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  1. Here is his response to that question on Facebook: Antenociti's Workshop Hi guys - please do. We're open to ideas! Like · Reply · March 31 at 10:35am
  2. The Noodle one is probably the greatest HVT ever.
  3. Hey, I would be interested in a Flavor 2: Eating Action (aka Noodle) Yuan-Yuan as well.
  4. Things like prone.
  5. His feet look fine to me. He's standing in an Archer stance, not a shooter stance. The HMG guy is expecting torque from the recoil hitting his shoulder. The shotgun guy is braced for the recoil moving parallel to his body like the pull a bow does. When I took archery lessens I used to have an instructor who would make us stand with our feet like that and then shove us to make sure we learned to brace properly.
  6. Variation of the "race condition" question. I have an LT with a WIP of 12 and I roll a 13. My opponent rolls a 14. Can I ask "Did you succeed?" and if they say yes say "Ok, mine wasn't a crit so you win."
  7. Interesting, I was under the impression that Isolated removed the model from its combat group. Good to know it doesn't.
  8. Honestly with the Bakunin resculpts on the horizon, having this tie to the Reverends makes sense.
  9. Also, remember that there is literally one path that allows the CA into the Human Sphere and it is blockaded. Sure the CA may have more military but that is irrelevant if they can't get it through the wormhole faster than the Human Sphere can stop them.
  10. I don't know Spanish work laws, but in the US a lot of the laws exempt small businesses, so it is a pretty big operational jump from 50 employees to 51.
  11. Honestly, if feels to me like they are designed for two different purposes: 1) With fireteam DUO you can take Heavy Rocket Launcher and Boarding Shotgun with enough armor to get in there and dig out those entrenched units. 2) With Free Agent you can camp a Red Fury covering one or more objective points swapping him up to the main combat group as a cheerleader when need be.
  12. As a software tester I can't tell you how hilarious I find seeing a <producer_name> is in this statement. Stuff like this is why I have a job.
  13. I am interested in the ninja, 6 of the Yu Jing dice and a set of terrain from Red Veil. Also, I would like to get a ZhanYing and the two male Celestial Guards from the new ISS starter at the same time if I could.
  14. Didn't Bosteia comment that the new Musashi sculpt was basically a bootleg?