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  1. This is some cool painting, especially the sputnik.
  2. The movement trays with matching bases are absolutly overkill. I like it.
  3. A jam jar as scenic base is a little bit overkill, i think. Fun. Nice work on her. Nice choice of colors and a really good gradient from the black to the grey.
  4. Wow. Many thanks for this. So much inspiration.
  5. Perfect timing, stuff done one day before going on vacation: Two more side shots in my blog.
  6. The ninja looks really cool in this color scheme
  7. After a month without time and motivation and another month with Grey Knights, it's time for some more of my Infinity stuff. This month i try to paint 50% of my remaining minis: 2 TOFOOS' and Konstatinos.
  8. Hmm...wishlist-time? How about a resculp of the PanO Doc & Engineer?
  9. These black armored guys are really cool.
  10. The mini is really good painted. But looking at it makes me think that there is "something too much", can't nail it down, my stomach tells me, it is the purple standing out.
  11. I like this big green guy.
  12. Update with the painted mini. Time to build a list wit him.
  13. Two more done: More pics in my blog post. Due to real life kicking in the last days of april, Joan has to be left for the next month.
  14. Nice work. One day, my white will be as clean as yours.
  15. What they said. This is not 40k or another regiment size game and the minis from CB are beautiful designed and crafted, so take your time with painting.