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  1. Nice rep and a pretty good narrative too, well done
  2. Nice, the pain train did it's job of killing stuff and drawing attention. I've not tried something similar yet but I do see the appeal (now I play yu jing so different train of course)
  3. Two swinging games that, haha, welcome to the realm of linked teams dude! Did you miss your vanilla toy access?
  4. Nice rep that! Down to inches is the hallmark of close games
  5. Realy? That's pretty neat indeed, thought the engineers only rule still applied
  6. How can she detonate D-charges? Am I missing something here?
  7. I like the idea of the three tiger build, and would love to hear how it works out for you. I'd suggest keeping the hsien lt over the yan huo, one less burst but better survivability and msv 2 makes him better (imo) also size 2 instead of massive size 5... Your list looks interesting, and your thoughts behind it makes sense so I'd say give it a spin! (Proxy if that's okay in your group to test before buying etc)
  8. I think it's revealed first order generation as it's open info (unlike lieutenant order which is private until used)
  9. I just wish we could use the yuan yuan
  10. Nice reports and afterthoughts In 150 point games skew happens to easily, the game is balanced for 300+.
  11. Nice reps, i was curious as to your lack of specialists, that is quite the gamble concidering classifieds. Still you did pretty well, and I like the double tiger, need to test that sometime
  12. Enjoyable reps as usual, prisma is a neat thingymajig I like your mix of fluffblurbs and easily folowed action, very nice indeed. In Catfight: you declared dodge-hack? Is that legal? Also su jian has no wound incap, which maybe your opponent forgot about.... Last game was brutal, and some of your gambles failed which never help (zeros ehem... )
  13. When will these changes show up on Army Mobile? Nothing there....
  14. Very nice reps! Lovely pictures as well (and purdy paintjobs!)
  15. Enjoyed! Nice rep and excellent pics! Seems you have access to some armor cracking with minutemen, traktors and blackjacks?