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  1. Thank you! You just learn me something ^^ I'd never noticed it before !
  2. Thank you
  3. Hello! Here are my Morats. I begun it almost a year ago. I tried to reproduce these insignas but it's not easy! (see here: )
  4. A battle rep in Raxora :
  5. Yup my memory was not right, but my point is still true since it's a very good troop for block zone in SF mode, detect camo and so on. It's not a question to know or not if there is some clipsos, because my fellow take them everytime. But you can't target them until they revealed without antipodes and it's still very strong to control the board once added to kaauri, chaksa auxiliar, nikoul, makaul etc... And i already use the chasseur at his max AVA most of the time :P, but tohaa is probably the army which the most tools to deal with camos such chasseur (sensor + endgame for exemple, a trick very classic in my games). I think instead that's a bad idea because there is a lot of viral weapon which bypass shock immunity. So basically your Veteran take a single viral hit and he's probably dead. I really think that tohaas is a hard counter for ariadna. When i won against them, it's mostly thanks to the luck or a mistake from my opponent, and it's always very close (the contrary is not true ).
  6. I have a fellow tohaa player who know how to handle them, and they are very strong and it's really difficult sometimes to overcome them with ariadna. I dont agree with the fact they have few infiltrators: they can have three clipsos, and they are very cheap and have access to minelayer. Gao tarsos is one of the strongest AD in the game (because two wounds) imo. Moreover, they have access to cheap sensor (chaksa auxiliar), very cheap MSV2 (kaauri), plus a lot of flamethrower so don't expect to handle the midfield easily with markers troops: if you don't protect them they'll die fast. They are also extremely resilient (symbio armor + symbio mates + heal with symbio bombs), although in ariadna most of the troops are out of the game at the first wound, so frontal fight can be too risky. So when a tohaa army is properly deployed at the beginning of the game, you basically can't attack (unless if you have a lot of luck). So, be patient, don't let your troops being killed, focus on the scenario. They will forced to advance. Then you could find some breach and take advantage from the packed triads with a bording shotgun or a direct template, or whatever. Keeping a para or a tankhunter in reserve for the second or the third turn is a good idea too.
  7. I have exactly the same problem with my event! (number : 5585 )
  8. It might be, but Berthier is a very stereotypical name in french : pronounce it "Bert-ee-ae" (as a French) not "Bert-ee-r" (as a German).
  9. Thanks for all your comments, it seems I was right. I think it might be good if we have a FAQ on this too, because it's not an intentional trick i guess. I don't think that work through repeaters though, because there is no basis for that in the rules, only a comparison with a FAQ about an another skill, that is a very weak argument imo.
  10. Hello, i have not found the answer to this question here, and i'm not sure about this. So, the Sixth sense (N1&2) skill allow a trooper to delay his ARO after the declaration of the second skill of the active trooper. Aside that, "reset" is allowed only if : - the trooper is targeted by a comms or a hacking attack - the trooper is immobilized-1 - In reactive turn, an ennemy trooper perform an order in the ZoC of the trooper. Let's assume we have a hacker with Sixth sense (a wardriver, a maakrep, or wathever combination of this kind) in total cover, when an HI perform a move inside his ZoC. The hacker delay his ARO thanks to his sixth sense skill. If I understand it well, the HI can't declares "reset" , because any of the above conditions are valid. So the HI declares a move or whatever, and then the hacker can declare "gotcha" with a normal roll. Am I good? Sorry for my poor english and thanks for your attention.