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  1. This is there any update? @prophetofDoom Also you should really create a thread of 20x20 on the new forums!
  2. So true. I have been like a year and a half in this forum and I still find old threads (specially in miniature sub forum) that are full of useful information that also go with tons of pictures, it would be a shame to lose them all. So there need to be some volunteers that each one of them will have the responsibility of archiving a specific sub forum on their pc and repost the useful post on the new forum or at least upload them on a google drive or something.
  3. I'm using my ITS (same as store) credentials to log into OTM but it does not seem to work. Anyone has the same problem as me?
  4. Care to explain what that means? As a SP player I use hackers only for capturing objectives and maybe disable the occasional HI. Does the hacker make my whole team hack able or somethin?
  5. Wut? Where exactly is that mentioned?!
  6. First of all: don’t listen to women. I have heard a girl ranting for 5 minutes how her boyfriend (who has photography as a hobby) bought a 1000€ camera at the price of 500 because of discount while she could have used the same money for some leather boots she wanted and that it was a waste.... just pathetic. My experience in Greece is totally opposite. My parents would always say to me that miniatures is a hobby for grown men who have their own money and a lot of free time. But I guess the mentality is the same: Miniature painting and war gaming is a waste of time in their eyes and that you could spend your time on something more “productive”. Also I guess they are “triggered” by the fantasy setting, that I am wasting my time on fantasy world instead of real life. E.g my father walked into my room and saw me painting infinity minis. He looked at me and then he looked at the larger scale ww2 warship I have on my shelf: “Why are you wasting your money on those playmobil instead of something beautiful and decorative like that ship there?” To end my rant, I believe that our eastern block parents wanted us to be more down to earth and socially acceptable instead of outcasts and nerds. They had good intentions but bad way of showing it.
  7. Ok my rookie mistakes: Hexas cannot infiltrate Camo markers cannot delay action just because, they need to have sixth sense.
  8. I play steel phalanx and morats. I think i am really spoiled :> JSA are next on the list though
  9. I sent you a PM, i dont know if you have received it. My order plus postage cost is 13.90 + 3.80 = 17.70 pounds
  10. Painted well they really are the best looking army... bravo
  11. Hi, I’m interested in getting Treitak Anyat from DF:1 and Thrasymedes from DF:2 and an Ekdromos HMG. How can I be notified when they are available?