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  1. I'm doing tests, but I can not reproduce the error. I'm still trying. I am sorry.
  2. V is working on it. We ask a little patience. The Army is needed for tournaments, we know it, sorry for the delay.
  3. Fixed. New skills are totally legal. They are available in Army since yesterday (15:30 GMT+1). Do Ctrl + F5 or download the latest version of the applications to make sure you have them available. New skills are in a separate PDF so it's easy to find them now. They will be included in New Rules PDF later.
  4. You're right, sir. I am sorry. I'll fix it right away.
  5. @Melkhior Please note that the FAQ version on the new site is 1.2, not the old one
  6. I'm sorry, I was wrong when updated the downloads. It's fixed. Fixed. We've added access. We forgot, I'm sorry. https://www.infinitythegame.com/comunity/organizedplay
  7. I understand, but the space in a mobile is so small... I'm thinking about a possible renovation, but I'm afraid this won't be soon.
  8. Hello KujakuDM. Can you login to your profile correctly? Remember, you must have a connection. (I know it's an obvious thing, but sometimes we forget it. ) Can you make login in the web version of the Army mobile? Make sure you have the latest version of the app. If the problem continues send me a private, please.
  9. The last update should have fixed this. Please, check out the version you have, last is 4.4.
  10. Send me a private with the emial of your Corvus profile. Is it only in the Web version? Do you have any Android device to test with the APK?
  11. True. I'm working on it. I am sorry. I haven't forgotten about you. I keep trying to reproduce your mistake. I hope is fixed in the next version.
  12. You must use the same data that you use to enter the store or your profile. If you want to change this data you can do it from your profile at https://profile.corvusbelli.com
  13. Have you tried to uninstall and re-install? The last version is 4.2. Make sure you have that. Tell me the version of Android that you have installed, please.