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  1. I guess force of the impacting projectile spins him around, lol
  2. He can't warning off himself in immobilised state, right?
  3. Unit un IMM1 state got shot in the back who is out of his ZoC. Can this unit ARO reset? Or it have to stay there getting shot at until enemy is out of order or it is dead? I assume in IMM1 state they cant benefit from "Warning"?
  4. Because then there would be no point to the ammendment about Operator treted as Pilot IMHO.
  5. I hope this is a mistake an they will fix it, but for now RAW is clear.
  6. I think you are right about the TAG being not disassembled, at least Anaconda art shows it with pilot outside, climbing the handlebars.
  7. Well, i dont think ejection system in modern planes helps the pilot to leave faster the "normal" way, on the opposite he have to unstrap himself from ejection chair from what i understand. But then again, its the future, they might have come up with something.
  8. I dont think PanO TAGs even have compartment to fit a pilot, but if you play with houserules you can do whatever your want. Try Seraph, it have Crabbot and Auxbot.
  9. When their tag is destroyed it blows up into pieces shooting out smoke grenades and ejecting operator. It is probably assembled together around the operator by some kind of machinery (SC2 trailer like) before they are fielded, and require same manner of dissasembly to get operator out while keeping tag in working condition.
  10. Missile launcher guy pops out of cover and seen by 2 models, they shoot at him, and he shoot at one of the models. Those 2 are close enough for template to hit both. How does this resolve? 1. FtF with target guy, second guy hit automatically and have his normal roll to hit missile guy. 2. FtF with both and template lands only if missile guy wins. 3. FtF with both and whoever wins does not get hit, but whoever fails got blasted? 4. FtF with target, and if target wins template does not land? And second guy have normal roll?
  11. Since this is thread about smoke without FtF - if trooper is attacked with direct template (chain rifle) and throws a smoke, what happens? Normal roll to leave smoke and chain rifle hits regardless?
  12. I thought smoke is just BS attack with thrown weapon and Targetless, you can throw it wherever you want (even on your friend), its just the Special Dodge rule does not apply to other models (your friends cannot react fast enough to you proving concealment). If they survive initial FtF, they will have smoke cover for the rest of the turn. Or i am wrong?
  13. I see, they mean cumulative "actual wounds of the unit" not "numbers under W symbol in the profiles".
  14. I got that, just wonder if there any written difference between 2 profiles of motorcyclist and 2 profiles of dog warrior or symbiont armor.
  15. Ah, ok, not native english speaker so i thought cumulative means "added together".