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  1. If it is melee focused, it would fit better in JSA in my opinion but it's still anyone's guess.
  2. It could be the rumored "shooting star". Airdrop heavy infantry with a melee focus.
  3. Hacking is a good solution against TO Hi and Tags. You can slow them down quite a bit with well placed repeaters and in your active turn use spotlight and guide in indirect fire to their position.
  4. My thoughts on the matter, Shooting Star; drop troop Hi similar to domarus (hopefully with Flame CC weapons Burn! artichoke Burn!) or a Drop Zu Yong equipped with heavier loadouts than tigers. My guess for profiles would be light rocket launcher, vulkan shotgun, heavy flamethrower and maybee engineer. The shang ji is gonna get redesigned as it currently doesnt fullfill any particular role that distinguishes it clearly from other hi options. My guess is that it will become the specialist HI. More hacker profiles, engineer, fo, maybee chain of command and of course the ability to form fireteams with zuyongs. For skirmishers i believe we`ll get something similar to the nomads morans just without the repeater or crazy koalas. Definitely more armored and with some specialists profiles. Something like that would not compete with either guilang, ninjas or kanrens. For warband i dont believe well a new one but if we do it will probably be a recon bike so as to not overlap with monks and kuang shi in vanilla. Finally i believe we are gonna get another multispectral visor of some kind probably a MI with MVS1 and the usual weapon loadouts to avoid overlapping over Hsiens, Baos and guilangs. I dont think we`ll get grunt equivalents, i remember something being said about zhanshis not being the invinvible army basic troop but i just dont see them creating a MI linkable troop out of nowhere. My bet is lower availability zhanshi like in neoterra and total availability zuyong as if they were bolts. I also dont think well get Hi holos but this one is more possible since theres a perfect middle between sepulchers and the assasin ayarrs. For it to be unique it would have to be limited to the weapons proposed by the OP and maybee a Multi grenade launcher like the Al Fasid. Gunkata as cool as it sounds would just overlap the shikami role and as such i dont think well see it in the IA but as the op said its a good concept for other armies..
  5. Not necessarily, first besides the hmg you also have the pistol and decent close combat skills (surprise attack). secondly if you manage to infiltrate the enemy side youll probably be able to hit some back archs if you did it properly and finally the zero range is quite achievable and at that position youll be able to deny cover netting you the same result as midtable deployment, This is without mentionint the possibility of cross table warfare from an unexpected angle.
  6. You guys are also forgeting the point that the Dao fei infiltrates on the oponent sides at 11 and if you chose to deploy the hmg version even if you fail the infilitration roll he will still be usefull unlike most infiltrators.
  7. He`s also invaluabe in missions where your LT is public knowldege as he is a rock. Your oponent will have a really tough time hunting him down. As for stories, i have stopped a few speculo killer runs and used him in an offensive capacity in missions that allow a further deployment zone to great effect forcing my opponent to burn a lot of orders trying to bring him down.. He`s also invaluabe in missions where your LT is public knowldege as he is a rock. Your oponent will have a really tough time hunting him down. As for stories, i have stopped a few speculo killer runs and used him in an offensive capacity in missions that allow a further deployment zone to great effect forcing my opponent to burn a lot of orders trying to bring him down..
  8. The evo is about finding what you want it to help you with since it has a myriad buffs and uses. I have used it in a lot of ways to get the most of other troops. I normally use to improve the odds of tiger drops and hacking support. Its caleidoscope and reboot supportware are great at stopping enemy hacks and the reroll may give you the edge you need in a quantronic face to face. My meta doesnt make use of many camo infiltrators so i havent had the oportunity to try satlock at its fullest, although its probably great vs ariadna. Overclock gets a bit wasted on our repeater rems as our weapons are normally better used in supressive fire in the reactive turn. Team pro is great if you want your links to stay together after an unlucky roll or a team leader suicide run. Its baggage is also pretty usefull whn you need points near your deployment to secure areas and to restock crazykoalas/madtraps or panzerfausts. I would recomend you run one and find where it can help you the most. Like all units it takes a bit of tinkering to get the most out of it.
  9. You are wasting a lot SWC, i concur with the spiitfire dao fei and also add that you might consider changing your liutenant to the hmg version or hacker in order to give supportware to your husong and make the zhanshi the liutenant then,
  10. Its usefull but you have to get the odds in your favor. I recomend you bring an evo hacker since it allows you to reroll a hacking attempt with a command token which will allow you to have another chance to hit them if they fail their reset. I also recomend the guilang forward observer as his surprise shot, camo and high will give you a pretty good chance to mark them. You also need to think about who and with what are you gonna make use of spec fire or guided the best platform for specfire is the wuming but its also the most expensive. The other options are cheaper on points but have higher SWC cost so its a tradeoff. Guidded on the other hand its pretty easy as there is only one platform in the entire army.
  11. Agreed, they all are acussing each other while doing the exact same thing themselves. By the conditions preset the factions with the most points will be the overall winner however what that means in terms of fluff is still up in the air. Since points probably represent power and clout it will probably mean that whoever obtained the most will bully 012 into granting flamia to them regardless of who controlled what in the end.
  12. I dont understand all the conspiracy talk, the winning conditions were up day one. Three zones or highest points. All this manipulation talk sounds more like sour grapes from not achieving your plans than anything else.
  13. What i would like from future campaigns are strategic bonus from holding areas. Better yet if they can be linked from multisector control. It can be as easy as flat bonus to victory points to really elaborate like holding the tracking station and power plant allows you to impede air travel to other factions limiting their deployment options.
  14. Okay explain to me how the appearance of a zone that no one had invested one game in, derailed the invasion of a zone not even related to it. If your only answer is psychological, then im sorry but its just an excuse you are hiding behind and looking at the data you decided to ignore it anyway so it didnt even split your active efforts. Else explain why ariadna haqq pano and aleph managed to rally and capture zones when their oportunity presented itself.
  15. Agreed you suceded no one denies that. However blaming aranda on all your setbacks is a bit childish. Yes some players quitted after that punch but every time a faction had setbacks that made players quit, others like yourself and me kept fighting so in the end if you couldnt keep a coherent effort thats on you. They didnt take your wins away or blocked the theater so if you rallied instead of disbabd you might as well captured it for good . I agree with a lot of your statements about the campaign, however i resent the acussation that scorch and yourself implied of the campaign being rigged as i have seen my faction struggle hard for what little sucess it has attained and i think everyone would be insulted if you implied the sane for any of their factions struggles.