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  1. My solution: this and that.
  2. So, i just need a bigger...err...smaller saw. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Hi everyone. I am currently planning to do a head swap on my newly aquired PanO Support Pack. I tryed it on a left over mini and the only think i gained was another "hobby injury" (cutting myself into the thumb). Used a side cutter and a hobby knife, but this will also lead to the destruction of the mini, if i try to decapitate it. Any advice on how to make it right? (leaving an "intact", headless mini). Thanks in advance.
  4. aleph

    Nice color combination. Like the highlights on the black armor.
  5. Cool project. I like the planning done before you started building stuff. Have to control myself to do it the same way for my planned paradiso table.
  6. Only if you have to start eating your TAGs, because you forgot to spend money on food... A nice collection.
  7. And now i missed the deadline by 6 days. But, all minis are done. Time to bye new stuff. More pics in my blog.
  8. Some nice looking minis here, i like the blacklining on the armor.
  9. When i started to show interest in Infinity, one of our veterans made two demo games with me. Showing off his superior skills and sneaky tactics while demoing. Godd thing i knew this player and his playstyle long before. Started playing Infinity anyway. Point is:"Kenne deine Pappenheimer" (i am german, best word to describe it , don't know, if there is translation from Schillers "Wallenstein"), meaning, know the player you play against and you can prepare.
  10. Just to complete this thread: I settled for the Support Pack first. The doctor will help me live longer and the engineer is a good preparation for the following remotes purchases.
  11. Looks evil...i like it.
  12. I have to admit, i don't like and don't own a hospitaler. I made knight order decision because of the fluff and so limit myself to Santiagos and Teutons. A Order Sergeants "spam" is a list concept that i never considered before, i mainly field my OS around some HIs. Will give this a try.
  13. Hi all, i am currently thinking about expanding my MO force. Normally i play a HI-Link (Santiagos and Magisters) decorated with some TO-fun and support or an OS-Link to give the SWC-Weapons the link-advantages and a HI-Duo (either Santiagos Duo-link or a pair of Teutons). Currently i see three options for further purchases: 1) Bulleteers and a Peacemaker. I like the design of the remotes and think, they will integrate good into my rather offensive playstyle. 2) Support Pack. Here i see great help in the surviving department from the doctor (my paramedics kill more people than my opponents ), and the engineer can repair immobilized HIs. 3) Order Sergeants. The box brings a HRL for the link, dedicated specialist minis and an Auxbot (which i don't know how to utilize properly, for now). Which of these possible additions brought you the most fun and a new (higher) level of gaming satisfaction? (Sidenote: yes, all of these options will find a way to me in time, but i am a slow painter and don't like to play with unpainted minis)
  14. Keeping track of Panzerfaust shots and Mines is the same and nobody seems to have a problem with that.