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  1. I agree, the Spektr vs Prowler comparison is crazy. BSG vs BSG is TO to Camo, 1 ARM to 2 and Bioimmunity, Mines to Grenades & D-Charges (and I just realised they carry CCW instead of knives after years of fielding them). I'm willing to pay the 2SWC for the Spitfire, that stuff can be crazy. Edit to avoid driving this off topic: I think the absence of the Feuerbach option for Tsyklon can be attributed to the lack of overlap with the positive range bands of the Pitcher. That Tsyklon is pretty good from your DZ where the ability to shoot repeaters goes to waste. They are also a great place to sink the Lieutenant order for your Interventor, so I'm not surprised to not see them absent from the sectorials (the OP says Tunguska instead of Corregidor, btw).
  2. Not unexpected, the Spitfire is the standout profile that offers something worthwhile that Zeros can't do just as well. The Flamethrower, Grenades and D-Charges are nice, but not worth the x1.5 point cost. Is +2 ARM and Bioimmunity really that expensive? My SK plays end with a victory or with a crit, most of the time, so the extra defence never comes into play. I love my Prowlers, but they aren't great.
  3. You are not required to tell your opponent which marker is a mine, if that's what you're referring to.
  4. Given the amount of Aleph in my area, I'm keeping the mini, it might come in useful for that. I've always considered it when there's a mission with destructible stuff, for example with a mission room in the middle, to open a single door. But it has always ended up easier to just walk a Morlock up to it and stab it.
  5. The best time to fix up your TAG is when it's down, no chance with the ED, it is mandatory. And trying to take it from ARM 1 to 2 gives you a 25% chance to lose it altogether. The problem with Zoe is that, bar Stop!, the Interventor already has all those program. She will mostly be useful for an extra hacking ARO (of which Oblivion is the most devastating). Stop! is a really good program, mind. You can't go wrong with HMG Intruder + Jaguar, really. The one-two punch of White Noise + Iguana and Smoke + Intruder.
  6. I'd forego the engineer for the Iguana lists. Just let it break. If you feel Zoe & Pi-Well should be in there for their other merits (Pi-Well is amazing, but I think Zoe competes with the Interventor) just don't fall into the trap of spending orders to walk to it to fix it. The penalty for that 25% chance to of failure is really steep.
  7. I like to take a Boarding Shotgun Zero and, if I have first turn, attempt to deploy him next to the enemy's DZ. 45% of the time he's a mini Castro rambo with a 16 point discount and the rest he's an okay cheerleader. When it works he eats up most of my orders and does some heavy heavy damage to my opponent (and is stopped by a crit).
  8. If I think there may be a hidden KHD in my hacking area I try not to do entire order skills in general. As everyone has said, avoiding a single attack and killing the KHD with your other hackers' AROs is usually good enough. When the opponent relies on my hacking area to get me, I use my lieutenant order to do some regular hacking. Even if I do cybermask I leave the marker state on the first ARO chance I get. It's scarier when they can get only your Interventor in their hacking area. Opposing Interventors, Barids or Danavas specially. Against them I do stay in Cybermask. Yes, a further -3 would definitely help. I think the price is a bit too steep at 25 though.
  9. You're changing the argument here. It was never that it applies in every shot but that it applies a hell of a lot more often than CC does. In terms of extra points paid on top of linkable HI, a +1 average BS is worth it much more than a 23 of oh look I used it this game. The same goes for Hyper Dynamics vs Kinematica. More chances to succeed a Dodge roll beats moving 2 inches extra.
  10. And just plain shooting and dodging. Even the MSV1 would come into play a lot more than CC ever has for me, I've yet to play an opponent that doesn't field at minimum an unit with mimetism. Which is the crux of the issue Domarus overpay for a skill that doesn't come into play that often, paying 5 more points for a combi rifle than the Riot Grrls. And I usually move the Riot Grrls to the midfield, where the objectives and the +3 Spitfire ranges into enemy deployment are.
  11. Frenzy is a disadvantage and thus gives a discount. The disadvantage of not benefiting from partial cover outweighs the extra order that Impetuous gives, by far. Taking a link to suppress it is definitely the better option. After having played several games with it, I cannot imagine playing Bakunin without a Riot Grrl link. They shone despite my inexperience with linkteams causing many many mistakes.
  12. I've used a Wildcat as proxy in the past. They're not usually on the table so there's no confusion.
  13. I'm pretty sure we'll get AVA 2 in Transductor Zonds at least. Hopefully more.
  14. Given how much technology aids shooting in Infinity (all TAG pilots go from 14+ to a measly 11) I wouldn't be surprised if a serious bit of tech is needed to shoot as much as the HRMC does while keeping it pointing where you want it. (Edit: Plus I assume the -3 implies you shoot even more vaguely in their direction). Even if it's just brute force. I don't mind something I can just point and shoot. It doesn't look like Tunguska will be swimming in orders, so buffing/setting up smoke (if we get any) might be a lot more taxing.
  15. I'd add the Tsyklon box to the list. Although it is available in Corregidor it plays much better in Vanilla with all the hackers. The Spitfire version is really hard to justify not taking when you have an Interventor as a lieutenant. The Tomcat engineer plays great with it as well.