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  1. Give me a couple of days to play a couple of games (cause i have been too busy to play lately) and i will return with an answer.
  2. I like 20x20 very much in its current state. I usually play it when I have 200 point lists and with no tags. Maybe that’s what is missing but I’m not sure if I want tags in 200 point games. I like how everyone can complete objectives. It feels more natural even if it’s not as balanced or competitive as ITS but list building is also more relaxed and fluffy. It’s also more straightforward since there are no secret objectives unlike say YAMS, which acts closer to older ITS missions. Truth is I would like a revised version of 20x20 even though I don’t know what should be added. Maybe some missions need to change and/or be balanced but as a whole I think it the system is complete.
  3. I will actually try to utilize her in my SP lists. I find the BS and specially the SMG profile quite nice for securing objectives but only time will tell.
  4. I would like to see more people posting about their Andromeda experiences now that the actual model is available.
  5. Well whatever “message” it’s going to try to impose on me I don’t really care unless it’s the main theme of the movie. If it follows the Hollywood “eat a bunch of special effects and a small dose of US propaganda” then i’m Perfectly fine cause I’m basically used to it.
  6. More onyx players than vanilla ones... alright BUT more neoterra players than vanilla PanO? What the heck happened?
  7. Seems the CR myrmidon owns the 1st and 2nd choice as expected but has high percentage on 3rd choice as well, which is kinda odd to be honest...
  8. Let’s assume that you have to create a list for Steel Phalanx and you are required to field at least 3 myrmidons (officers and characters excluded), what would your choices be, in what order and why?
  9. Power creep spelled the death of many games for me, I hope the same does not happen with infinity although there is actually support from the Devs to keep models up to date. GW always favored the marines and never cared for Orks for example and for the other factions it depends of their current codex writer. I think most companies use power creep in their games almost on pure purpose to sell the new minis or dlc or what have you. I have not picked up something like that from Corvus Belli so far.
  10. @Deep-Green-X Put that thing inside a spoiler before someone has an epileptic episoodd.......
  11. What happens if you combine cadet Kostas and doctor Karagounis?
  12. Nice illustrations, should become part of wiki.
  13. Yeah, after reading some others posts from Maru i understood that. But the guy is hilarious and his bad spelling and the kind of words that he uses are the most funny s**t i've ever seen. This whole paragraph here I cannot read without laughing out loud everytime. I love this guy
  14. Dude, I don't know if your trolling or not but please keep posting stuff like this. I died laughing reading your post, keep it up. "Alien Ressmyerection" hahahahahaa