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  1. You cannot perform Cautious Move inside ZoC of a trooper, unless you have stealth. Sixth Sense 1&2 cancels stealths in ZoC.
  2. No no. You’re just confusing the “perk” with the actual skill (to lay an extra camo marker)
  3. He sounds like a pleasant person. I do need to point out though, that in the context of me saying "mine layer would be useless", I did mean infiltrating Minelayers.
  4. Did you ever reach a point in your ramble though?
  5. So you literally made Minelayers useless? Also, there's no "agreeing" part. The smoke ruling was 100% wrong and so is this Camo ruling.
  6. Right.. So because of a faulty ruling, in a tournament filled with casual players (even though it's branded as some kind of Infinity Olympics), the same tournament that ruled a dispute over smoke in a demonstrably wrong ruling. THAT’S the best argument people have for public camo tokens? Sorry, but there’s no need to wait for any clarification on this matter and anything ruled otherwise is simply CB changing their minds and being inconsistent with the rules, because the reason for combat group is private information has been demonstrated multiple times in this thread already. Although to be honest, this wouldn’t be the first time CB have been inconsistent with rules. My biggest pet peeve is prone being cancelled by Jump. It is absurd that you can do it and you can clearly and easily break down the rules of why that shouldn’t be possible, using the rule book itself. The only reason you’re allowed is because Palanka said “you can. Lol kthxbai” in a thread 2 years and now it’s the “official” ruling, although you’ll never find that ruling anywhere in the wiki.
  7. Why is this thread still a thing? It’s almost 2 years old.
  8. Is that how smoke works, when thrown on ground? It covers the bottom partially and then proceeds to cover the top 100%? that seems insanely exploitative and unintuitive. Is it even compatible with the illustration from wiki on template area of effect? Has this question been answered by CB? Legit curious about this. Seems wrong.
  9. Damn dude! That gecko looks dope! Who made it?
  10. Why are you making unfunny memes? Are you really that butthurt that you were less capable of making arguments than Robock? Sad neck beard is sad.
  11. Finally, someone with an actual argument. Yes I will concede to your point.
  12. You’re breaking down a straw man and I’m baffled as to why you’re doing it. Please address why you think you should be able to hand over a courtesy list with 7 orders, when in truth there’s only 5. You can’t.
  13. Again, didn’t say that, so entirely correct. Can we move on please? People attempting semantics are extremely boring.
  14. No, I have it entirely correct. I never claimed what you’re trying to correct me for.