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  1. Dude, I don't know if your trolling or not but please keep posting stuff like this. I died laughing reading your post, keep it up. "Alien Ressmyerection" hahahahahaa
  2. Has anyone played Atlas Reactor? I am having too much fun playing it.
  3. Boooooooooo!!!
  4. I used Ajax only 2 times and both times he was a beast. Put him in a fireteam for B5 combi rifle and if he engages in melee he annihilates all. I usually back him up with machaon and myrm officer.
  5. So myrmidons that wound while in fireteam don't become frenzied when they drop off the fireteam? Where is that rule exactly?
  6. What about power creeping then?
  7. Also I think most morats have ph 12 - 13 ecxept Sogarats who have ph 15 with auto medkit
  8. Maybe some "facehungries" that eat your face and make you hungry?
  9. Still have not tried it, maybe now is the time... or should I paint some of my real minis? Bah... who cares anyway...
  10. Lol this thread is hilarious
  11. So the conclusion is that successes negate failures when having extra bursts while in a fireteam?
  12. i'm an aleph player and I did not enjoy it that much. It was the usual recipe of modern Hollywood superhero movies. Actually I think I'm gonna skip cinema for superhero movies, I don't want to give my money to the same recycled thing over and over again.
  13. Interesting read even if i didn't understand a thing, although I think I got the general idea. More bandwidth without loss of speed or high temperatures?
  14. Layout seems to be working fine, both on mobile and on PC, though I would say that fusiliers have pretty simple profiles so maybe some more complex troops' abilities could get things crowded.