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  1. Your reaction to this is significantly more measured than I expected.
  2. If there's a loose yudbot available I'd take that. If not, then my request is complete with out it.
  3. Cho, I'd like to take a Bolt Paramedic off your hands. In addition, is it possible to get the following: Rodok combi Rodok Hacker Bagh-Mari combi+ls Bagh-Mari bsg Riot Grrl missile launcher Palbot
  4. This list gets the green check mark on Army. PanOceania ────────────────── 4 FUSILIER Lieutenant Combi Rifle / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) INDIGO Spec-Ops (12 XP) (BS:13, CH: Mimetism) Combi Rifle, MULTI Sniper / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 10) BIPANDRA Combi Rifle + Light Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0.5 | 24) BROTHER KONSTANTINOS Specialist (Infiltration) Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Assault Pistol, CCW. (0 | 34) 0.5 SWC | 78 Points Open in Infinity Army Spec ops or not you should replace Konstantinos anyway since a fragile forward deployment unit with no marker state won't last long without proper support.
  6. At least I didn't tell him to use denatured alcohol.
  7. A small glass jar is fine. Just enough to cover the mini. The glue (and anything plastic or resin) will turn to jelly and you can scrape/wash it off from there. After you're done you can put it in a safe place outside or the garage uncovered and it'll evaporate pretty quickly. Like many other solvents it's not good to breath or get on your skin but it's perfectly safe when handled properly.
  8. Drop it in acetone for a few hours or put it in the freezer and the glue should scrape off pretty well.
  10. If you want to limit your color pallette marigolds are an extremely prominent flower for Day of the Dead. You could stick with black, white, orange, red, and yellow with bits of bright blue to break it up. The faces will be the hardest part but with some effort this could be an awesome design on your TAGs.
  11. What's with the civilian.
  12. Primarily ARO duty? Absolutely Swiss ML.
  13. There's no way the MK12 Kriza LT costs a single point more than the non-LT. There's no other unit in the game like that. It showed up at the same time as the "new" LGL Kamau which is actually the HRL. They're just fuck ups in Army that for some reason haven't been corrected even though there's been several adjustments since.
  14. 300 point Fat Hospitallers box: -4 Fat Hospitallers -Fat Tinbot A -2 Fat Palbots
  15. If I use them I use two and it's because I know I'll need two. SAA can be pretty SWC hungry so usually a SF and Multirifle on opposite sides of the board. If I was going to use one with a Bagh core then I'd probably keep it at a 10 order list. Don't get too comfy with idea of slinging eclipse smoke around. It's the worst smoke delivery unit in the game. It's good for covering dangerous alleys or helping with the advance of other units but dropping at the bot's feet is not reliable. Save it for AROs if someone gets the drop on you but ideally both the bot and Guarda will be safely tucked away during your reactive turn. Don't forget the bot comes with a LSG as well. The Guarda should also be kept clear of hackers since he doesn't have the BTS of his BS15 peers. There was a rumor around GenCon time that there's a resculpt coming soon but no news since.