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  1. The infinity talk starts at 14:14 and the JSA unit get mentioned at 15:28 "new, unknown japanese troop"
  2. In the latest BoW weekender video Bostria mentioned that they are working on a new Japanese unit. So without any further info to go on what do you all think this could be? Are there any glaring holes in JSA that are in desperate need to be filled?
  3. I really don't feel us Yu Jing players can complain. We just got Beyond Red Veil, we'll get Shikami (and it looks awesome!) and a new kanren. Even I who only play JSA can see that we've been spoilt this last year compared to the Tohaa players.
  4. No I just thought I read something about the miniatures not being usable in infinity and that they would be in a different scale. Maybe I was wrong. Anyway I think I'll try to get some hexagonal bases for my game anyway as I have no interest in using them in both.
  5. I thought that the miniatures themselves were in a different scale to infinity?
  6. Awesome pictures Cervantes3773. Thanks a lot. However the more I look at Aristeia! the more I wonder why they didn't go with hexagonal bases as well. Is there anything in the rules that benefits from having round bases?
  7. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Seems like an interesting game.
  8. Awesome. Have a great weekend!
  9. Received my Nakadai Shunya today. A pleasure doing business with you!
  10. Thank you very much!. Good to know. Was thinking of getting another box of Haramaki for the conversion but getting a CCW Ninja will be way cheaper.
  11. Love the Shikami head options. Will make my duo look even more different after I swap out one of the blades for a combi rifle/contender (whichever will be easisest).
  12. Too bad about the rubble on the Shikami base but I'll buy it anyway of course :-) They did the obvious choice of modelling it without guns so it can be either profile. Shouldn't be too difficult to replace one hand with a contender/combi rifle from the haramaki though so two Shikami it is.
  13. Hello, could you sign me up for Nakadai please?
  14. Bostria mentioned that they have "The Truth" to see which profiles are being used but I'm wondering how much a lack of minatures effect this. Speaking for myself I never proxy so unless there is a model for it I won't use it.I would love to try a Shikami duo however as it sounds like so much fun. Let's hope they had as fun sculpting the Shikami as they had with Mushashi so that we do end up with two different versions
  15. Yes! Finally my HI Ninja arrives. Please, please be a duo blister with both options.