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  1. Same here. Nearly a month and no constructive answer. Great
  2. That would work except for the fact that all my CA are on Warsenal Comanche bases, so there is no chance of me blending a 25 into a 40. I would have to custom build a base with some way of making the half a dead guy come out of the metal walkway. Rocks pose the same problem to a much greater extent as at least half a dead guy could be on a metal walkway, half a rock sticking out is a real imagination stretcher.
  3. So I bought a Charontid on Weds, took him home opened him up and looked at the pieces of model, all seem to be correct, no problems here. Get base out of blister, Oh? how is the extension piece for a 25mm base, which is cast onto the slotta tab and has the Charontids foot as part of it supposed to work with a 40mm base. Why the heck would they change the base size and not alter the model so it can actually go on that base, Yeah I can file it for an hour or so until it is level with the tab top or cut the tab off & bend the model so that it'll work with the full height base piece. But for 11.25 I shouldn't have to, and the photo on the front should represent what is in the package. Putting rocks and other detritus on the casting is irritating at the best of times as morer often than not it will not match with the basing of the rest of an army, but putting them on so that the model won't fit on its regulation/supplied base should never happen.
  4. Oops, sorry for the Delay, I freehanded the logos on the Raicho, the big pad for the right arm has an 11mm diameter black circle on it, the left pad is I think around 6mm
  5. This is such a good resource, Thanks for what must have been a massive work.
  6. Is anyone else having trouble with the .svg files not displaying the full image but just the top right quarter? Looking at the Combined Army page and the Other page.
  7. Wish I'd seen these on the KS, only saw the dropship and wasn't up for a £100 spend at the time. The Raicho could really do with a big 10mm logo for that right arm pad, but I guess I can paint that. When will these be available for sale on the website?
  8. Yeah Element told me they take ages to get any new Warsenal stuff, if they get it at all. The Distributor they use is what is holding them up apparently
  9. Is anyone else having an issue where they can only save locally? Is the ITS server save supposed to work? Also having the White bar issue on my NEXUS 5X on Android 6.0.1, Running Army 6 Downloaded 30mins ago.