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  1. If a unit in camo declares dodge as an action or reaction it drops out of marker state right? As long as dodge is not considered to be a short movement skill. I am pretty sure about this but I want your confirmation to shove it in the face of my disbelievers.
  2. Get some line troops to support these high cost units. To play 300pts matches you will need about 10 to 14 minis.
  3. They are face to face rolls so you must treat them as such (rolls canceling each other) and I think that the unit that is dodging must stay in place, because as long as it is hit it means that its dodge attempt has failed and must stay put. Soon more experienced players will answer you for confirmation
  4. I like the lighting idea. It makes the game feel more alive.
  5. Awesome
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys. I will surely buy some CA support units to go with my morals. No AI beacons though .
  7. Hey there guys, I'm gonna start collecting MAF soon and I have some questions: Is the Raicho worth it? It seems to me like a pretty "meh" choice for a TAG. I would also expect it to be a little more CC oriented... What stuff should I buy besides the starter? I have about twice the starter's price in my disposal. It seems to me that MAF is the least "tricky" sectorial, so how do you overpower your enemies in a game that the guy with the most tricks win? I love all warrior based factions and sectorials and the Morat are also extremely beautiful but I want to be able to win from time to time as well. Thanks in advance.
  8. Let's say 1 unit uses first short skill to move BtB with another one. despite of what those units decide to declare as orders, there is a 3rd unit watching the whole movement and decides to shoot ARO. I suppose that it won't suffer the -6 for shooting into melee because it can shoot the other unit at any point of his whole movement (provided it has LoS) ...or because everything happens at the same time it is indeed considered shooting into CC?
  9. Well I'm closing on a year soon and still haven't painted my phalanx . I have dug up every board game that I ever had and started painting random miniatures so to practice on them before moving on my precious phalanx. I was even gifted an Imperial Assault board game this Christmas and I'm almost finished. I have run out of excuses now and I'm afraid it's time to paint my army. i am terrified I'm gonna ruin them
  10. I say to my friends that it is GitS meets X-COM
  11. Infinity: Everything happens at the same time, even you losing and having lots of fun.
  12. I think it's still march
  13. Even though there are rules for hyper dynamics lvl3 in the HSN3 book I can't find any units currently in the game that use this rule and if there is I would like someone to help me picture it in effect, like "this being has implants and hormones inside its body that put its reflexes over any currently conceivable limit".
  14. Yeah, those people who usually become famous and successful . Anyway I don't want to be that guy and also I think solar is right that I have taken this thread out of topic. What I never understood though is the socioeconomics of Ariadna. I know that the Kazaks rule everyone with an iron fist but what exactly is happening with their economy? Their only income is by controlling and selling teseum? What about other sources? i would expect the whole planet to be in civil unrest to be honest.
  15. I would like some source on these claims. I'm not sure what you mean by saying "instictively feels right". What i instictively feel is to save my own arse, but through thought and logic i understand the benefits of society. What i see every day is people putting their ego above everyone else. I see the same when i open the TV and see political and social news. I see politicians putting their careers above their own people, i see people protesting and hating each other, i see the police forcing themselves violently on protestors who in respect act violently. I'll say this again, everything is cherries and roses when people feel safe. Take the safety of the people (economic or physical) and you have a bunch of wild animals trying to kill one another and i mean that as a figure of speech. Of course people have their communities in high esteem because they benefit from it and it from them. It is the basic reason that society exists in the first place. Also i did not insult you in my previous post and i would expect the same from you. Sorry if you found what i said pretty common and boring and out of this thread's topic.