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  1. It says your shop homepage has been suspended.
  2. Ironically the current rules for nimbus grenades boosts the DTW. Anyone who's been on the receiving end of a Makaul flamer through a nimbus plus zone won't tell you otherwise.
  3. Yes, as long as you do not break the link. Say you have the link leader + 1 member in a corner, you spend orders on putting the 3 others in suppressive fire state, the next time it's your active turn, during order count, you check for coherency and anyone inside the link leaders zone of control can rejoin the link.
  4. No, if they reform they will simply cancel suppressive fire. "A trooper stops being part of a Fireteam if he enters the Suppressive Fire state. Moreover, a trooper's Suppressive Fire state is cancelled when joining a Fireteam."
  5. Yes. Anyone participating in a coordinated order, and is a part of a fire team, will get kicked out of the fire team immediately. N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.2 Q: Can a Fireteam be part of a Coordinated Order? A: No. If any member of the Fireteam is part of a Coordinated Order would no longer be part of Fireteam automatically, losing the Bonus. Related Pages: Coordinated Order, Fireteam Integrity
  6. Your correction got ninja'd by IJW. But regarding the PH MOD, I think Electric Pulse is talking about cases like Dodge. Like, a Magister Knight would not dodge on 17's against a REM with Electric Pulse, but rather on 14's. Again, Electric Pulse is talking about FtF relevant MOD's, so the PH MOD on damage is not relevant because it's not the stat you are using to resolve the FtF roll.
  7. Oh, my bad. Was not aware of that. The only time I fight with pistols, is with troopers who don't have MA and are stuck in CC with pistols as last resort.
  8. I don't believe so. The damage on, say, a pistol is normal damage which can be modified by MA1 or MA2, for example. Furthermore, the modifier is not relevant to the FtF roll, it may be damage 13 + 1 because it's your PH + MA1 but that's not relevant to the FtF and therefore it's allowed. Furthermore, if we followed your ruling, fighting bare handed (or with a knife) would actually carry no penalty, as the negative modifier would disappear . Or Martial Arts 4.
  9. Edit: I am wrong, it's +1 damage, which is not the same as +1 PH. You do get +1 damage. Sorry for the confusion.
  10. Would you care to elaborate on what your doubts are? Perhaps we can be more of assistance then.
  11. It's covered in the example: Electric Pulse, CC Special Skills, and Equipment example: A Remote with Electric Pulse declares a CC Attack in a Coordinated Order along with a friendly trooper against an enemy Oniwaban. Using Electric Pulse, the Remote can apply the +1 Burst MOD the Coordinated Order provides to the trooper designated as Spearhead. This is because the MOD is applied to the Burst, but not to the CC Roll. In the same way, if the Oniwaban declares he is using Martial Arts L3, he cannot apply either the negative MOD this Level imposes to the opponent, or the positive MOD to the owner of this CC Special Skill. However, the Oniwaban can instead declare the use of Martial Arts L4 and apply the +1 to the Burst provided by this level, as it is a MOD not related to the CC or PH Attributes in the Face to Face CC Roll. Then, the Remote is considered to have obtained two results of 7. If the Oniwaban fails the Face to Face Roll he will enter the Immobilized-2 state. If the adversary of the Remote were a trooper possessing the Hyper-Dynamics Special Skill, then this trooper could not apply the MOD to the PH Attribute this Special Skill provides when declaring Dodge, as it is a MOD applied to the PH Attribute in the Face to Face CC Roll.
  12. I think that's an amazing list. Only thing I would personally do different, would be replacing the Raiden with a Rui Shi, as I find the opportunity to do Smoke + MSV2 too good to pass up. I'll definitely try this out.
  13. Hmmm... handcuffs.. yeah, I guess I can see it and that would make (kindda') sense? Yeah, no.. you know what, I suddenly remember the old Daktari sculpt, made from a fetishised fantasy. A female with bunny ears playing the "bad cop" with sexy handcuffs does sound something from a cheesy porn movie, therefore totally Bakunin.
  14. As the title says. What in the world is the moderator form the new Bakunin starter box holding in her hand? There's s bit of flash but I'm actually not even sure what I'm suppose to cut off and what I'm suppose to leave on. From the picture I honestly just assumed she was stroking her bunny ears or her hair or something, I didn't take another look to actually realise she was holding something. I'm assuming it's not a clip because she doesn't appear to be reloading or anything... I'm feel like an old man.
  15. I love the new Riot Grrrls render. I hate the old ones, they look like white trash tumblr feminists posing with 'Nnnawmagawd! This fuck the patriarchy pose I have is, like, totally badass and stuff, I look sooo empowered! Gotta' put this up on instagram!' Seriously though, I love that they seem to have dropped the entire doll face feminine look and gone with women who legitimately look like threatening and dangerous individuals. I also like that they don't appear to look uniform, like the cyber augmentations varies from each individual and seems to be personalised for each person, which is a thing I like for a group that's supposed to be anarchist.