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  1. Hello folks! I'm considering buying the 300 pts starter box for Tohaa, and painting my way through it. One of the things that annoyed me when I first got into Infinity and bought my Haqq, was that I got a starter box with a lot of old models, that promptly received new sculpts that didn't fit with the ones I have - at least not as well as I would like. So, my question to you is this; which Tohaa minaitures should I stay away from? As in, which are the most likely to receive new sculpts? Thanks, hope it isn't too dumb a question
  2. Hello folks. The pictures are terrible, but I figured I'd share some of my Onyx Contact Force miniatures.
  3. This, exactly! I would honestly be pissed if I wanted to use a skill of any kind on an opponent, and they refrained from telling me that they are immune to said skill. This game has a simple and innovative ruleset at its core, but the amount of special rules is mind boggling, and having to learn every single one of them, for every single model of every single faction? Damn, that's a steep learning curve. It's common courtesy to inform your opponent of what your guys can do, and what they are immune to, if the opportunity arises, it's also why there is such a thing as a courtesy list.
  4. That's an excellent idea, I will pitch it for my group! We're just 4 guys playing, but it would be nice never knowing whether or not there are HD troops, on both ends. Keep people guessing. This is especially true for those of us who maybe only have 1 HD troop, which effectively means that asking for everyone else to leave the room is the same as telling them you have this particular model in the game. Can't wait to spring a Sphinx on them!
  5. Thanks! I figured, just wanted to make sure I wasn't misinterpreting it.
  6. Hello all! I've been meaning to try out some hidden deployment shenanigans, and I have a simple question about it; does it have to be declared that you have a troop in hidden deployment, or can you secretly take a photo or write down a detailed description of which location it is in? Having someone blindly moving around troops, only for you to pop out with a Noctifer or some such on turn 2 or 3 appeals greatly to me, and even more so if they don't even know there are hidden enemies to begin with.
  7. Thanks a bunch! Got until mid February to finish the models, hence why I'm asking specifically what would be useful to get - otherwise I would just get everything and paint it in due time A great idea with the Unidrons to Ikadrons conversion. Figure I will see if I can get 2x single unidron models somehow, and try converting them! Cheers!
  8. Hello folks! I'm fairly new to infinity, having only played maybe 8 games with my Haqqislam force, and a week ago I purchased the onyx contact force 300 pts pack. I'm a huge fan of pretty much every single model, so it's very difficult to not want to have everything in the army, but obviously, I will have to add other things and take some out. My question is, once I've painted all 12 minis in the box, what should be my next purchase? I understand that it is a matter of preference, but I would like to know if someone has ideas for this particular CA sectorial, either thematic ones in terms of fluff or purpose or what have you. Ps; I'm not a huge fan of the Imetron and Ikadron, since I really dislike the models. Other than that, everything seems cool!
  9. Thank you! The main paints are vallejo model color, and my washes are citadel. For red: Vallejo red, then reikland fleshshade wash, then vallejo red again, vallejo carmine red, vallejo dark vermillion. For purple: Vallejo royal purple, druchii violet wash, vallejo royal purple, vallejo purple. So not too complicated. I'm far from the best of painters, and I decided to just go with something simple, that lets me finish the miniatures in a reasonable amount of time, whilst still being decent enough for the tabletop.
  10. So, I recently started collecting Haqqislam, mostly due to being drawn in by the cool-looking Naffatun (pun not intended). Haven't painted any of those yet, but I do have some minis ready, and I figured I would share them, and hear what people think I haven't yet tried playing the game, and have just gotten the miniatures I like based on looks. Next up I have naffatun, a Hunzakut and some Ghulam. I also included a picture of some terrain a friend of mine has made for us to play on, when I finally get around to doing that. All of the pieces can be moved around. Note the bread in the background: All part of the plan, it sets the atmosphere!