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  1. But the Koalas don't have to move with the Lunokhod as long as it is withing it's ZoC right? And a question that might fit in. Can I move the Koalas first to trigger a ARO or does the Lunokhod have to move first? It is a of course a limit since the Koalas can't move much forward because of ZoC.
  2. Haha.. I didn't notice. I saw it as bold and in Topics or something or I wouldn't have opened it up. Strange. =)
  3. So... If I win and choose to Keep Deployment I say who will deploy first and where and then the other player can say who will get the Initiative. If I win and choose to Keep Initiative I say who will start first and then the other player choose who will deploy and where. Not sure about that. I would say if I win and whatever choice I pick, the other player should reveal his choice first. If I win and choose to Keep Deployment the other player have to say if she wants to start first or not before I choose who will deploy where. If I win and choose to Keep Initiative the other player choose who to deploy first and where and then I choose who will start first. I won the roll after all. Then perhaps it doesn't make that much of a different in the end, haven't played enough games to really tell.
  4. If that is true, why isn't it shown on the courtesy list?
  5. I know Viv from RubbishInRubbishOut/KnightsOfDice have used some weathering spray to great effect to make a building look dirtier.
  6. Ah, excellent. Since one of the options here is with two Zero hackers i will buy it. =)
  7. Speaking of... I am about to order a few blisters and one of them is this, I have the hacker already but I can't find the other miniatures that it comes with. Has the hacker been alone or part of a another pack before?
  8. Already have the sniper.
  9. What use has the Warcon if you're not playing with SpecOps?
  10. It's not 100% accurate I'm afraid. :/ What I get from this is that it was bad placement of the MB from my part. so basically that Ninja could smoke the first turn and then following move up in CC and more or less murder them all since they are all smoked except the two on the side that will be able to shoot? I was placing them all so that they wouldnt be shot down, didn't really think about the ninja in HD. Little experience I guess. If they hadn't been Prime, would that have made a different?
  11. So this is a scenario that happened last game. I have a Fireteam: Core of Mobile Brigada on a roof. Below by the ladder there is a Ninja in HD. On his first turn in the first round he tries to throw a smoke up on the roof so he can move up and CC (this or the next turn). The Ninja is by the ladder and so is one of the Mobile Brigada, the MB isn't blocking the ladder, the three MGs is standing next to the edge. The MB by the ladder has a Multi Rifle and a Light FT. The smoke that the Ninja is throwing will block LoF for all the MBs if it lands. All the MB are prone. When the Ninja spend and order to throw the smoke and then move up the ladder, what can the MB Fireteam do? Can the first MB fire his Light FT or will the smoke-throw somehow prevent that? The Ninja is on a lower level, will that prevent the MB from seeing him before the smoke lands and blocks LoF?
  12. Never used Warband, I feel a little out of place when it comes to Impetuous Order, Frenzy and so on. have a pack of Jaguars though so I guess I can learn. How is the second list with all the REMs?
  13. I like the model and have her already so I will try her out. I know. Dropping Lunah or the grenzer will fix it. The new models that I need are: Zonds Remotes Tunguska Interventors Zeros (Combi Rifle/Hacker) Spektr Hacker Spektr (Sniper) Nomads Tsyklon Sputniks Tsyklon is something i will buy no matter what, they seem very useful and for some reason I have missed them before.
  14. Been playing around with something different. Started with a TAG and ended up without one. I like the look of them but my lack of games played so I am sure I have missed some obvious flaws in them. We have started making two list when we play since Tournaments work that way. Since they started as TAG-list they are regular lists (Yes, I know TAGs are also in Sectorial). They both have a few new miniatures that I need to buy so I'd like to know if they are any good before I buy them for this list. Let me know what's wrong with them. And if any, what's good. Whats missing? What problems will I have? The first one have a lot of HD and the other is a REM heavy list. The first also have the Major and Grenzer because I was thinking of using one or the other. Might not need a second sniper but a Missile Launcher could be useful.
  15. So he can't place it on the board but he do waste it? That doesn't make any sense. =/