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  1. Hi all! Sorry for the delay. Here you have the pledge manager and more miniatures:
  2. they were two different sculptures. We made the 75mm version with Joaquin Palacios and Corvus made the 35mm version with our freelance sculpturor ( I don´t remember the name, sorry). Only 30 hours left. we have now more than 1000 backers, the physical booklet: how to paint our miniatures was unlocked.
  3. The bust pledge is for only our first 4 busts. Sorry :/ Joan will be available as a pledge (40$) and as a add-on : -Choose 1 bust : 40$ -Choose 3 busts: 100$ -Special pack with all the miniatures.
  4. Last week!! We need the last 16000$ to unlock Joan of Arc. A preview from Ajax Base made by Customeeple.
  5. More ADD-ONS!! now in Packs.
  6. This base is composed of 3 elements, which you can include or not to your O-yoroi Diorama: - Square base (made in HDF too) with engraved Logo. - Sci-fi floor. - Sci-fi wall. Al least we unlocked the customeeple Base for our O-Yoroi Pilot. You can add it now to your pledge. Ajax work in progress:
  7. Triple Post! Hi Panoceania lovers! Let us introduce you to Joan of Arc! It will be two head options, both available. We want to make it real, that is because we decided a new lower goal of 130 000$. Please help us sharing this images in the comunities
  8. Ajax in detail. Tomorrow we will reveal the 5th bust.
  9. We believe it will be possible. More photos: O-yoroi base unlocked if we reach 110 000$.
  10. Preview work in progress Ajax the Great 90mm:
  11. Our fresh-baked Panoceania bust smells very well
  12. More Stretch goals & Social Media Goals. Share it!!!
  13. WE REACH 100,000$ The update here: Share with all our Aleph friends, they can begin in the campaign only with the Ajax. Thanks all!!!
  14. Hi all! @A Mão Esquerda & @C3gorach, Ajax the great will be unlocked as a add-on and as a New pledge too. Is the best oportunity to enter in the campaign only with this miniature. Just missing 700$ to reach this stretch goal
  15. No, sorry. To add O-yoroi pilots 35mm you have to pledge a minimun than 40$. More stretch goals and a special gift if we reach 100 000$!