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  1. That guy helped me a lot indeed. Awesome videos and also very good production value
  2. Yeah, the Rasyats are a must. They really can make a difference and I want them new and updated on my table right now!
  3. I suppose the 2nd sounds more logical but let's wait for wartrader to answer. Nice Question btw, never thought of it.
  4. Poor Korny... he is such a doll
  5. Thx mate but I already primed them black because my 2 main colors are metallics and look great on black.
  6. I wonder if there could be a morat faction that is purely pacifist. It is a cliche concept, I know, but it would be awesome. It could be like a morat regiment that turned pacifist mode on and broke off the rest of the army. It does not attack unless provoked but if it is provoked then it becomes genocidal. The other morats feel shame for them but also admire them for their past deeds. What do you guys think? Would this concept be possible in the infinity universe or would it be extremely boring?
  7. How did you achieve such a vibrant blue? Is it camera effects or consistent layers of blue or something? Please I really need to know so I can use the technique on my phalanxes weapons.
  8. Lol, I've been playing this wrong all this time. Anyone care to explain why this is happening?
  9. <3 Yeah you know, for us new guys that buy old minis are confused by the different sizes that they come in.
  10. Darker one. I have painted a similar scheme and it looks awesome.
  11. At last! edit: It would also be awesome if someone added the release date of the minis and if their size is N3 or not
  12. Well ok I'm freaking blind...
  13. I've almost finished my Steel Phalus collection but I am missing some miniatures still. One of them is Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes but it seems that the dire foes pack that includes him is no longer available for purchase. Are they planning on releasing him as a separate miniature or have I lost my only chance on fielding this miniature?
  14. Is there an end of turn phase? I never noticed 😋
  15. I am currently in the process of building a theme table using mostly stuff from plastcraft. I want to use mostly the TME buildings and create a kind of research station / fringe colony themed semi urban table. The mat I have on my scope is the Micro arts USAriadna one. It seems that my concept of those 'facilities' will fit perfectly on a not so urban terrain with bits and pieces of concrete and a fair amount of bare ground. What's your opinion on this? Are there better choices out there, and if yes which ones?