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  1. Im getting a Dark Crystal vibe from you work mate
  2. On this can You use Avincenna and will she grant a regular or irregular order?
  3. So it ignores cover just to be clear?
  4. How do you add the 75 points of mercs for 1 SWC on army builder now?
  5. Just wanted to know how using the ML template works with cover. Does it reduce you BS -3 for cover or does it ignore? I do know the armour save does not get cover.
  6. Yeah I meant keep the Fusi back when I said hide him
  7. I saw Rammstein. They were weird to be honest. Not my cup of tea.
  8. Nah I'll probably use Scarface or Squalo or one of my fusi link to hide him
  9. Surprised people are still listening to these guys. Saw them live back in 01
  10. Thank you. I haven't read up on them yet. Is Scarface acceptable?
  11. I hear Varuna is as well
  12. Thanks for the reply. Why would hidden deployment be a waste?