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  1. Yeah but you probably used only those models that you think are effective and deserve to be in those lists. Some models you used more often than other. That is enough to conclude that some miniatures and profiles are more popular than others. And if the "less" popular models sell equally well as those more popular or better, it means a lot of people buys them and actually do not play them.
  2. There is an easy way and quite accurate to check it. Every time you create a list using their application CB knows which models you use and they also know how many people create the lists. They know exactly that a user with a specific account created his lists using 15 specific miniatures. Now, overlap that with the number of miniatures their actually sell and you will see that they sell many more miniatures that are actually not played as much. That is how they know
  3. I must relate personally to that as I "collect" and paint every miniature, including 1st and 2nd edition starting from 2005 for my faction, full range, no matter if I ever use them in the game or not.
  4. Maybe it is for experienced players. It is a nightmare to enter for new players through. This really limits the growth of Infinity and holds back a lot of potential players. In terms of rules it is the most complex game I have ever seen. Maybe only "Battletech" would be in the same league as I heard, but I cannot comment as I have never played it. Depth is good, extra complexity is not.
  5. Not me. I am also all for painting models and their aesthetics. I can understand there are people there like you who are here mostly for the gameplay, but you should be able to understand that there are many people that enjoy aesthetics, fluff and painting more than the gameplay. I imagine you are not new to the hobby
  6. Please no. I really hope not...
  7. We should also remember that there is Interplanetario 2017 in 10 days. There should be a lot of profiles and renders revealed at Bostria's seminar. Any info if it will be shown live online like last year?
  8. It is Antenocitis. I don't know why it is not on their website. Maybe OOP?
  9. Actually looking at that zoomed picture she doesn't look that bad. Except maybe for the super yellow eyebrows.
  10. Except Emily of course. One must be a blind man to think they look similar.
  11. Personally it does not bother me that much... but we have come back to the old scaling (scale creep again???). If you look at the size difference between Red Veil and Sniper/Hacker from SWC box, it is exactly the same as old pre-digital vs new models. But now it is worse, because we have 3 scales. 1: pre digital; 2: digital (red veil) that are almost a head taller, and SWC box that are almost a head taller than digital and wayyyy taller than pre-digital. As you can imagine, while scale 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 look ok together, scale 1 and 3 look terrible next to each other.
  12. Also compare the weapon size and then you will see what happened there. It is clearly sizing problem, not intentional.
  13. Btw, I think CB changed color scheme for JSA, now it is orange and white to fit better with the rest of Yu Jing? No more red and white? I guess ninja was the first example of this and now Shikami. Any word on this?
  14. This reminds me of the thread about Zhanshi SWC box with Zhanshis wayyy bigger than the ones from Red Veil. People where saying that "real life humans come in rather different sizes", but they fail to notice that the weapons they carry do not. It was just a CB's mistake.. they 3d printed them too big and I imagine the tight release schedule didn't allow to reprint them. But anyway, my weapon argument seems to be weak, since CB loves to give different size weapons to miniatures in the same box. Example, red veil Zhanshi male carrying combi that is much bigger than female's combi in the same box (by around 30%).
  15. I agree, his feet are in the lower part of the greaves, basically in the upper part of the shoe, otherwise his knees would have to be higher. In case of some heavier infantry I would agree that feet are much higher up, but in that case sculptors account for that by decreasing the distance between knees and leg sockets. For example Azra'il.