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  1. In my area Yu Jing are the dirty faction. More tricks, cheaper units and still decent WIP, PHYS and BS. PanO is one dimensional. So all the flamming on them is exaggerated. I think Yu Jing is the superior faction at the moment overall. Maybe Tohaa could match that with the cheapness of their order draining symbio mates and armour. But those ninja specialists are just so damn good in almost all missions. Drop em next to the objectives and wait smiling.
  2. For me the name simply screams Merc. That is it.
  3. What I hate about MI is the 4-2 movement. It does not make any sense that HI can move further. I'd like to see this change in N4. I would consider running Bolts as a link if the team had better movement. Given the lack of mobility you would think that the cost would be reduced with all the added frostings.
  4. Well put! You cannot neglect places like the Philippines being staunchly Catholic today too. I think the whole Neo Church models itself upon its glory days though so pre 19th Century. Hence all the references to the crusades as well as the Renaissance. I have always viewed PanO as Neo-Renaissance try-hards to a large degree. The Pope pulled the Swiss Guard away from Royal affairs after the fall of the French monarchy and in hindsight the breaking point that led to the decay of the Catholic church's hold on the people (along with the Lisbon earthquake).
  5. Spoken by someone who no doubt has little current knowledge of how the Pacific operates. I'm an Aussie and must say that plenty of Tongans, Maoris, Fijians and Solomon Islanders are still heavily involved in both Catholic and Protestant churches throughout the Pacific as well as in Australia and NZ. These people are very much about respecting their elders and doing what their family expects. The Pacific Islanders were not as gouged by Colonialism as those from India, the Americas, Asia and Africa. You must remember that these peoples were very hostile toward one another and that there were plenty of cannibals throughout the region. The whiteman actually brought stabilisation and peace as well as some prosperity. The Pacific was the last bastion of Colonialism and was far less inclined to persecute individuals given that slavery was on the decline. Historically the Swiss Guard also defended royalty as well as the Papacy. Given the Swiss neutrality they were accountable guardians. I think they are the perfect fit for Neo Terra given that they now likely protect the affairs of the PanO Government. I'd hate to see these guys in MO. It would not make any sense unless the Neo Pope were under attack and was the HVT.
  6. It could be eclipse only though. Personally i think it may be camo/mimitism and infiltration
  7. I like MO as a PanO thing as it brings everything back to colonialism which was basically neo-knights colonising as it is now. The church also reminds me of the two keys with which the Pope used to rule back in the day. It is all jostling and jockeying for power which fits the mould of the universe as why shouldn't the hyper power have smaller fragmentation pushing its own agenda. The thing I kind of don't like about Pano is the lack of tricks and variety. The Locust and the Friar were definitely welcomed additions but how much cooler would the Locusts have been if they were TO infiltrators rather than ODD infiltrators. Let's face it no smoke sucks but Pano ain't getting any soon either. I can stomach that if we were to get a TO or impersonator unit with inferior infiltration even if it is only AVA 1. Just something to make my opponent sweat a bit and need to be aware that we don't just shoot only.
  8. I can taste the salt from here
  9. Yeah I am interested too. The zero vis was definitely from this. i may have to shift to ASA too.
  10. I only play PanO and this is a PanO forum so I will stick to my guns
  11. G-sync always represents a REM
  12. You don't know this for sure. Personally I think Scarface is here to stay given the opportunity to have more TAGs on the table and allowing CB free advertising (TAG on table just looks awesome for those not in the game).
  13. Personally I think Hexas are a very good idea and are fun to play. Given you have units from NCA and ASA I would stick to buying units from those Sectorials for now unless you wish to branch in to MO down the line Main thing is have a great time! You will have a competitive assortment with what you have listed. Another avenue may be to pick up Scarface. You could afford to play it the Swiss and the Aquila in one list
  14. I've never understood the price of ORCs. I may run one with a HMG if I can't afford to run an Aquila or Swiss HMG. Otherwise the two other minis I have just collect dust. It would be amazing if in N4 we got 3 man ORCs with two man Bolts at additional SWC which increase the Bolt movement to 4-4