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  1. If you Move-Move then you can move Controller 0 and Koalas 6 to force AROs, then move Controller out of cover with second move (unless someone corrects me on this).
  2. If ladder is wide enough then they can. Maybe its magnetic wheelchair elevator embedded in wide ladders. Compatible with all models of wheelchairs, motorcycles, and armed to the teeth gun-drones. Lunokhod remote does not even need a ladder, it climbs walls like a spider.
  3. If, for example, a Jotum walks out of cover 18" away from a Domaru. My amazing eagle's eye allows me to peerlesly judge the distance - Domaru cant declare throwing E/M grenade and placing the template 16" away in the way it clips Jotum? What if i thought its within 16", but it is 18", is attack null cos out of range? The first thing is possible if its Domaru's active turn and he Speculative FIres?
  4. It ain't called "Crazy" for nothing. Just remember it activates only as ARO, can't really sick 'em in active turn.
  5. Thanks guys! I thought that would make sense .
  6. I assume i cant choose to fight bare-handed if the trooper have actual CC weapon? Or is ther some optional/obligatory thing that allows it? Knocked out enemy is more useful for Data Scan than limbs left after EXP weapon hit, and many Martial Arts users have high crit chance anyway, so PH-2 does not matter.
  7. Just wondering about this example Q: How does Speculative Fire interact with enemy troops in Targeted State? For example is the attack affected by Camouflage or Cover? A: The Attack is performed without the -6 MOD for Speculative Fire and with a MOD of +3 for being against a troop in Targeted State. The negative MOD imposed for Camouflage, for example, do not apply to a Speculative Fire and the Cover ARM/BTS bonus also does not apply as it is an Attack with a Weapon Template. Related Pages: Speculative Fire, Targeted Is it still relevant?
  8. If a Monk throws smoke grenade and the area affects Targeted trooper, he gets +3 to PH? And if its Speculative Fire then no -6 MOD? Then, every enemy inside the template can scram with Dodge?
  9. Hmm, that made me thinking... rules say that Doc/Eng or Servant get +1 B if they both in combat with same adversary, but what if they are in combat with 2 different adversaries? What if Servant uses panoply and gets, like, MULTI sniper, can they gun different target than their Doc/Eng? (since it says they are not obliged to declare same target for the order)
  10. I should of just shut up I think the best way would be to explicitly prohibit using 2 Doctor/Engineer in the same order like: If Controller or their Servant declare Doctor/Engineer Short Skill, then only one of them can perform it and another performs Idle. Or something like that, just written better.
  11. Idk, like Burst 2, maybe. Tho that would pose a problem cos failure of 1 is -1 STR for remote while failure of another does nothing.
  12. I just dont see the restriction that says Doc/Eng cant make the roll for Servant if he is performing his own order. It only says that one of them will do Idle if he can't make the order, but they both can.
  13. Riding up the walls!
  14. I understand the idea, that engineer is virtual-reality body possessing the little thing and work through it, and it wiould be quite a feat to repair something with one hand and blind while repaing another device through VR with another hand, but i just dont see any rules that make double repair Servant different from double-shooting with Synchronised Auxilia... the only thing is Servant can't appliy to different target. I probably missing some fundamental rule that says that model cannot roll for same skill performed 2 times at the same time. Not that this situation would occur more frequently than once in a blue moon anyway.