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  1. Some missions and Classifieds do indeed screw Sectorials quite royally. Looting and Sabotaging is an uphill battle with your SAA or NCA. There are a couple more situational things like Biotechvore with Vanilla armies, Highly Classified with 2+ Hacking Missions for Ariadna/Tohaa/MO etc. Highly Classified with lots of Doctor/Engineer reliance for Onyx/ISS (losing Doc Wurm/Sophotect will make the game very hard). In Hunting Party MO, Tohaa and Aleph get free ADHLs for half their troops, which seems a tad bit unfair while some others hardly get anything. Tic-Tac-Toe with it's bonus for Evo Hackers is a minor annoyance for those who don't have them. The gravest offender seems to be Transmission Matrix. Depending on your Faction and what you're facing dominant Hackers get buffed quite a bit or in case the other guy simply runs a completely unhackable list (pretty easy for Ariadna and Tohaa) pretty much downgraded to glorified Specialist Operatives. Don't get me wrong all of these things aren't a big deal individually and can be compensated for to some degree. However they are noticable and can add up to a significant amount across 5 games. It'll easily lead to a couple more Objecive or Tournament Points across 5 tournament games. As a result you'll be naturally set up to have a slightly higher score depending on your faction imho. At the end the most common denominator is still killing stuff and Orders/efficiency to accomplish things in general. Obviously enough every bit helps, so the best performance tends to come when you're able to build a list that is naturally able to perform in any mission (within a given set) while reaping the advantages those missions provide without downsides.
  2. Infiltrating TO guys are pretty easy to get into CC. Probably not against the exact target you want but there is always something moving towards the middle line. Depending on the mission CC is a pretty great tool to make sure an objective is clear of enemies that need to be in BTB. That said, the ninja Sniper is garbage at utilizing what is necessary to get into CC, sure you get some defensive value but that really isn't worth it. The one saving grace he is is TO Camo being such a massive benefir for Snipers that he might still be able to pull his weight. Still, he'll never even come close to do the same thing even remotely as good as any other TO guy in the game. In a faction with Oniwaban and Shikami for comparable points, what's the point? We agree on that. The more I play against tough troops with shitty to mediocre CC like TAGs, Swiss Guards, Posthumans, as well as everything in a Tohaa Triad that isn't a Makaul (or Neema/Ectros) the more I build my plans around using CC to dispose of them efficiently. It's pretty hard to bank on, it's pretty hard to use in turn 1, it has it's own set of risks that need to be considered and to be dealt with, but I really like having capable CC troops for the massive amount of damage they do per Order. After playing mostly MO, NCA and Aleph for the last year I just started JSA because I really think they're great in the current meta as a result of their abundance of (reliable) Orders and extremely capable CC troops on good gunfighters (thanks to TO Camo, ODD and several back up pieces for a full Core Link being readily available). BTT that still doesn't mean the Ninja Sniper wins a cake for being the best out of a bunch of misfits. Guilang, Knauf and Luna hit the spot for that way better. Wasn't sold on Knauf and Luna for a long time, but DA+Shock/Viral is a massive improvement in damage output over a regular MSR. As long as they don't get outclassed by Nisse, Posthuman Sniper, Intruder or Noctifiers they're both pretty damn good for the points you pay. Guilang gets to keep his Mines (now that is something that really helps a Sniper out if he is forced into CQC) and has the ever relevant duo of Infiltration and Camo to keep up with the other choices being quite a bit more deadly.
  3. Feuerbach for the Orc character chick is still on the table though, so don't give up on that just yet. With Orcs it's dream big or go home anyway, minor stuff won't be enough to salavage them. @Darkvortex87 Fluff and game balance imho are completely seperate things. There are loads and loads of troops, Sectorial compositions etc which don't make sense. The Spec OP Chacarcters are the least concerning to me, they're just veterans amongs Linetroopers, still barely on MI level for the most part and nowhere near the real elite troops of a faction. The one thing about Wm/Ho I liked was the idea of there being one real dude and a bunch of similar leaders, fakes or imposters around. Your Lupe Balboa doesn't have to be Lupe Balboa for you, it's just generic Elite Alguacile 749 of Division 14 who stole/got awarded better equipment and has been around for longer than the average joe. The best pro Spec Op Characters argument I can come up with is that they're a lot better than the "build your own Spec Op" thing.
  4. ... so is anyone else gonna deploy all those Yuan Yuans and won't bother with using AD at all on them?
  5. I'd like to point out that this might be considered inappropriate for our younger audience, but hey according to rule 34 there probably is a target group for that kind of stuff, so who am I to judge your fetish @Jujoji
  6. Oh boy, I know, I know it's impolite what I'm about to say... aaanyway here I go Mate I can assure you hugging a cactus can have advantages over not hugging a cactus if you want to invest enough time to look for one. Still not enough to make the former a smart choice over the latter... as you point out, larger range of application kinda matters.
  7. We're talking mainly Vanilla Factions only right? Because oh boy do I miss my Military Order's after playing NCA for an Escalation League. Both are entirely fine, but Knights and TOFOOS vs Swiss Guards and Fusilier Links alone changes next to every single aspect of gameplay. Imho summing Vanilla Factions up is incredibly hard to do - simply because usually have the most diverse choices, thanks to access to several Sectorials worth of troops (including unreleased ones). Then there is internal list/faction synergy. An Aquila might be superior to a Hsien in shooting on paper until you consider Smoke, a Lt option for the HMG and CoC as safety net. Suddenly the Hsien who looks more versatile and less efficient on paper, ends up beating the Aquila in next to everything despite only having a MSV2 and BS14. Caledonia might look a bit undergunned until you discover Fireteam Core AP HMGs with BS16 for 80 points are a thing there. And so on. Factions seem to be more distinct by the things they lack or have unique access to when I try to figure something out. Those things are also next to always a combination of 2 or more factors (unless we're talking about regular Smoke in PanO or MSV2s for Ariadna). Like high WIP Specialists or Infiltrating (capable) CC troops. Doing this for Sectorials should be possible, Vanilla seems a bit ambitious especially after the most recent year(s) of releases specifically addressing weakpoints and previous uncovered niches for a lot of factions. Sukeul and Kriza Borac for example can easily keep up with PanO's best in their price range as far as shooting is concerned, while the Black Friar MR is incredibly versatile with a huge toolkit. CA just got their KHD that is also a toolkit and their first G:Sync troop. The Blackjack is pretty much a slightly worse but slightly cheaper version of the Azrail. My entry into Infinity was with N3 so I don't remember how it was before that. As someone who never saw N2 in action, to me it seems as if CB is making an effort to keep the bigger picture slightly different for everyone, while reducing the amount of clear cut design rules that won't be broken (although please don't ask me which ones). Although the implementation was heavy handed in some cases, it didn't break the game balance as far as I'm aware. Whatever they wanted to achieve seems to turn out okay despite Remote Assistant, FAT2 and Full Auto 2 being some of the worst parts of the ruleset.
  8. If I remember the last time this came up correctly no. It will be a critical success against everyone. But only the actual target gets the automatic damage from the Crit (or other Critical effects). I could be wrong, but was very surprised about the result so I'm pretty sure (for what it's worth it also matches RAW). FTF autowin from the crit against everyone affected by the template, Critical Effects only against the main target (the one you declared the BS Attack against).
  9. from the FAQ: Hunting Party – When do you consider a Lieutenant Hunted Down? At the end of the game all troopers that are in Isolated, Imm1 or Imm2 states and had these states applied to him while he was Lieutenant. So hunting down a LT has to happen while he is the LT, otherwise it doesn't count. As far as your 2nd question is concerned Uncoscious troops keep states like Immobilized or Isolated, so yes. This is handy for Hunting Party since uncoscious troops can't Reset out of IMM-1. As a side note hunted down models need to be on the table at the end of the game, so they can't be dead. For anyone who has been wondering.
  10. @Mahtamori pretty sure double Discover against the same trooper doesn't work for technical reasons. Either you pass the first one or you fail and can't try again. A bit ambiguous because there isn't a clear order other than the order of declaration. Since neither the FAQs nor examples cover Discover+Discover against the same target... was this clarified somewhere before? Otherwise I'd make a point you double Discover only works against different targets. Other than that I think the Kanren is an amazing troop with even better Profiles. Not for his reliability, but for his flexibility. CC, Forward Deployment, makeshift gunner and distraction. Although I would never count on him to do heavy lifting, especially his Mono CCW often only gets one semireliable try.
  11. I'm with you on the Techbee is awesome front, but the one thing the Techbee doesn't do is fixing existing issues. She is a really nice bandaid though. Still doesn't fix the AVA1 low WIP Engineer problem or PanO Tags being majorly double fucked in the WIP department for no aparent reason (together with the Sphinx). Not even sure it would be too much to ask for her to give +3 to the Crabbot WIP, maybe even +3 to the Engineers WIP for Repairs as well. CB did introduce a +1 MOD on WIP which doesn't exist anywhere else in the game, still leaves a bad taste. Fantastic is a pretty optimistic take on it. The Garuda is baller (6-4, Rem Pres and Mimetism for dirt cheap), the Tigersoldier is a straight improvement (BS13 Mimetism), the Fractaa has 2W and access to a DTW, Haqqs options are all pretty amazing value. I even like the Morat one and Ekdromoi for their options. The ones I'm very unimpressed with are Hellcats, Crusaders and Akals. Akals are okayish because they're so barebones and AD is a good way to get across the board without Smoke (all the more value in PanO). Neither Akal or Crusader do anything special worth mentioning though (Multirifle+LFT is nice when you don't have the SWC for a Spitfire... E/M is situationally funny on the Akal). I do run the Garuda a fair bit in NCA and that thing with optional Assisted Fire (if you drop in Repeater Range) is just amazing value. 6-4 on AD is hillarious. Overall PanO is still damn strong (all 3 Sectorials included), but I find myself going back to the same half of the spectrum over and over again. Not because I don't want to run different things, but because the lists are forfeiting better options or lacking important tools when I bring them. The solution to that problem for me is to simply start a new faction to scratch that itch - Aleph and JSA in my case. Gotta say especially my performance with Vanilla Aleph has been through the roof, they play a lot like PanO with more tools and toys. They don't shoot quite as well but compensate nicely through more versatility (and the bullshit that are Achilles, Posthumans and AVA3 Netrods). NCA and MO are still my favourites to play, but they seem to require a lot more thinking to come up with the right solution for a specific probelm. The amount of builds you can come up with by simply changing a single troop for something different is astonishing, still, the basic concept mostly stays the same.
  12. ... nope, legit have been missing that for over a year. good to fix that Fortunately didn't run it in a tournament yet. Almost as funny as when the 2nd Aleph guy I played against told me Hector doesn't have an ODD. The 3 people I orignially started the game with ended up assuming he had one. Fun times against Steel Phalanx.
  13. Missions seem to make or break it. In Vanilla the competition is rough, in NCA there are still the cheaper Swiss sporting similar punch in Active Turn FTF + HD and 3 versatile Profiles as well as the cheaper Squalo who trades a Multi HMG, ARM8, HFT, HGL and Heavy Pistol for the Feuerbach and Camo. With Fat1 I have to say the Uhlan looks even less appealing. Mostly because I value the Multi HMG's and HGL much more than the Feuerbach's long range advantage. Some missions still havour the Uhlan (those benefiting from B2 Antimaterial and Camo to get to the places to use it). Overall he is a great gunfighter beyond 16". The Squalo however brings Shock, (Spec Fire,) ARM8, a HFT and Heavy Pistol to defend himself. He makes for an excellent aggressive or defensive Datatracker/LT most of the time, which makes him great in more missions than the Uhlan. All that said the Squalo and Uhlan are still completely different due to Camo. With the addition of FAT1 I think the Uhlan got his edge over the Swiss as NCA's scariest gunfighter. What he lacks in raw FTF potential he gains in extra DAM, better ARO and extended 0 Rangeband.
  14. Put your left foot on a chair for a sec and raise your left arm. In a standing stance most of your weight will be distributed to your right foot standing firmly on the floor with good footing. As a result your upper body will tilt to the left as well. Joan however tilts to the right (ego perspective), quite unnatural for standing like this. It would fit a counterpose in motion with her raised foot not carrying any weight and relaxed arm position (see Delacroix' - "Liberty leading the People" or the Venus of Milo... for everything except the arms). So the pose she has only works if it is a mid movement capture with her sword arm in full swing (because who runs around with a Sword raised high above their head?). Your brain can subconsciously tell something is off by simply looking at the miniature for a bit. It looks like she is striking a pose and is sticking her butt out, hella awkward. It's a lot more obvious with the LE braided head than the new one. The rightmost picture hides the pose problem well and looks completely fine as a result. The pose suddenly makes sense if you change her head to look downwards to the Umbra. Still her hip is roughly at 5/8th of her height. After you substract the combat heels she still is more than half legs
  15. Guess we all agree the basic mini is a little meh. If I had to nail it down it's three things: The hip tilt looks completely unnatural with the way she is just holding the Sword up instead of reaching out for a swing. Right boob plate is slightly higher than the right one if someone needs a reference. Why the heck is she completely ignoring the handsy Umbra? Assuming this is the same base 3d model than the LE Joan, what the heck happened to her hips? The armour on her left quad makes it look like her entire leg is someway parallel to her spine way too far off center. Fortunately the base for a good pose after a few modifications is there. - take OS chick helmet with a little filing to make her stare down at the Umbra - reverse Sword to make it look like she is about to shank... erm Coup de Grace that Xenos. Tilted hip makes sense if she is preparing for a downward stab and puts her weight into it. That way the hip tilt suddenly makes sense. Should fix the awkward pose and turns the mini into a pretty neat little diorama. Take your well deserved upvote good Sir.