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  1. Yes but can be cancelled =/= gets cancelled. That FAQ is only quoting the Cancellation Conditions. As long as you are in BtB to an enemy you are always Engaged (because thats the Activation condition to begin with), there is no Marker to remove or "Unengaged" State. You have to cease to be in BTB somehow to break it.
  2. The Engaged state can be cancelled when all the adversaries are in a Null or Immobilized state. The remaining trooper can then declare Move (but following the structure of the Order) to separate from the adversary and to cancel the Engaged state. No, all that allows you is to declare Move despite being Engaded. The Move then breaks Engage.
  3. You can also reliably tie up a model that only has AROs capable of causing 1 W. Just take a Warband, Auxbot or even Palbot and MOV-MOV in btb. Even unconscious troops still cause Engaged and thus block LOF of the other guy. Which in turn allows you to blast him to bits with Triangulated Fire (ignoring the -6 BS Penalty for being Engaged to a friendly trooper), safely closing the distance into CC without getting shot with someone else or walk straight past him because he can't gain LOF to anything that isn't in BTB while Engaged. I'd probably teach the people I'm playing with in a club about that stuff so everyone is on the same page. There are so many individual rules that some combinations will inevitably cause a gotcha moment, not quite optimal but it's in the game and not half as bad or gamey as what I've seen somewhere else.
  4. +++++ +++ incoming Transmission+++ To all Human Sphere Forces, this is a warzone in an all out war, not a a show of force against lesser opponents posing more of an annoyance than actual threat. Collateral damage of any kind is to be expected, High Command expects you to think with your head and not with your mouth, leave that to the politicians. Mercy is a privilege to grant for the victorious, not a right to demand for the defeated. It is expected for Panoceanian forces to utilize any means necessary, the responsible war tribunal will hear your complaints in case any of us make it out with their Cubes intact. We have Orders to terminate anyone deviating from the expected path of progress and will act on them with extreme prejudice. As these things tend to go, all sides had some sort of hidden agenda in this. Don't blame others for failing to hold your primary objectives when you mismanaged your ressources. Talking about quantity alone Panoceania was never supposed to lose any sort of confrontation based on that alone anyway, so I would recommend a revision of any sort of strategy relying on this as it is clearly not working out for you. This is where you remember we are currently securing not one but two Orbital Stations and you might want to reconsider any hostility against us solely based on any intention to survive this thing. But hey thats just me, no hard feelings in case you decide to choose a different way and we meet on a battlefield. Major Roger Tesla out. +++Transmission ends+++
  5. Sure KHDs are not free and 3 points is not the same as 1 point for FO. But Cybermask is very useful for troops without Marker State and stuff like Skylla (for Auxbots). Against 0 Hacking, KHDs are still cheaper than AHDs on troops like the Haq Tao who doesn't have a cheaper Specialist option. Sorry buddy, but most of that statement is either wrong or so unspecific that it only applies in specific situations. There are always breaking points depending on your own FTF relevant stat, Burst value, ammo type and MODs vs the opponent's FTF relevant stat, Burst value, ammo type and MOD. For a lenghty example of +1B vs MOD isn't quite that simply you can take a look at the MMS LX discussions in Rules of Engagement. Generalisation of "which option is best" only leads to results like people always using Trinity, because they never bothered to understand and check what really would have been the best for their situation. Winning a FTF that is supposed to take out another model still has a lot of odds to consider. The odds for you to take damage, and in extension the odds for you to die if you have some sort of ensurance against dying from 1 W. The odds for the other guy to take damage, and in extension the odds to achieve the results you wanted (Unconscious/Dead etc) in as few Orders as possible. Additional +/- Mods can have entirely different impacts here. +1 B might result in a higher chance to outright kill something when a +3 Mod might result in a smaller chance for yourself to take damage. Imagine a FTF that has a 60% Chance to damage a TAG while having a 20% chance to take damage yourself. Lets soimplify a 60% chance to an average of 5 Orders to put the TAG unconscious. Across 5 Orders that 20% chance makes it more likely than not to take damage before you spend those 5 Orders. The troop, trying to take out the TAG will can't be expected to get in done in this case and you might want to look for a better plan or follow up. If nothing else, Maestro is useful for ARO. DAM 14 Breaker is still quite lethal to 1 W models and you have significantly higher chances to win an ARO FTF.
  6. Following that logic Pistols could be better than Spitfires at 24". "Hey with +3 Rangebads that 6 wouldn't have been a Crit". Actual single dice rolls can be anything, statistics aim to tell you what has the best odds. If you don't want to do the Math for each situation, Redrum is better than Trinity for the vast majority of cases, the same way a Spitfire beats a Pistol. The fact that people use Trinity anyway, is most likely because it is still a strong Program with DAM16 and compared to other offensive Hacking it is still a very potent Program - just not as good as Redrum. People fall into the trap of "high B is better" and miss the -3 and DT Ammo's value.
  7. Maestro is also worth noting. On top of being a free Upgrade it it is obscenely effective in Active and ARO for most cases instead of being a flavourful Upgrade. I somehow feel just like BS15 with MSV3 or TO is the cap for shooting, Redrum is good enough as a "maximum Damage" Program.
  8. So you're dead sets you need to run her in a full Deathstar? Interesting. Usually I'd say a B5 BS14 HMG/Spitfire or BS15 Multirifle is good enough to handle most threats. Do you see it as necessary to spend another 70 points here or wouldn't 3 be enough, while leaving points for Orders, secondary Assault Pieces and better backup? Imho the full 190+ 5 Man Joan Link has to do the heavy lifting, the 120 point 3 man Core can blow up an ARO piece or two and proceed to chill out in turn 1 while an AD troop, Seraph casues Havoc and TOFOs grab early objectives. Putting Lt Joan towards the middle line or further right off the bat is not my favourite thing to do. more points on the Link is better than taking something else that packs a punch and keeping your Lt fairly safe in turn 13 HI with Joan is already clocking in with 120 points, paying another 70 +3 BS (and SS L2) isn't necessarily what is good for the list, if you want a BS17 B5 HMG you might just want to take a Magister Link for 140. More Orders, better secondary pieces etc might be much better. MO gets Core, Duo and Joan for mobility, if you can combine all three they get to cover ground much more efficient than Vanilla. There isn't really a hard cap on when more Movement efficiency gets useless. The less you need Coordinated Orders for Movement the more you can use them for Shooting, Recamo, SF, rerolling Engineer rolls etc. You still get a Link that moves 3 capable HI as well as Coordinated Orders to make your Movements much more efficient. There is a total of 7 Coordinated Orders you can do in Vanilla, MO can substitute and enhance them with Regular Orders spend on a Fireteam. Vanilla troops are mostly specialized, you don't really get to move a HMG/Multirifle/BSG/DTW/CC capability and Specialist at the same time.
  9. Don't let cynical jokes get the better of you. Someone might make a point that there are a few named Characters who gain WIP and not one but two BS over their Linetroopers. And it's not like BS13 would be somewhat useful on guys who pay 11-12 points to double down on guns instead of Skills and other equipment. But I wouldn't actually know, never ran anyone but Konstantinos (not anymore though). Ah you're right, I'm trying hard to forget they exist till Varuna hits (That X-Visor MSR...). You take what you get. Will be stiff competition with the efficient Fusilier LGL and the Regular Hacker Toolbox in any case. If it turns out she has E/M or Zero-V Grenades I'm gonna be surprised. Best guess would be Normal and Stunn Ammo. As long as you don't make it pay 3 points for MMS L1 like the Locust I'm game for that. All those Assault Pistols and LSGs would be a lot more useful with a main gun that doesn't have +3 0-8 Rangebands. Then again a Marksmanrifle over a Combi would clock in with another 2 points. LI past 20 points might have to offer a bit more than slightly shifting Rangebands. Breaker/Multi Rifle or SMG would be interesting though.
  10. If I made a yes/no poll about "Should PanO named Characters be allowed to pay for +1 BS so they can match other factions' characters (note - those are higher BS on average)" I'm not so sure on which side I'd bet money on. Life is full of surprises, but never when you need one.
  11. After Bipandra, Konstantinos, Rao and Singh all neglegted to go to the gunrange while basically every other LI/MI character spent their time with aiming lessons, it might be time to actually get +1 BS in PanO. Hype for BS 13 LGL. Also hype for potential Merc SMG Oniwaban in NCA but that sounds so stupid I'm not even sure I want it.
  12. Had a game of Firefight on Tuesday, G:Sync to loot Panoplies is legit amazing, especially since you can roll a HMG on Auxbots/Pupniks etc. That is the only way to throw more than 6 dice per Order and completely broken imho. Imagine a bunch of pupniks rolling HMGs, or combis, it is very easy to roll 10+ dice with BS Attacks which will be very deadly simply because the chance to get a Crit is insanely high. My opponent actually got lucky when I "only" managed to roll ARM10 on the Seraph instead of the Auxbot getting a HMG or Breaker Rifle. Point being, you really don't want to let Scylla, Drakios or an Überfallkommando anywhere close to those Panoplies. It is worth remembering that they are ARM0 BTS0 STR1 and you can easily destroy them if necessary (TO MLs come to mind).
  13. So OUTRAGE caused an Outrage? Considering the amount of fuckups I've seen from Angel's paintjobs, I'm not gonna worry until I've seen pictures of unpainted minis. Some models look plain awful on CB pictures, but the sculpts often far exceed my expecations in reality, which is always a pleasant surprise. As bad as Domovoi looks, that guy is gonna entertain us forever. Just look at that beautiful stocking cap and imagine the potential Infinity Russia/Kazak meme potential. Friggin gold mine. A slightly different paint scheme aaaand.... Voilá, don't know about you guys, but looks like the same guy to me. I'd like to thank Captain Spud (who btw, is amazing) and his mad paint skills. His work has always been an inspiration to me (well, since last week or so).
  14. @Orthas something like this There are so many modular things in this. Seraph can be swapped for 2 Santiagos, Hospitalers can also be swapped for Santiagos. Switch/Pathfinder/Machinist compete for basically 2 slots. TOFO is basically always there but shares a module with a Sierra or TOMSR. 10-12 Order lists seem to struggle to actually use Doctors and Engineers, so I like having one around, but most likely won't miss it. MO doesn't need Visors (a Seraph does a ver good job clearing Mines and Camo thanks to double Intuitive Attack). When I can I bring a Doc and Engineer, but basically never spend an Order on their Skill outside of picking up ARO Pieces (TO MSR/Sierra). I'm completely fine not taking a Hospitaler Doc and taking the BSG if if gives me the points for another Order or better piece somewhere. The unsung heroes of the list are Palbots, Fugazi, Techbee and Warcor. Be it a Flashpulse winning a FTF for you, a Palbot suceeding a Discover ARO or simply all of them ending up as speedbumps. They might not be Warbands but a body to throw at someone is enough for a lot of things. Mov-Mov to lock something in CC even when Unconscious works as makeshift Smoke against single Targets (you're still Engaged with Unconcsious troops, which blocks LOF). Get a Knight into CC, shoot it with Triangulated Fire or simply walk past it afterwards. With 200 points in Seraph and HI Link, you can move a lot of points around in Missions where you have to score Zones, while a humble Warcor is more than enough to hold a otherwise uncontested Zone after Joan got him there with a free Coordinated Order. I see Joan as something that enables all those otherwise fairly static cheerleaders to be part of the game instead of being just Order Monkeys. If you can manage to get maximum value out of Inspiring Leadership you get 3 Command Tokens, convert 3 Lt Orders into Regular Orders, convert 9 Irregular Orders into Regular Orders on top of free Courage for the entire List.
  15. Completely agreed. If you're already running a Hsien with HMG and plan to take a Haq Tao as well, going for the KHD is probably a nobrainer. YJ's fuel capacity for expensive Attack Pieces without much of a drawback is a big plus. The only thing the faction is kind of bad at is ARO (which is a good thing, there should be some kind of deficit). Multirifles are awesome on HI, but you need to get them into 16" somehow so first things first. With WIP14 KHD, DTW, Marker State and CC19 the Haq Tao is much, much scarier in close Quarters than a Swiss.