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  1. Hmm... pilots have no cost too. But when I think of that - Iguana doesn't enter null or dead state (unlike the "normal" TAGs with Pilots). So, thank you. You convinced me ;]
  2. Hi! I can't find any clarification for VP provided by Operator (Evacuated by TAG with ejection system). In Infinity Army Iguana's Operator costs 0pt and N2 rule (below) wasn't transfered into N3 wiki. In old wiki there was a note: T.A.G.s with Ejection System don’t give Victory Points until the Operator is eliminated, in an Unconscious or Dead state. If the Operator is a troop type that can be hacked, or affected by E/M Special Ammunition, it is not allowed to perform any hacking on him, or apply E/M effects to him, until his figure is placed on the game table.
  3. Fixed! Try it, please. Fixed. Hi. Thank you for fixing those things. Today I found a bug... I almost cheated my opponent because of this It took me a while to figure it out but: when you add REM to your list, ITS checker checks if you have TAG or hacker. But if you add G:Servant (which doesn't require Tag or hacker) checker stops checking it. So... If you build an army and you don't add TAG or Hacker but you add G:Servant, you have ITS legal army list. That bug isn't present in regular army webpage - only in army mobile webpage and Android app. BTW. I also remind about second unconscious state that units with G:Servant should have. I tested everything only on Corregidor so as G:Servant you may understand "zondbots" if somehow this but isn't global Best regards. CydPL P.S. I quite enjoy using my tablet to track my orders, points etc. I have one small suggestion that can save some stressful situations during games. I had some problem when I accidentally tap "next turn button" in half of the turn. Could you make confirmation pop-up window when player try to end his turn when he doesn't spend all his orders? (Or "undo" button )
  4. Hi! Beside Iguana's operator which should give an order after iguana ejects him I found another little bug. All troopers with G:Servant have G: Remote presence as well. So they should have second unconscious state. Best regards. CydPL
  5. After update "landscape mode top buttons error", that I mentioned still exist in Android apk (just in case you are wondering). Regards. CydPL P.S. I sent you PM with link to video showing this problem. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After last update of Android app (today) app works like a charm! Now my tablet will be useful during battles (Iguana still doesn't generate order before "death" of its operator but I guess it will be fixed soon...) Best regards. CydPL
  6. Hi! During last game I found an error. Ejection system (Iguana) - Iguanas operator should generate an order after TAG ejects him (now it doesn't). "A TAG equipped with an Ejection System provides its Order to the player who fielded it until its Operator enters a Null state (Unconscious, Dead, Sepsitorized, etc.)."
  7. I get this too, I've changed my password multiple times, and I know I'm not capitalizing it wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Nate I think I had the same problem when I tried to use it some time ago. My guess is you try to use your ITS login instead your email address (login field is actually for your email) (I assume that you registered on before)
  8. After update "landscape mode top buttons error", that I mentioned still exist in Android apk (just in case you are wondering). Regards. CydPL P.S. I sent you PM with link to video showing this problem.
  9. Hi! Thanks for answer. Well... windows 10 tablet is still "mobile device" right?... It works on regular windows 10 but it's still a tablet. Can't you just block scroll bar (so it won't appear) in CSS? Or maybe redirect browser to use other CSS file for "regular" browsers like chrome? What I'm really sad about right now, is error mentioned before. I bought Android tablet almost exclusively for using Army Mobile App during a games in landscape mode and this error makes it unusable. " After choosing one of top right options (orders, weapons, filters, options) that tab loads and all top buttons stop working (exept "go to main menu" button). "
  10. Hello. I just bought tablet lenovo yoga 2 (8" fullHD, Android 5.0.1). I have problem with your Android app. First of all my tablet has Intel processor (Atom), so your app asked me to install Crosswalk Project. When I start an app in landscape everything looks normal (2 tabs layout). After choosing one of top right options (orders, weapons, filters, options) that tab loads and all top buttons stop working (exept "go to main menu" button). Left part of the screen (unit list/profiles) I can swipe so it's not much a problem. Right part of the screen is locked on tab you choose before (so I can't use weapon list during a game). Funny thing is, when I rotate tablet to portrait mode every button works again (but single tab layout is useless for me during a game). Could you fix it? I bought this tablet mainly for using during infinity battles and now I have to use online version instead of native app. If it's a problem with processor incompatibility maybe swipe option on right tab is a solution for those like me... Thanks in advance.
  11. Hello. What about simple layout error that I posted couple moths ago? I was hoping that in that time you will develope regular windows 8/8.1/10 app... Since you haven't maybe you are considering fixing web version of army mobile? In most webrowsers on windows (excluding edge in tablet mode) army list layout goes to hell when you add enough units to scrollbar appear (as you can see below): before after It is huge waste of screen capacity... Please imagine it on 7 inch 1024x600 screen. It doesn't look like a big problem since it works well on edge... well yes it works but you can't switch edge (tablet mode) into full screen (without any tabs) so you are wasting 4-5 possible text lines. Some of players are using 7" tablets because of lack of "free" space in their local stores (or other places where they can play). Are you planning to fix this? One sugestion... It would be great if you can add 2/3 tab option on android phones. I know that my phone has 5" screen but its resolution is just like 8-9" tablet so why can't I decide if I can use it more efficient? Army mobile in just one tab is good only as an armybuilder in my opinion. During a game it is much faster to have an paper armylist... Best regards, Bartek
  12. Bug still present (after update) on android version: "not english" translation of spec ops "Equipo: | Habilidades Esp.:" Little suggestion: It would be nice to have only "used in list" profiles filter when game is started... Now with 2/3 specyfic alguacile profiles added to the list, I have to search it in 9 alguacile profiles (sometimes it's faster just pick up my printed army list) :/
  13. Still have this problem (chrome) :/ Simple temporary fix is changing width of doted rectangle (from 25px to 23px): .opcion_lista .arrastre { width: 23px;
  14. I can see you made some fixes... Somehow you forgot to add "Hacking Device" cost in spec ops options... BTW. If you have some beta for windows or windows mobile I would be glad to help you and test it ;]
  15. I must say I'm pretty impressed of CBs work on army/army mobile. I have two windows 10 tablets and windows mobile 10 phone so I impatiently waiting for windows/windows_mobile version of this app (I don't have modem in my tablet, my gaming store doesn't provide wifi and my lumia has poor signal there). For now I just dug up my old Android phone (samsung galaxy S) for some testing and I want to help to find and report some bugs (please keep in mind that my bug reports always concern Corregidor) Bug (army mobile on chrome-> regular windows as well as android version): 1. "not english" translation of spec ops "Equipo: | Habilidades Esp.:" 2. I don't know if it's a bug but in regular army you have a cost of skills/weapons/equipment listed next to it (for spec ops). In mobile versions you haven't. 3. As an alguacil, spec ops have cube in profile but you can still choose to buy another one for 2XP from equipment list (in regular army too). 4. When you adding spec ops with some weapon that noone else have, you should refresh somehow weapon list for "list" because it's not listed there. But it's there when you load this army list later. (I'm not sure if its an regular army problem too because I can't use it without a mouse on my tablet). 5. Army mobile doesn't support "ED: Ejection System". When Iguana losing a second STR it should give me an option to control wounds of an operator (he has 2 wounds too). I'm not sure if an operator (not pilot) still provide points (or maybe he is - 0 ;]) to calculating retreat (that's rule question, not for this thread) but he shoud provide an order for sure as long as he's not in a null state 6. and most frustrating for me ;] (only for web version on different browsers as I can see): Let's just say that I added 6-7 units to list in landscape orientation of my screen. They still fit in "window" and doesn't need scrollbar and everything is just fine. Add one more and when scrollbar comes in, whole list layout goes to hell. Now "dotted rectangle" has its own "line" and unit name etc goes below it. For now, my 10 inch screen provide place for just 4 profiles on the army list :/ That's what I found for now I really hope you will soon share offline mobile version for "regular" windows tablets (or maybe windows store app for regular tablet/pc windows as well as windows mobile). I really appreciate your work guys. With your help this game is getting even better