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  1. The last update should have fixed this. Please, check out the version you have, last is 4.4.
  2. Send me a private with the emial of your Corvus profile. Is it only in the Web version? Do you have any Android device to test with the APK?
  3. True. I'm working on it. I am sorry. I haven't forgotten about you. I keep trying to reproduce your mistake. I hope is fixed in the next version.
  4. You must use the same data that you use to enter the store or your profile. If you want to change this data you can do it from your profile at https://profile.corvusbelli.com
  5. Have you tried to uninstall and re-install? The last version is 4.2. Make sure you have that. Tell me the version of Android that you have installed, please.
  6. Ready, you have all your slots available again. Shhhh ... My avatar is a secret.
  7. In the app you still can't delete a list stored in local. Today I update and you can do it. Forgive the delay.
  8. Today, in a few hours. Forgive the delay.
  9. I'm sorry, was on vacation Do you still have this problem?
  10. Army is working fine now.
  11. Alright. Online version is working fine. I'll update .apk ASAP. I'm sorry about incoveniences.
  12. Fixed! Try it, please. I’ve just updated web version (Pc and mobile). Apk will get updated in few hours.
  13. The apk is "at work" at this moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will try to upload it between today and tomorrow.
  14. Fixed! Try it, please. Fixed.
  15. Well, I am very sorry about so much prolonged absence. New Corvus store and new profile system took me long time working. As soon as I have enough time, I'll check all of your comments. Zoe.