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  1. You do not need to omit anything. It would be a misdirection for deployment only. "Here is Drakois and his bot w/hft. Here is another bot w/HFT." I always play with courtesy lists as well so the information is quite apparent.
  2. Just had a fun thought for Patroclus. Take Scylla or Drakios with only 1 bot and hide him as another one using HoloL1. Initially I would lean towards Drakios if you are going for a fake out. Anything they set up to counter his Albedo works in the ODD's favor.
  3. I keep putting the mono mines into my list and then taking them out to squeeze in something else. Maybe I'll fix that for the tournament I'm TOing this weekend (basic list to play with Byes if they want)
  4. I could see OSS/Vedic and Shasvasti as a potential Operation box
  5. Personally I would love some more details on that. Got to love those stories.
  6. Just keep in mind that you can't Holoecho if you want Pat to be the DT for that extra point.
  7. 1) Not sure if there is a rule. Friendly play I wouldn't worry. In tournament play I would ask my opponent to play out the game for points scoring reasons. 2) "Dodge does not allow the user to evade Attacks caused by Hacking Programs or Comms Attacks, but the Reset Skill does." - They would be normal rolls not FtF. 3) "If during the Deployment Phase, the bearer of AI Beacon suffers a Dispersion using the AD: Combat Jump Special Skill that causes it to exit the game table, then the player must consider it lost, and a casualty that counts toward the Retreat! and the Victory Points." - If it can't be placed or goes off the table it is gone. 4) They are direct FtF. If the AD wins they land properly. If the Hacker wins the Ad disperses. If neither is successful, the AD disperses. 5) I'm not sure, but I would read it that Climb is only vertical movement as that is stated multiple times in the rule. Climbing Plus though allows you to move "along vertical surfaces as if executing a normal Movement on horizontal ground." That would seem to allow traversal to me.
  8. @Hecaton, I just had a thought. Are you posing your position because you think you should be able to play it that way, or because you think someone might misunderstand the wording and try to play that way? I know you like to start threads to point out possible tripping points in the rules and have generally read your posts as though you intend to use these exploits (using the video game sense there). It just crossed my mind that I might be completely off base in my reading and you are pointing out potential problems as opposed to opportunities you see. That difference could explain why the conversation has been so confrontational to this point.
  9. Aha. Never noticed that.Very interesting.
  10. The repeater is still active. You can't use it to hack a Cybermasked unit for obvious reasons, but the repeater could still be used to hack other units through it. At least that is my understanding. It could be me misunderstanding, but I read that paragraph to indicate that the repeater is only usable by the owner if the REM carrying it is cybermasked. That doesn't mesh with my understanding, but I could easily be wrong.
  11. In vanilla her HD profile has been completely surpassed by the Danavas, as well as her AHD by the multiple marker options there. Her KHD is really the only one I can see using in vanilla anymore to seek and destroy other hackers from Cybermask or use like you mention. She's much better in SP for all the obvious reasons. Nat that I don't trust you, but I wasn't aware it worked like that. Do you have a source I can use to support it?
  12. Totally agree with an engineer not being the best choice for it. A Myrm Officer in Vanilla could be a good backup choice to more CC focused units though. Decent armor, Eclipse Smoke, ODD. Move it towards a Pano (getting that extra OP could be important) earlier and then make the call later if needed.
  13. The main interaction of the game is resolving orders that happen simultaneously (Orders) and The End of Turn is codified. Ignoring that is key to your argument. That all said (to keep this on target for ITS clarification thread purposes), it could be cleaned up easily to avoid further confusion if Biotechvore was said to happen at the end of the Orders Phase, before the End of the Turn. That would put it solidly in place in the Player Turn division outlined in page 27 of N3.
  14. D-charges are still worth it, and really useful actually, for CC. You still get their damage type of AP+EXP. Against ARM 8 that means your non-crit EXP hits are more likely to land. Scylla gets pretty good with auto D-Charges from a Pano due to CyberMask and her bots.