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  1. It's so nice to see the Swiss Guard carrying a Zweihänder like the space landsknecht he wants to be. << sinks back under the bridge >>
  2. I used a KR Case with my Malifaux and had to do that for Lady Justice. It isn't that bad other than taking up 3 slots.
  3. Thanks for all the help everyone.
  4. Nope. The KHD advantage is that it ignores firewall.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has ever used 4 Wu Ming with SMG's as ARO pieces? My thought was to start them as a Link team, move them in position and then spend a Command Token to put them into suppression fire as a coordinated order. Anyone try this before?
  6. That second one looks like a good Tohaa scheme to me.
  7. Maybe a Myrmidon Wars manga or something dealing with the more day-to-day life like ISS dealing with Organized Crime.
  8. Do you mind doing a tutorial on how you did the food and drinks?
  9. Here is his response to that question on Facebook: Antenociti's Workshop Hi guys - please do. We're open to ideas! Like · Reply · March 31 at 10:35am
  10. The Noodle one is probably the greatest HVT ever.
  11. Hey, I would be interested in a Flavor 2: Eating Action (aka Noodle) Yuan-Yuan as well.
  12. Things like prone.
  13. His feet look fine to me. He's standing in an Archer stance, not a shooter stance. The HMG guy is expecting torque from the recoil hitting his shoulder. The shotgun guy is braced for the recoil moving parallel to his body like the pull a bow does. When I took archery lessens I used to have an instructor who would make us stand with our feet like that and then shove us to make sure we learned to brace properly.
  14. Variation of the "race condition" question. I have an LT with a WIP of 12 and I roll a 13. My opponent rolls a 14. Can I ask "Did you succeed?" and if they say yes say "Ok, mine wasn't a crit so you win."