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  1. That is correct. Fixed. =)
  2. I like the new forum, might wish i could "deactivate" the Spanish forums so it is less cluttered but I can live with just minimizing them. I do think the background should be something darker though. Had problems making an account at first with errors but it seems like a Ctrl+F5 updated something and let me login with my old.
  3. So i got my hands on this set for my local club a few days ago but I'm having some trouble outing it all together. I could be retarded but are there instruktions somewhere or pictures that shows not angles? Cheers, MAlgol Turns out I might have been a retard.
  4. Aha.. that explains it.
  5. The base looks larger too. Could of course be the picture but if the holes on the base are the same then..
  6. Does the new Szalamandra have a different Silhouette?
  7. nomad

    Why not a Zero with Forward Observer instead of that Deployable Repeater since I don't see any use for it?
  8. Right now I want to be able to select more then one Device, might change in the future though. All this or/and could probably be done with some ease using jQuery but right now I haven't gotten into it so I don't know how, will have a look later thought. =)
  9. They are exclusive? If you select HD and KHD it shows both and if you uncheck one its program won't show. Or do you want the first Device to auto uncheck when you check a new one? Yeah, about the Target and Order. Right now I don't know how to fix so that they don't add any new programs and only show from the Devices you have selected. Sorry :/ Noise==fixed =)
  10. Did some changes. I could get the [+] to look good so I tried changing the border color on all the buttons to correspond with the Device color.
  11. I haven't played that much and don't really know all the programs, made this because I needed a better overview what I could do with my hackers. Captains have more info but you need to know what you are looking for. You're welcome I can make a note on the hover but since you need to select it I assume you can use it in your army. =)
  12. I started making a list of all the Hacking Programs a while ago and I thought I would show it to all of you. It is more or less made after my needs, it list all the Programs with a short info of how it works and then links to the wiki. You can select what Hacking Devices you have and it will show available programs. There is also a possibility to show/hide by Target and Type but they will be shown even when they are not part of the selected Devices. If you find mistakes let me know. I am no expert so the functions are simple, everything is CSS and that is one of the reasons Targets and Types works as they do, your selectins show or hide a row and a row can have more then one css-class. Might figure out a way to make it better bur for now this will do, it does what I want it to. cheers, MAlgol
  13. But the Koalas don't have to move with the Lunokhod as long as it is withing it's ZoC right? And a question that might fit in. Can I move the Koalas first to trigger a ARO or does the Lunokhod have to move first? It is a of course a limit since the Koalas can't move much forward because of ZoC.
  14. Haha.. I didn't notice. I saw it as bold and in Topics or something or I wouldn't have opened it up. Strange. =)
  15. So... If I win and choose to Keep Deployment I say who will deploy first and where and then the other player can say who will get the Initiative. If I win and choose to Keep Initiative I say who will start first and then the other player choose who will deploy and where. Not sure about that. I would say if I win and whatever choice I pick, the other player should reveal his choice first. If I win and choose to Keep Deployment the other player have to say if she wants to start first or not before I choose who will deploy where. If I win and choose to Keep Initiative the other player choose who to deploy first and where and then I choose who will start first. I won the roll after all. Then perhaps it doesn't make that much of a different in the end, haven't played enough games to really tell.