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  1. Yeah but it would kinda fit, with tunguska being leader in biometric security (which we totally see as of right now). I wouldnot mind sensor on KB, i'd take it on multiple non Rem profiles tbh
  2. Mk12 would be better, but damn i like this idea more than super-jump! Actually, can we dream and hope for both? Maybe it could be sniffers and/or repeaters ?
  3. Even though i speak bad of her, I usually start a list by them then change into something else. Didn't use them a lot yet they always performed above their paygrade. Even have a conversion on the rails I just wish she had bts 6+ and a HD+ or choices like Scylla. Thought they'd be more expensive...
  4. Jet pack maybe ? Because reasons.
  5. To me it absolutely doesn't, and I'd go far enough yo say that it actually makes her less desirable. Having to face hacking aro with zero bts when you wanna engineer something is bad for your health.I'm lucky my opponents don't use much hacking, but I'd never let such an opportunity happen.
  6. She may come, but she'd have to upgrade her simple HD yo a HD+, get on par with interventors for the BTS, being an engineer and having pi-well won't make up for those in Tunguska, we deserve better. And they'd definitely need some surgery for their ugly faces and bodies.... We don't need no retarded looking Rem and her junkie pimp.
  7. I'm curious, the table is supposed to be 48" by side. Each Deployment Zone is up to 12" in most scenarios. Basically one short skill move out of your DZ takes you under the 32" range in most cases. So, do you really face that much threat over the 32" range? Anyway, I don't recall a weapon having a bonus range after 32", I see 0mod or worse only. There are tools that serve whatever the range band, as mentioned already (chimera's eclipse, smokes, other mod stackers and such). So I personaly don't really see it as an issue. PS: while rereading for mistakes, I think it may sound harsh, that's not the point
  8. Aren't those news basically old news ? We've had those names for months now! The only thing we learnt was Mirza beign S5 in the meantime:/
  9. Opponent here, Charontid + plasma rifle is a real beast... Plasma is the worst ammunition type to deal with! And on the great profile that is the charontid.... Ouch! Had never thought on how to deal with it before, I'm not making that mistake twice !
  10. Exactly what @Loricus said. Regarding the nisse, he might be cheaper buy he has lower wip (useful to discover pesky camps) and having mimetism in place of camp is very different, you can try to brain your opponent with camo, not with mimetism, and camo grants surprise shot.... So yeah 9 pts.... But those are well spent point. Regarding the father knight, yes one to one the father is fairly superior in all aspects, but they're not linkable.... That's a real plus for the brigadas, plus they have LFT, which is always nice to have on a HI. And of course they're sexier. The thing in my opinion, you might be lacking for now is experience, PanO troops are just real good in their roles that's for sure, but we dabble in versatility and returning the situation for us don't worry you'll be a dirty trick nomad in no time then you'll see, we really have little to complain (except for Tunguska's arrival of course)
  11. That's what i guessed, so no scarface i guess... Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, Quick question on the armored fury rule for this mission. ARMORED FURY In this scenario, TAGs can apply the Antimaterial Trait to any CC Attack they perform using Bare Hands against an AC2. Does this mean they have to use bare hands to get the bonus, or can they apply it to any cc attack? I mean, if a tag has a ccw, does it gets the anti material as well ? Or does he have to go through the bare handed profile ?
  13. Although I agree that forcing an ARO on someone with suppressive fire or DTW so you can engage without having to deal with FTF frol supress or DtW is more tactical than dicky. Using this in any other case is totally meh, even bad CC profile have 18+ CC witch surpass most single roll you'd baciaally face. (And that's not counting any MoD). Doing this you're basically wasting an order and helping your opponent.
  14. Yeah except the fact you have to go through a major headache or counter intuitive rules that negates each others to get the solution of a rather straightforward issue. Anyway, wording is a b***h
  15. Maybe if we cut it another Szalamandra would grow out of it?