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  1. I like this big green guy.
  2. Update with the painted mini. Time to build a list wit him.
  3. Two more done: More pics in my blog post. Due to real life kicking in the last days of april, Joan has to be left for the next month.
  4. Nice work. One day, my white will be as clean as yours.
  5. What they said. This is not 40k or another regiment size game and the minis from CB are beautiful designed and crafted, so take your time with painting.
  6. Nice bases. Painting them in an assembly line style can't be a bad thing. Where are they from?
  7. This is really impressive. I like your conversions.
  8. @Kobolds: Cool choice of colors, i think i never saw PanO in red. Barbed wire sounds fitting.
  9. At first i wanted to go all teutonic, matching my SAGA warband. But then i read the fluff of the Santiagos...and i was in love.
  10. I like that simple paint scheme. Really nicely done.
  11. Wow, this is a cool painting style.
  12. First mini of the pledge, and its a teuton
  13. Hello fellow painters. here my pledge for this month.
  14. Don't worry. I had 4 minis this month. I know that i cannot compete with others with more hobby time and/or more motivation. So partizipating here is a great way to paint minis at all. And your minis look good, so take your time and don't hurry.
  15. One of the most intimidating sounds...Santiagos running around on the outer hull, hacking sensors to pieces. Best fluff ever.