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  1. You don't know this for sure. Personally I think Scarface is here to stay given the opportunity to have more TAGs on the table and allowing CB free advertising (TAG on table just looks awesome for those not in the game).
  2. Personally I think Hexas are a very good idea and are fun to play. Given you have units from NCA and ASA I would stick to buying units from those Sectorials for now unless you wish to branch in to MO down the line Main thing is have a great time! You will have a competitive assortment with what you have listed. Another avenue may be to pick up Scarface. You could afford to play it the Swiss and the Aquila in one list
  3. I've never understood the price of ORCs. I may run one with a HMG if I can't afford to run an Aquila or Swiss HMG. Otherwise the two other minis I have just collect dust. It would be amazing if in N4 we got 3 man ORCs with two man Bolts at additional SWC which increase the Bolt movement to 4-4
  4. With HMG too. The ML Hazfa is replaced by a Jan ML of course
  5. You even gone with duel HML with one being Hafza? A friend of mine reckons it works well for holding two fire lanes. Opponents are just too scared to shift that way more often than not.
  6. Sorry I confused the Hazfa with the Bashi. I've seen them work a treat particularly having one Hafza as a fake RL. in turn two reactive that model can hold down a corridor in fear you might guess wrong. The other can simply be an APR. the 5 man link bonuses are so strong on Jans though. You build your force around them as your spearhead and they are tough to deal with. GRRLs cannot see albedo units as they have MSV. That was my understanding anyway. SO they would be spec firing at -6 in ARO
  7. AM I reading your stats right here for f2f? Cause they aren't adding up to 100 % each time. I'd never waste the orders spec firing at GRRLs. The better odds go to them. Problem with the Friar is to get his albedo version into good range will take a few orders with the MR. I would love to see an infiltration styles version of him for 6-8 more points. I don't find anyone trolling here. It is a hearty debate with differing persepctives Fusi link light nade launcher hits on 12 in good range I've wanted to make the Bolts work but they are lacking. Mimitism and an evening out of ARM and BTS would do the sculpt due justice as the minis look so good.
  8. Heavy link team with that capability to cost as low as approx 126 points with the HMG included. Find me another HL with that kind of fire power at that price?? On Orcs you'd almost always run shotty mr and hmg for 120. That is pretty bloody close to half your army points. I can run a 5 man HI link of Janisarries for pretty much the same price.
  9. I don't mean to be picky here but the solutions are pretty lame you've given here: -REMs as order monkeys don't solve anything here -CSU is all about chance -Garuda I'll pay but you only get one -Locust has DBs but are easily dodged. Shotty Locust is still hard to hit multiple targets with given the GRRls have Hyper-dynamics as well (same for DBs) -DEVAs still need to wade through the field to be able to hack but can be a solution -TAGs yes but you are still going against a unti with plus one BS on the Squalo so it is risky. With MSV lvl 1 it kind of negates the Uhlan some -Swiss is definitely prob the best unit to combat these guys with surprise shot but again is risky. -Aquila has the same problem the TAGs have -Haris Orcs are hitting at two points less ftf -Friar is the best option but given only one of them in the sectorial and movement 4-2 it is not all that great and the load outs aren't that great. A HMG or spitfire option would have solved this immensely -Bolts only have one wound and hit on same bs ftf so are risky. Limited movement to boot and RL only real option at long range given Spitfire lack of long range (situational though) -Hexas are flimsy but as a hacker can cause them problems so I will pay that. Problem is you normally run them as KHers rather than flat hackers -fusis are a full BS lover in LTs with only one wound but are cheap and do have HMG -flame thrower with template sucks as they dodge on 17s mate -ODD is only 13 for GRRLs remember In the end GRRLs are really an achilles heal for Pano and Yu Jing particularly It is the cheapness of running two of them with Bashis. You have so much left over. Plus they get HMG and RLand shotty good point on Haris as support but realistically if you are running three ORCs that is half your army so they are hardly support bud Haqq do not need cubes with their docs lol
  10. Yeah GRRLs and Janisarries are just scarey HI! These can easily smash up Joan, De Fersen and Hospitaller links and those links are like twice as expensive. Given what GRRLs have I cannot understand their 30 odd point cost. Same goes for Janissaries when you can sub two of them in super cheap with Holo 2 for less than half the points... For MO I think things would be a bit fairer if you could just run 5 man Hospitallers rather than bringing Joan or De Fersen to even the score a fair bit.
  11. NCA son I mean we do have the Swiss but given they have MSV 1 it really helps to negate the Swiss' destructive power. Squalo nade laucnher spec fire is almost useless as well.
  12. I think the option of a ORC 5 man link would be fantastic up against the Riot GRRLs link. Pano suffer from having no five man links HI wise.
  13. I really think the bot can work in other ways too first skill move the bot to peak out then call AROs then shift the Guarda out in front and to next cover for you next turn. Bot would obviously shoot smoke to dodge. Another use would be to shift the bot out to shoot smoke around one corner to prevent multiple AROs from other units on one side then shift the Guarda up to take down another unit at the other side. That could set up your whole turn for your Dragoon to lay waste to the opposition without provoking AROs from those two key snipers etc. I think your views are a little unfair.
  14. I think the Guarda is a great model but generally I always viewed units with useful smoke as cheap fior the dodge action or to set up for other units. Even better is when these units are impetuous. Still a nice unit all the same given it has a launcher with eclipse nades to boot. I think it is worth the 50 points.