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  1. You'd have to swap the guns, see the side pics. It has mechanical "arms" that transfer the gun from the holder to the hands and back. Missed that. I thought it was a fire over the shoulder deal Oh well Edit: looking at the 'arms', the HFT one looks more like it's designed to raise it over the shoulder. If all those joints were extended out the HFT would pivot over the shoulder.
  2. I'm kinda keen to do a flaming Salzy conversion. Flamethrower down in the ready to fire position and HRMC at a 45 degree rest position
  3. Tunguska wishlist su jian type REM tag thing for nautica combat puppets post human style jumping REM bodies Hollow men- Moran style mid field skirmishers with hollow projector (as opposed to zeros camo or morans koalas+mimetism) cheap securitate profile with big coats haris 2 grenzers or securitates+ 1 interventor and some special Tunguskan only weapon loadouts Mostly this. But I'm also keen for a ~8-10pt Kuang Shi REM analogue. I'd trade cheap Securitate (and settle for playable) to get it.
  4. Locally the RAAF apparently started scheduling fighter sorties from one of their bases on Saturdays during peak house-showing times. This was after the local council approved people building in the noise impact zones around the flight paths of the airbase. It gets worse: turns out a lot of those houses were built on land contaminated from the years of firefighting chemicals being used at the base.
  5. Nah if anything I think they'll be TAG analogues but not actually TAGs. Kinda like Su Jian. Ie trade FAT1 + Specialist for ability to be buffed by Hackers. Theres scope for another Sil size as well, the 2/3rd height 80mm base.
  6. Moiras have BTS0, it's Custodiers who have BTS3. Healers don't have Multiterrain, the rest of the Moira link does. Healers don't have ODD they have Mimmetism, the rest of the Moira link does. Prowlers don't have knives. :'(
  7. Multiple Zondbots are easier.
  8. Guts vs IMM is covered by the Guts rules themselves. If you are IMM you don’t Guts. Nothing covers IMM vs Warning. But it’s laughable to suggest you get to turn from Warning whilst IMM.
  9. Shit tier internet where I am at the moment. It happens And yea, I was being sarcastic in my follow up. There's at least one other conversation Loricus and I have posted in discussing how Toadie's calculator distorts perceptions of value.
  10. Well not in a situation where it wasn't controlling the engagement at least. But yeah, it's different and that's good. But it's objectively statistically worse in FTF BS Attacks and, as we all know, FTF BS Attacks are the only scenario that matters.
  11. It's worth noting that this applies to Hacking Areas. It might also apply to Satlock (haven't checked).
  12. I think 4 is the break point for ARM. ARM3 is 50/50 vs a Grenade, it's something that has turned games for me (Moira HMG in Suppression tanking a Panzerfaust to the face) but ARM3 1W is not something I'd ever rely on. Ultimately it's usually a couple of extra percentage points in the 'no damage' result but doesn't significantly change the outcome. ARM 4 is where I start consider taking hits on Normal rolls. But usually that's ARM 4 + 2W. It's the point where you can start making tactical decisions relying on your resilience to save you (several times I've deliberately taken normal roll AROs vs a TM in Cover). ARM2 is basically the same as ARM1 as tactical considerations go. It's not something that would make a choice between two units for me. Why people talk down ARM is that you pay a lot for what you get. Mimmetism is usually statistically better than ARM3 for similar cost: particularly since the FTF mechanism means that reducing your opponent's chances of success increases your own. ARM doesn't do that.
  13. Makes sense. Ie you can Spec Fire any attack with both the Spec Fire and BS Attack. An FO Grenade would be amusing.
  14. The consensus is Yes. Mainly due rule of cool. But, honestly it probably needs rethinking in light of how this turned out.