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  1. I think the normal mail service would do just fine. It's very rare for packets to disappear in Sweden and I doubt Germany would be that much worse. Anyway, thanks a lot for taking the time to look into this!
  2. I live in Sweden so I doubt that the shipping would be that expensive. I'm definitely interested.
  3. Well then. Is there anyone here that are planning on buying a bust and wouldn't mind getting an extra 32 mm pilot? I would obviously pay the $11 for the model and whatever extra the shipping cost would be. Preferably someone in Europe due to the shipping costs.
  4. Wishlist: Shikami duo box/blister and O-yoroi pilot Reality: Beautiful miniatures that I won't buy.
  5. Congratulations! Take your time and enjoy these early moments. They pass quicker than one would think.
  6. She looks too good? Or maybe they just want to focus on vanilla yu jing due to red veil and the Guija being a suggestion for expanding that box?
  7. Then could we please, please, please get a box with two shikami. おねがいします m(_ _)m
  8. Just found this now. Awesome work! Looking forward to the English HSN3 version.
  9. Just go here: Last option in the list (Bow Ninja Red Veil)
  10. Not Custom Meeple but I just ordered a bunch of silhouettes and asked for them all to be green (including the new tac bow ninja which is orange by default) and they happily obliged so my guess would be yes.
  11. The silhouettes are now up for sale Just ordered one together with some others for my growing JSA army.
  12. That day can't come soon enough for me. But patience is a virtue or so they say...
  13. I'd rather that they didn't get any resculpts at all really. Granted I just got into infinity but I think that the models are ok the way they are with the possible exception of the HMG guy. If they are going to make new Keisotu I'd prefer it if they made them for the profiles that still lack models such as the hacker and sniper. The Shikami sculpt(s) can't arrive soon enough though. I need my HI Ninja fix.
  14. I truly wish they release a box/blister with two Shikami for some awesome duo business. But judging from Carlos response at the interplanetary it doesn't look like we'll get those minis any time soon unfortunately
  15. Awesome! Thanks for the update, will be making an order soon then