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  1. Fair enough. It reads really ambiguously worded to me, like to prevent someone doing something makes it feel like the other person should have been told to do it, rather than inferred because of a preventative clause. So long as that's the ruling, i don't mind either way for as far as the mission plays out.
  2. Powerpack scoring: "To have prevented the enemy have Connected your Console at the end of the game (1 Objective Point)." The is no incentive for either player to activate or connect to consoles as part of the other objectives. Is this supposed to read 'Controlling your Console'? Are players supposed to intuit that they are to roll WIP checks against the console to deny the 1VP your opponent would otherwise get for free?
  3. ... How have I never considered this before? That's pretty brilliant.
  4. As an example the last game I had I put a nisse on suppression fire in the mid field but had a order specseargent sniper in hidden deployment ready to weigh in when the opponents tag weighed in. It was brutal. It allowed me my whole second turn to run and score two antenna with a fo auxilia, which seemed more important than striking with a hammer (Joan) in that game.
  5. Theres a wiki page on it but I think in broad infinity turns it comes down to the Anvil is the hard thing you want your opponent to attack and struggle against whilst you manoeuvre your hammer into position to strike them. The wiki example is your anvil is your line of troops that your opponent troop line runs into whereas the hammer is the cavalry that runs behind them and pincers them against friendly troops.
  6. Ah, so you are expecting if we were ever to get smoke it'd be in a way that precludes us taking it over into vanilla pano?
  7. There is a flavour line somewhere about Nisses 'becoming the storm' or something. I'd like to see if there is a mechanical way of using that as a through-line with the sectorial without it being Smoke launcher + MSV2. Smoke Mines on Infiltrators maybe? Give PanO smoke but in a really weird way that they have to force. Or a way to only have infiltrating smoke mines without needing to have a minelayer nearby. Maybe some sort of netrod deployment rule. Or some sort of Smoke reactive armour on a 2W HI unit that after they suffer a wound smoke template goes down on their location (assuming they survive).
  8. Isn't that called Kamau Sniper? Maybe theres a 29pt msv2 mimetic sniper in a future sectorial we're yet to have to continue the tradition.
  9. Just so I totally understand, you either get 2 levels of unconsciousness OR you get to NWI when you enter unconsciousness, but not bother? So i can't lose 3W in one go and then go NWI witha si juan ?
  10. Bat rep pls. Also list
  11. This is really upsetting to me because it seems so counter intuitive.
  12. Can I see a pic of the elbow you cut? I'd love to see how you did it. I way prefer this to the original pose, how hard was it to do? Could a novice do it?
  13. Oh totally! But I already have a MSR hexas and having two models with the same cloak would make my brain itch. The sensible option would have been Knauf as hexas sniper, hexas sniper with combi arms as KHD and hexas spitfire as hexas spitfire, and baddabing you have all 3. Unfortunately i've already built my hexas sniper (one of the first models i bought), and I don't want to clip the barrel off her gun so I feel a little stuck doing this. Also it seems hexas spitfires are really hard to get hold of right now! I had to do a split box service from shae konnit to get mine.
  14. Cheers! The arms of the spec ops also works quite nicely on a hexas spitfire to make a hexas combi/KHD ... which I might be working on next.
  15. I painted up my two Croc Men. Pretty tame compared to what you guys did, but I'm happy with them. I wasn't brave enough to do Maori face painting on them. Next time