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  1. One of the engineer ones is to recover a point of STR on an allied trooper, not possible in this list anyway. I'd switch him to a Daktari and drop the paramedic for a normal Combi Moderator. I'd skip the Zondbot in favour of a 3rd Morlock however.
  2. I've had success with anything that can shoot into the enemy DZ. The Iguana is fantastic for that. Hell, anyone carrying a MSR or HMG is fine so long as they are near my Interventor. Also the combo of a Moran + a Spitfire Prowler in the midfield feels unfair for MSV ARO pieces. You're likely in a 0 or disadvantageous range for them thus stacking -12 in BS mods. Once the MSV ARO pieces are gone, move up your Morlocks! I think Morans are the an excellent pair for a HD+ hacker: if any enemy that can cancel their Mimetism approaches, you can ARO a White Noise Zone on them. (Assuming the enemy doesn't have Stealth). In fact, you can preemptively do it if someone activates inside your hacking area, there are no limitations on where you can place the template on ARO. You could litter your hacking area with them for no reason! Also, MSV L3's cancellation of Surprise Shot requires LoF. So you can SS them from within White Noise. Just to mention that White Noise and ODD are both NFB and do not stack! Same applies to Mimetism in my above example.
  3. Fix that. The morlocks + an Intruder is the second best reason to play vanilla. The first being Interventors. But what everyone has said still stands: you get access to the best standalone pieces from all of the Nomads army: Zeros, Sin-Eaters, Intruders, Iguana. The synergies among them are fantastic too. The repeaters on the Morans will feel wasted in Corregidor sectorial after you've taken them in vanilla.
  4. Even more so than Exile since it is not exclusive to a faction with no repeaters. Imagine if Nomads had access to Exile or Oblivion for anyone, jesus! Spotlight would also be OP as an ARO if the effects lasted for more than 1 turn.
  5. But there is progression. Gotcha to Basilisk and Overlord to Total Control. They're not as clearly spelled out as they are in your example, but then again neither are the differences between Combi Rifles and Spitfires. It's just a difference in familiarity, you can't get away from shooting but you can easily avoid hacking. Perhaps spelling it out more would be a solution (ie changing the names to the literal effect or simply Basilisk & Basilisk L2). I think the problem IS that there's 7 programs. I've seen people get flustered with the options given to them by MULTI rifles and here we have 7 different "ammos". But I am against removing the one off or niche programs such as Expel as I find those to be the fun of hacking. So I don't know if there is a solution that makes hacking more approachable while keeping every option open to those of us that came to hacking for that. PS: some corrections that don't detract from your argument but I've known players to get their rules from the forums and not the books: The Isolated inducing program (Oblivion) lasts till the status effect is removed, not only 2 turns. AD5 doesn't grant a PH bonus, it only allows you to deploy anywhere on your DZ if you scatter out of the board.
  6. As inane.imp said. To be more precise, if you are in the ZOC of one of their repeaters (and thus any of their hackers can target you): 1) All of their hackers are also in your Hacking Area. OR 2) You can use the repeater as if it were your own. (eg. You can target one of their HI in the ZOC of this repeater but not yours). Doing any of these grants the opponent firewall mods.
  7. Nomads: came for the hackers, stayed for the repeaters.
  8. The bonus Icebreaker program only comes with the Custodier AHD, the Custodier HD+ is just standard. The only HD+ with a bonus program is the Asuras'. Scylla KHD gains Maestro, AHD gains Icebreaker instead. I do find strange the inclusion of Icebreaker as a program. It is basically identical to Stop when dealing with high BTS threats (ie. much much better than Basilisk with the same effect). So why not just have that.
  9. X-Visor has come in handy at times when doing Discover + Shoot within 48". I wish shooting at 48"+ was more feasible, that'd give the Intruder a massive advantage against opposing snipers.
  10. Unfortunately, Sucker Punch isn't what it used to be in the face of Redrum and the like. And friendly hackers' ZoC no longer count as repeaters.
  11. White Noise is not. But Cybermask does have the supportware tag despite not being a GADGET program.
  12. That is correct, my bad.
  13. More expensive units offer flexibility, they can do what Zeros can do and then some. But if you don't come across situations where they are useful, the Zeros will be good enough. But you may find yourself using them if you want more than 2 camo infiltrators. If you ever do the ITS mission Transmission Matrix, take a hacker + Prowler BSG. Target an enemy using Spotlight and then Speculative Fire with the Prowler's grenades. It is soooooo much fun.
  14. I've played it before, albeit at a tournament only and my list needed to cover other missions, so I couldn't zero in on AD troops. The only one I took was a Tomcat, who was extra effective thanks to walking out from my opponent's board edge to kill some cheerleaders. If you have no other synergies with the EVO hacking device I would suggest leaving it behind in favour of using Controlled Jump when needed. Remember it cannot protect itself well and it is a whopping 45 points for your opponent + specialist. A Lt Interventor works well, it cost the same points and you can use his Lt Order to use the supportware. Also remember that the Hellcats can revert to using AD2 if needed. I also brought along a Bandit (with a Deployable Repeater, but any of the profiles work), his Scavenger ability means no roll needed on the panoplies, and nothing feels worse than failing to push buttons several times in a row. He wasn't stellar, won't be taking him next time. It's just a lot of army (& support, needing more midfield troops to not be eaten alive T1) for 1 mission point. Just bring killy stuff & keep an eye out for spots your opponent isn't guarding at his rear. How I wish "Designated Landing Area" worked with ED.
  15. It's better in a link, but in Vanilla I see it as paying 6 points and 0.5 SWC to be weak to KHDs, which I've been facing quite a lot recently. Might be worth taking Riot Grrl SO + Riot Grrl Spitfire, then. I like the idea of a Spitfire attacked to MSV1 and we probably should be taking the Interventor KHD midfield to work as a specialist/make use of the FastPanda, which makes 2 specialists up there.