeling too sick to formulate complete sentences ;-P To participate you need to be a Commander of Yu Jing in Strikezone Wotan. Your reports should also be of 7 Star Quality of above on average, as this is as much a motivation contest as it is a motivator to write awesome reports. Once those conditions are fulfilled, all Yu Jing players with the appropriate achievements are legitimate participants ^^ So if you can only join in now, that's still fine :-) As for the different names, I will announce the winners both on our Subforum and on this Forum here, as well as on Facebook, and will try to contact you with a private message on this Forum here, so if you see your name as the winner, but I couldn't send you a message, please send me one instead so I know it's you :-) If I somehow can't contact the winner I will ask BoW to contact them, should that too fail, and there is no possibility at all to contact the winner, a new winner will have to be drawn, but I hope that won't happen :-)
  13. Second Operation Onigokko Report from this weekend...phew...that took forever ;-P https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/yasashii-fuyu-vs-christian-1499606280
  14. Phew...with both my children and my wife sick..it took my quite a while to get another report in. First Operation Onigokko Report, second one will come later today ^^ : https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/yasashii-fuyu-vs-pixxle-1499606044
  15. To make it official: Wonderful news fellow Yu Jing Commanders! Warren from Beasts of War (http://www.beastsofwar.com/ Check it out if you haven't already...but then how would you know about this campaign? ;-P) has bestowed upon us another great prize entry for our Motivation Contest, and what a beauty he is...oh...and the Su Jian is nice looking too! ;-P (Sorry...had to go for the daddy joke...can't be helped now that I have 2 kids at home ;-P) Now as you all well know, the Su Jian are a Immediate Action Unit sent onto the battlefield when our Empire needs quick results in important missions....just like Yu Jing needs right now as Phase 2 of Strikezone Wotan draws to a close. So to represent this lightning fast warrior properly, each participant in our "Operation Onigokko", will also get an entry into the raffle for this lovely Su Jian! And since Su Jians are quick on their feet and quick at their enemies throats, I will be doing the raffle for this Su Jian one right after the 10th of July 2017 when Operation Onigokko has ended, so that the lucky winner might even have some time left to use him in Phase 3 (if we/you are lucky and Information can be exchanged quickly ;-P) ...for the glory of Yu Jing! Please don't forget, to participate you need to post a link to your Battle report in Shanqiang in this thread on the Strikezone Wotan Sub Forum: https://wotan.warconsole.com/briefing/topic/operation-onigokko-bonus-chance-for-prize-raffle And it has to have a "Operation Onigokko: *Nameofyourmission*" Name, and some form of mention of our little Operation in the Report itself, and should be detailed enough to receive a 7 star or better rating to participate :-) Don't worry, we will make sure to check out all reports linked in the thread and rate them fairly and with joy :-) So with that said....good luck to you all, and don't forget.... Note: Please keep in mind that the other Raffles will still be done after Operation Wotan is over so we can gather all the needed information properly, and as many people as possible have an opportunity to participate :-)