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  1. Can you explain it a bit or is it a bit of a secret still? Will the rules be available as a free pdf like Infinity rules?
  2. I have watched both. Pretty cool. What I saw there was a big confusion about LOS. I understand it's because it is a super new game so even the people who were demoing the game did not have much experience with it. Does anyone here know how it works?
  3. I hope this is a general comment, because I have never called it false advertisement. I felt tricked and it required some insights and additional interaction here on the forums and facebook to understand what the deal is with plastics and metals. The website is not helpful either to clear that up. However, as many people stated, and I DO agree with them, it is still too early to claim anything.
  4. So because he is a moderator I should stop expressing my opinion because I do not agree with him? I am not the only one. Few more people agreed. I will get banned for that? I have already stated that I will wait until the preorder starts before I call it "false advertisement". I only said I do not like what I have seen so far, but I also expressed my hope that things will change as there is still time before the preorder starts. Yesterday I visited the Aristeia! website again and all blog posts published on that website and I really do not see any single picture of plastic miniatures there, but I do see pictures of painted metals. Some people posted here the pics but the link is different for me. I cleaned browser's cash and stored files but still I don't get link to those plastic miniatures, just the cards with stats. Is it just me?? Can anyone post that link and confirm it?
  5. It was not. There are two groups having different opinion, but the arguments of both stand. We just agree to disagree.
  6. You are putting all people having "issues" in the same bag, while they are asking for completely different things. Not everyone takes all CB throws your way like its pure gold.
  7. Lets wait and see. It is not like the LE will not be available after the launch. I think Miniatures Market still has LE Red Veil (with Yuan Yuan) in stock for 85 USD
  8. Because the entire idea of selling metals was more of a fan service for crying infinity fans than a really base idea for Aristeia! . At least that what I understood from different comments here and on facebook and the website.
  9. I repeat my comment. I was naive hoping that CB will sell them at production cost as a fan service. That is why I would expect less. 90 to 100 would be about right. But they decided to make more money on it. I do not blame them, but I am disappointed.
  10. 125 euros is WAYYYY over what I was hoping for. I was naive hoping that CB will sell them at production cost as a fan service. At this point I am going to pass on LE and also normal edition until I play it few times myself.
  11. So we all agree he is a sinister clown with a golden bow tie? Did the sculptor watch the new movie "It" recently?
  12. He stole his helmet from ISS cool model though
  13. This 100% I agree they look pretty good for PVC, a little bit soft details were expected. I also would like to see primed PVC and metal models together. Does anyone know what the price for collectors set will be? Hopefully not much more than the normal set. I hope CB will try to keep Infinity fans (or tabletop wargamers) happy and add the metals at production cost.
  14. woow i also cannot see them when i open the link. Sure it is the same link?
  15. Can you post a link to the pictures of miniatures? I could not find them