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  1. Is it really out? I still haven't received my copy. Looks like other countries got it sooner.
  2. Is there an official release date? I thought it was the 13th, the end of pre-orders, but different websites show different dates and some claim its early 2018. The official website does not mention it either.
  3. Indeed, character cards and tactics will come in 4 languages. You will get 64 tactics cards. It seems that it is cheaper for CB to include 4 languages than make 4 separate language versions. If metal LE will be a thing, it makes selling plastics on ebay with 1 of the 3 remaining language versions quite easy.
  4. Do you know the exact size of the cards? That would be easier to find the right size.
  5. Isn't that EUROPEAN small standard (44x68mm)?? I am confused. Mini US is 41x63mm
  6. Yeah that would definitely work. They would go on ebay without much loss.
  7. Click the language, Spanish then English it will refresh
  8. My previous concerns were quickly confirmed by the launch trailer with all metal miniatures including metal expansion miniatures and no single photo of the real miniatures. I will leave it without further comments. On a positive note, the molds for expansion metals are there so maybe LE expansion metal sets??? Hopefully sold separately and not together with plastics.
  9. Exactly that, not the quality of the miniatures, which turned out to be quite good. It is not a deal breaker, but this practice might stick and I would expect to see expansion miniatures also in metal painted by Angel in the future. I personally hope Angel will paint plastics at some point to see if there is even any difference... given the magic he can do with any miniature. There are some pictures of primed plastics on twitter (you can see without account)
  10. First unboxing video. Although in German, it shows well the content of the box and miniatures. Looks good, except for the bent parts and the fact that some miniatures sit not leveled with their bases, which I personally hate Some more pics here
  11. That is not a preorder bonus. You pay quite a lot extra for those 8 metal miniatures. I am not interested in that option and the limited edition will be available long after the lunch of the game through many retailers just like any other limited edition product from CB, so I don't worry about that. I meant like an additional miniature or something extra for paying in advance before having a chance to try it. Every other important release for Infinity had that.
  12. Btw is there any preorder bonus? If not, then I think I will wait few months, read few reviews and see how it plays before I commit.
  13. I will be first one to say it. Details look pretty fine to me. Maybe 80% of metals?? Primed they should look pretty good.
  14. Preorder has not started yet. Wasn't it going live around 20th??