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  1. I think you have to, otherwise there is no reason for that profile to exist. :edit: Actually I think you are right. Suryats can create a Haris themselves by default. If you include Kornak then you use special fireteam 2 rules and I guess you can use just his Haris ability.
  2. Have you read Iliad? There are no robots in Iliad. Duh!
  3. Mine was here yesterday as well, even though I got the "we were not expecting such a huge order wave" message.
  4. Actually, I always thought that there were combat vehicles in Infinity but that they are just waiting the troops for extraction outside the combat zone :Edit: Also what is mechanized deployment supposed to be in-game?
  5. So the literal translation would be: whoever has the fly, they are flied?
  6. I'm a pantheist and a naturalist and I believe that religion is a wicked way of controlling the different philosophies of the world and converting them into an easy to consume package for the masses that slaves the will of the people to current master that controls that religion. But I always respected the religion of others (all christians tbh) as long as they don't cut off my head and shout their god's name. My gf is Christian and we get along just fine and many times we even have long discussions about human existence and stuff. Seems every Christian I know follows their own personal dogmatic interpretation of their faith anyway so they easily accept my different opinion. To be honest I find Christianity to be a very good religion and matches pretty much with my stoic philosophy. On the other hand I find Islam to be a religion founded by a narcissistic pedophile who decided that anyone that is not with him is against him. I'm not trying to offend people, it is just my humble opinion Yeah sorry about that. Indeed with those things happening lately it is a sensitive topic better left for another type of forum. Haqqislam on the other hand is super slick with all those biotech stuff and humanitarian expeditions to Dawn I think and other stuff that I cannot recall right now.
  7. Yeah, that escalated quickly. I think it's time to stop now and meditate on our actions
  8. Well in my opinion the Quiran is indeed an evil book full of hatred and propaganda. In real life not only I dislike but in recent years I found myself hating Islam and with good reason. I admit I was also prejudiced towards Haqqislam berofe I bought and read the lore books and I also admit that now I believe that if there is a 'good' faction in the game, between all those shades of grey, is Haqqislam.
  9. Give steel phalanx a Trojan horse TAG and we're ok.
  10. Which profile?
  11. I had bought the Suryat box and the sogarat one just for how awesome they were 2 weeks before this bundle came up, so when I saw it it was an instant buy. Now probably I have to go for Dr. Worm cause it's the basic support unit for morat. I always wanted to include in a single game a suryat core and a sogarat Haris team even if it doesn't work in the end.
  12. I found this: Q: What happens when several troopers try to activate the same mission objective through a Coordinated Order or G: Synchronized? A: If all pass the Roll, you meet the Requirement and the element is activated. If all fail the roll, you do not meet the Requirement and the element is not activated. If some troops fail the roll and other troops pass the roll, you meet the Requirement and the element is activated, since the failure of one does not eliminate the success of another (as would occur with Heal / Repair). What do you make of it?
  13. No point going vanilla when you use only SP units. Also fireteams
  14. Yeah that must be it, seems I was confused by the silhouette 7. I couldn't comprehend that there are smaller S6 tags with 3 wounds but this one had only 2