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  1. A couple of friends and i already do our own version of epic. 1000pts vanilla only, each combat group has it's own Lt. With commander that oversees the entire force. My Pan'O friend loves it cause he fields 5 TAGS in 6 CGs. AVA is tripled except TAGs which are doubled.
  2. As i'm still out of it for the next two weeks at the earliest. I'll leave Saito either in the GM's hands to start an investigation, or have someone use Saito to make contact with something/ someone or other. I just don't want my ninja sitting around afk while the team is trying their hardest to play. Sorry about this guys. Death in the family and i'm handling all the arrangements. Busy for a while yet. Good luck with the mission and i'll try to get back as soon as i can. Edit: GM has my character sheet if someone needs it.
  3. You easily get to use that CC when you infiltrate that ninja sniper. Check a bunch of the past Yu Jing sniper/ ninja threads. There's plenty of advice i give on how to use ninja snipers effectively. (Well, infiltrating, TO snipers in general.) Besides, getting within 8" is one of the easiest ways to counter an infiltrating sniper. Do you want to get within CC range of a ninja? They try. It's still PH-6 vs my drop role. So usually a 6 or 7 vs my drop role. *shrugs* Some people just don't want to risk stuff like this these days.
  4. I get more value out of my Tiger MSR probably because, according to the posts here and on the forums. People don't drop their AD, they walk them on. I get much better results when i drop. It's so much easier to cover the board edges. Harder to cover every angle of the entire board.
  5. I guess i should have said that sectorials don't appeal to me anymore. I just really get no joy from playing sectorials. Where as with vanilla i always get that spark/ motivation for lists and i enjoy the games more.
  6. @inane.imp Both. Prefer sensor but the basic works too. And i've really stopped playing sectorials these days. They're just too boring for me.
  7. MSV 1, ARM 3, breaker pistols. Tad more reliable second wave or great for watching the backs of the first wave in case they get flanked by infiltrators, camo or warbands/ fast flankers. They end up really close to mid field skirmishers that don't usually have BTS or they have camo/ vis mods that MSV and a flame thrower works wonders on. I really like them in objective rooms as the second wave after a Brigada has kicked the door in.
  8. I think i was one of the original proponents of infiltrating snipers. I know i use them more often then i don't. Yu Jing Ninja snipers, Ninja AHD Tiger snipers Aragato BS Zanshi in general Son Bae Raiden spitfire (In JSA) Sadly seen a little less now that the Domaru got access to spitfires. Things in Yu Jing i don't use..... Smoke*, monks, celestial guard, Wu Ming and Kuang Shi. (Just not my style.) Nomads Prowlers of all loadouts but especially the spitfire. Love that loadout. Reverend Healers Hellcat ADHL Spektr e- maulers/ repeater, Spektr sniper Grenzer combi/ flamer thrower Bandit BS Things i don't use in Nomads...... Wildcats, Riot Grrls (In Bakunin links), Lizards. *Seriously. I've only used smoke that wasn't from Kitsune in two games playing Yu Jing since N3 came out. Both were celestial guard smoke LGL, and both games were on the same day. Smoke is virtually non existent in my Yu Jing armies. I feel we can easily get by without smoke.
  9. [OOC] Sorry, i'll have to drop out for awhile. So sorry. So this will be short and blunt. Saito, sighing that he wasn't able to make out much concludes his business and heads out to the car. Wondering if Eddie found his personal contact details within the data chip he gave him earlier in the day. He would have to convene with the A team at some point to set up a meet and dead drops.
  10. If you sacrifice the tinbot, and go HMG, missile and hacker, you have just enough for an Intruder with a heavy weapon. In one of the lists i posted earlier. An Intruder with 5 man core of Brigadas isn't easy to deal with. It's nice to have the Brigada HMG though for risky shots that you don't want to risk the Intruder for.
  11. Alright. It's my cock up for bringing them up. But let's focus on Brigadas, not the other HI. Sorry for starting this tangent.
  12. I am interested to see what else other people are coming up with. Especially these 3 man cores. As someone who only runs 5 man, it's interesting to hear how 3 man works for people. *I'd try it myself, but......
  13. @Daboarder Good points. My standard template for an aggressive pain train is. Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor ────────────────────────────────────────────────── 5 MOBILE BRIGADA HMG / Pistol, Knife. (2 | 42) MOBILE BRIGADA MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 39) MOBILE BRIGADA MULTI Rifle + Light Flamethrower / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 39) MOBILE BRIGADA Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) MOBILE BRIGADA Boarding Shotgun / Pistol, Knife. (0 | 33) 2 SWC | 186 Points Open in Infinity Army Sometimes the tinbot isn't worth it considering the meta shift away from hackers. Although, if i wanted a tinbot I'd swap one of the multis out for it.