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  1. ^This.
  2. The ninja MSR is NOT!!!!!! a reactive sniper. That beast is pure active turn. I rarely leave home without him..... And yes. I do actively use infiltration on the ninja MSR. Like i put him on the half way line nearly all the time. Best place for him.
  3. Noticing the somewhat icy reception from the Druze team. Akira/ Saito stands up off his stool. (Also having done his scan of the bar's interior.) "Well, sorry. I don't want to interrupt your night. Good luck track side again." Akira then begins to walk around the bar between the various teams wishing luck and encouragement while also listening to the general chatter of the room for anything of note. Simultaneously making his way to the back door where the sounds of motorcycles still exist. Passing by both Konrad and Impi. Akira waves and extends quick greetings as he passes by them. Coming up to the back back, Akira unfazed, steps through it as someone totally oblivious to the potential danger would do. And then takes a few steps before stopping. Making a show of actually paying attention to whats outside. Standing frozen for a few seconds like a deer in the headlights. He quickly takes this time to survey as much of his surrounding as he can. Approaches from the buildings, possible sentries, the number of people within the meeting, who is in the meeting exactly. (I'm hoping that those previous successes give me some knowledge about those organisation's personal?) Etc. I'm burning momentum for this one guys! (Also hoping i can record everything i see to my comlog. Not 100% if i can do it. Tried looking but didn't really see anything about it. But if i can, i am.) Observation 11. Rolls are: 4, 11, 8. Three successes. (OOC: Leaving it there for now. I'll finish the part once i get the GM's reaction from the thugs to decide whether i turn around and go back into the bar or continue to walk out of the pub for my car, so to speak. Also @Solodice. If i can use some of those successes earlier from team druze education test to know if i can identify the identities of those druze team members meeting with the bikers that would be cool.) Sorry that took so long to get back to this.
  4. Pretty much everything above. I'll just add on to the AI point. Bakunin is on the frontline in the Nomad/ ALEPH shadow war. Most of their troops are spec'ed to that war.
  5. Finding an opportune seat next to team Druze at the bar. Saito parks himself on a stool and takes a chug of cider. Wholly in his Akira persona, he swirls around on his stool, signature grin on his face and takes a glance around the room with a look of pure excitement on his face. As Akira is a hard core fan of the races 'he' is excited beyond hell that he's in the same bar as so many teams. (After all. He's got to mingle and look the part. It'd be suss if he just walked right out back.) Of course this is all a cover so he can survey his surrounds and count the teams, identify team positions, look for marks and scope out the complex. Noticing that some members of team Druze are not in the bar, he decides to make a move on Druze to kind of break the ice so that he can wonder around later and come back to them. Letting out an sigh to try to show a show of courage, Saito turns to the closest Memeber of team Druze and says, "Hi. Big fan. Hope you guys win it big this year and make it to circuit 1." Saito also does a education roll for what he knows about team Druze. (8+2 for total target number of 10.) Results are 1 and 6. I have focus 1 in education so that's 3 successes. Also using disciplined student again to roll again. Result is a 10. So four successes. (OOC: God. i hope that means i know the in's and out's of the team members and their history.)
  6. I agree. Back in N2 it was 10 order lists all round..... Unless you were Ariadna. If anything, this season is just letting players go back to do lists like in the old days.
  7. Tiger soldiers are confirmed IA drop troops.
  8. Ah. Well, we chefs just call them first years. (As in first year apprentice.)
  9. None of which are USA troops which was the question.
  10. Hearing the rumble of motorcycles in the distance, Saito takes a moment to compose himself. Sighing he thinks to himself. "Damn, I hope this isn't what i think it is. I didn't bring any hard core equipment to handle bike gangs." "Guess i'll check to see if it really is Bosozoku or just some other bike enthusiasts. If it is i can't pass up the opportunity to learn more about what they're up to in this." Self consciously patting the side of his torso for his pistol and his lower left leg for his knife as a paranoid reflex for self assurance. He stepped out of his car to scope out the bar's interior to see if there is anything to note inside and a way to get eyes...... And hopefully ears on any possible intelligence if those bikes did indeed belong to Bosozoku. Observation roll for the bar's interior. (Want to scope out the clientele and layout of the bar. Also want to see if there is any way to get eyes discreetly out the back. Target is 11. Going to burn a momentum for this too. Roll is 23 (10+7+6) So three successes. Also i'd like to do an education test to bring up all the info that i know about the Bosozoku gang so far (Baring private info only i know. You can PM me that stuff if you want @Solodice) Education is 10 (Intelligence 8 + 2 expertise) I also have disciplined student allowing me to roll an extra D20 and add that result if i generate one success. Roll is 22 (15+7) So one success and one fail. Adding extra die due to one success is a 10. So two successes and one fail. Stepping inside with a grin on his face. Saito walks up to the bar and orders a light cider from the barkeep and sits down in a place where he can get good eyes on the entire bar.
  11. So I've decided to put my Nomads down after almost two years with them and gone back to my first love, Yu Jing for season 9. I've played five games with a datatracker so far but I've found that the Crane multi/ sensor is honestly the best. Used the Su Jian twice but even though it's solid and i highly recommend it. It just didn't have the ability of the Crane. Weird to say i know, and it's mostly the double nanopulsers and sensor that brings him up for me. The fact that the Crane has an absolutely brilliant loadout for the mid field and you'll want him there too is great. That and i found that sometimes it was just too hard to hide that larger base.
  12. Pulling up outside of the Bear Den pub. Saito parks his car just off to the side due to the crowded carpark. Turning the car off, he takes a moment to survey his surroundings. I'm trying to notice anything out of the ordinary or anything that might pertain to the leads i have. I believe that it's an awareness roll for observation. Which is 10 plus 1 for expertise for 11. No focus. Results are 15 (8+7) Which is two passes. I assume it will be 0 difficulty. (I assume i rolled that right.)
  13. Yeah I've seen the trailer. Looks interesting. Something I'll watch.