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  1. I think I was not totally clear. I always run fireteams when fielding a sectorial army but I never run a full (5-man) fireteam. (The sole exception is 200-points friendly games with MRRF - full Loup Garou squad and Mirage-5 day in day out!) I find them too hard to manouvre correctly and the advantages do not make up for the highly increased cost pointswise. I would rather field two fireteams (core & haris) instead of one 5-man core fireteam.
  2. Never did. Never missed. My thoughts, exactly! @DOA Were Your opponents correctly guessing and actively hunting Your Lt?
  3. I bought a ML Swiss Guard and swapped arms with the Spitfire Hafza. I play NCA and QK both; I needed a HRL Hafza and a Swiss Guard equipped with a weapon that passed for a Multi Rifle. (For the hacker profile.)
  4. Now, that's the spirit! If You play a couple games with them, please, post Your experiences in this topic! I would like to read what was working and what was not (and why)! Thank You in advance! You see more pain potential. That's all! And good and well! ;-) Listen to The Man!
  5. Welcome to the forum, mate! The list looks more or less good to me! I would find some points to get one more order getting the first group's order count to ten. Did You consider swapping the two BS Janissary for Hafzas? This way You can spare some points. I would swap the Druze Hacker for an Alguacile hacker. This way You can spare points and have access to Fairy Dust. (Passive defense for the Janissary link.) Alternatively You can take Leila Shariff. (She is more an active turn hacker-hunter and Cybermask is just amazing!) In case You use the Hafza Lt's Lt order, he will leave the fireteam! (I presume You already knew this, but just in case...) I hope that helps!
  6. Yea. I only used Hafzas in QK and disguised at least one of them as an al-Waziri. This caused a huge headache for my opponents. They suspected one of the Alguacil mercs is a decoy and had to play very cutiously. I presume these guys can easily play the same role in vanilla, too. (Always bring HRL! Always!)
  7. In order to toss my 2 eurocents in the just cause: I bought coloured aquarium gravel (actually red, but You can find a fairly wide range at pet shops) and simply glued the stones to the base. It was fairly easy and quick to do and gave the feeling of the trooper standing on a remote, alien planet. Our troopers fight all across the Galaxy, right? Picture (base) them accordingly! If You find this boring, You can go for exotic colours (purple or green), maybe even mix them. You can add strangely looking plants or stones, too.
  8. Dude, just try It a couple times, It's not that hard! I used to be fairly reluctant to play in a similar format but very soon I realized It's no big deal. Yup, sometimes You will make some mistakes due to haste, but Your opponent will do the same! (And trust me, You will speed Your gameplay up pretty quickly!) Give It a go, mate!
  9. Huhh, I am getting lost... Does It mean if I disguise Pat as a Thorakitai, I do not get any negative mod, and if I disguise him as a trooper with Mimetism, I get only a -3 mod instead of -6 mod?
  10. However, players use the Troop Profile of the Holoprojector L1 bearer, as it appears on their Army List. To me It seems the holoechos will get the benefits of ODD... Indeed, I just corrected the post! Thank You!
  11. ODD is an automatic equipment and holoecho state does not effect automatic equipment.
  12. Sorry, again. The real Patroclus and Achilles will declare the aforementioned PH-3 dodge. That is not nice but better than nothing. A coin toss for Patty and a lil bit better for big A. Holoechos will not make them bulletproof but forces Your opponent waste orders eliminating the holoechos first. And yes, template weapons (especially the fire type) are pretty much cryptonite for Achilles and Patroclus.
  13. The active player have to declare which weapon he will use. In case he declares a normal BS attack (rifle, spitfire etc.) You declare idle (and pray for a miss); in case he declares a template You can declare dodge. Of course this tactic has its own limits, but ol' ugly is better than ol' nuthin'. Answering the question: Yes, ODD literally begs for template weapons. ;-)
  14. During the reactive turn. Especially the first turn when I went secound. But also later they were blocking corners and doorways nicely. Sorry for not being clear.
  15. In case You go secound, You can deploy Patty in LVL1 and deploy him in total cover. This way You can activate LVL2 at the beginning of Your opponent's reactive turn. The new holoechos must be in base contact with the original, but You can decide that the real Pat is one of the new holoecho marker (granting ARO if You want) or the original one (conservative choice). Key point is Your opponent will not know this and will be fairly cautious approaching the firelanes open to the holoechos. Regarding running Achilles Patroclus duo: I found them being just awesome. The holoechos cleared mines and granted total cover for Achilles and Patroclus when MSV2 shenangians (pfui!) were nearby granting safe passage for the real guys. Yup, expensive like hell. Yup all the eggs in one basket. But they worked like hell. Lots of fun to play them, I warmly recommend everyone to try them once! (Important disclosure and friendly warning: I am not a good player!)