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  1. She didn't get much use in my game tuesday. I had to deploy first and held back my posthumans instead of her. Match was Power Pack and I set both her and Eudoros on opposite sides planning to see who would get the better run towards the console to declare them my datatracker. Eudoros was better off due to her path being blocked by a Samaritan so she mostly stayed put guarding against AD back by my console. I forgot how big S4 is on the table though. Tougher to move around for sure.
  2. Given the way FD works in Powerpack I'm thinking I will proxy her and give her a shot in my match tonight. Probably Vanilla as I haven't fielded SP yet and don't want to throw in too many wrinkles
  3. Found the answer to that one. YOu would place the template as an indicator of intent, but then could move it to any legal location during the resolution phase
  4. Hunting Party. Restricted Range is in the Special Rules header, but is not broken out like the other rules. I'm assuming a copy-paste goof, but which direction. Was it dropped or was the rule definition not carried over?
  5. On the same note as the Mimetism being a skill (this was asked on FB) do the holoechos get stealth? Pat has it from MA, but if skills are not duplicated...
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I'll make sure to play it properly now.
  7. Yes, but I can't see any hard rule. This seems like the most relevant to back it up for you This allows the player to replace the model with others from the same army possessing the same Silhouette value, and also to replace the Holoecho Markers with figures. However these must represent the same type of trooper as the model, possessing the same weapons and equipment, like the Holoecho Markers do. If it is not possible, then the player must place a Holoecho Marker beside that model to reflect its condition.
  8. Personally I think I would take the Dakini over Thoras for specialist back up every time. The movement difference is huge for me in late game and mimetism just helps that. I would miss the SMGs, but positioning can counter the 360 visor for the most part.
  9. If you come into his ZoC from out of LoF you get the best of both thoughts. He can change face or reset and you get to respond accordingly, just remember to say you aren't using your stealth
  10. Tournament link: https://its.infinitythegame.com/event/1fmav6ztg-i-shot-some-tohaa-in-reno-just-to-watch-them-die Looks like everyone is showing now. Not sure if you fixed it @HellLois or if @Timmontana was blind
  11. Since they are just ball sockets you can position them however you like. a google for Marut Infinity should show you lots of variations people have done.
  12. That depends on how aggressive you plan to use Achilles I would say. They do make solid specialists in their own rights too. Maybe one list with and one without so you can adjust depending on your opponent/table?
  13. Vanilla is completely worth it. In my local we have roughly a quarter of us who regularly play vanilla and we are more than competitive. In our most recent tournament vanilla armies took 3 of the top 4 places.
  14. dang it, I was waiting for him to order the wrong stuff
  15. The newer 300 point boxes (Steel Phalanx and CJC) are designed to pair up with the matching starters so the pair is a decent route to begin. That said going a more vanilla route with RV/Starter and Beyond and getting some of the remotes (Zonds, Tsyklons, Baggage, Lunos) that are available to all factions isn't a bad way to get started and then figure out where you want to go from there.