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  1. Cost/anticipated sales is likely a driving factor... they used to make a beautiful yu jing ... (uh?) palace looking textured base, but seem to have stopped. Shame too, as they were beautiful once painted.
  2. Did something structural change in 1.16.1 ? It's straight broken for me, and I've never had any issues before (in a couple years of use). It wouldn't update, even running as an admin. So I deleted and reinstalled. It went on okay, but none of the buttons work, the assistant is in Spanish and only says hello. I'm on Windows 64 bit version... anyone else having issues?
  3. The internet! Tohoku, apparently. When I make terrain, I usually shop around until I find an image that invokes the right sort of feeling in me, then just keep it up while I work. Even if it's not exactly a copy or what I'm doing, I really like having it there to keep my mind in the right place. @Atreyu, that'd be a decent bit of advice for you as well.
  4. True, but the color helps them pop on a greater variety of tables, including on my FLG snow mat. Plus, I was working off of something more like this?
  5. The Citadel Woods painted up like Japanese Cherry Blossom can actually look pretty nice. (Full disclosure, likely going to have to edit this to get the image to embed right.)
  6. Please do. Especially if it's painted. Unrelated, I was debating which way to build mine, and after reading this, I think I'm sold on the Red Fury.
  7. This is really cool. Well done. I got lucky and have some old modular cardboard terrain from the early 90's (and maybe necromunda?) that works alright for a similar purpose, but it's not nearly as unique as this.
  8. I'll definitely check that out later. I haven't played much during N3, but I've tried to keep up with battle reports forums, etc, as best I can. It'd be good to find a group even if it's small. I've got another guy about an hour away I'm trying to get hooked as well.
  9. Evansville area usually. There used to be a small group of players in Bloomington, but that dissolved a couple years back. (College town and all). I do travel north from time to time though. I'd love to try and find a few players down here, as I have a ton of terrain, and even a couple ringer army starter packs I'm trying to paint up.
  10. For the record, I definitely would... though apparently no one else.
  11. Hey @Savant, know anyone further south? I make it up to Indy once in a while, but it's more of a treat than a regular occurrence. Still, always good to see another player in the midwest!
  12. Seems like a bit of a crunch for two weeks, but a solid idea. Good luck!
  13. I did one of these as well, I'll have to post it as soon as I finish the last little bit. Really easy conversion.
  14. @Golem2God I honestly wish I knew. Right now I'm calling it magic purple, as I literally don't know how I got there. I wasn't happy and kept adding layers and shading etc until it looked about like that. I do know I used a black primer with no highlight spray, vallejo game air purples, their blue wash, and the GW purple wash. Exactly what went where.... not as much. For airbrush, something like, black, dark purple, light purple, thinned dark purple, light purple, GW purple wash mixed with a few drops of vallejo's (VERY STRONG btw) blue ink, spot highlight purple, fine spot highlight with a little purple and a little white thinned. Brush lowlights were black or dark purple depending on whether or not they faced upwards, and brush highlights were thinned light purple, with a 50/50 white mix for the brightest spots. Wish I could be of more help.
  15. https://brittonstinyadventure.wordpress.com/2016/01/11/builds-on-a-budget-squadkill-team-case/ Ignore the rest of the blog because it's old and I never update it, but this post might be useful to you. It's not answering the question directly, but might be a useful storage tool for you in a space like that. These cases are really good for small infinity forces/club ringer armies as they have a couple key benefits. A.Cheap to build, and hold 12 25mm base models, and a couple of some 40mm or dice, tokens, etc. B. Actually protect the model and its paint job, whether stored horizontally on a shelf, or in a bag/backpack vertically (rare for cases IMO) C. Allow you to see what army is in the case via the clear lid. I have bigger foam cases, but this is nice when I just want to take a handful of models for a demo or something.
  16. I am really looking forward to watching this project progress. Just looks great.
  17. Very nice! Love the sword especially. On the armor...is that like, highlights done with an airbrush through a stencil?
  18. Finally done! Suuuppppeerr stoked about this, only took me like 2+ months off and on. Laziness? Probably. Oh well. (There will be some more angles and WIP shots in my paintlog later)
  19. Thought I'd go ahead and get a thread going to house my Infinity painting stuff, as there seems to be more and more of it here lately. I'll be posting a lot of this in the painting challenge thread(s) but this will collect it all, as well as having some commentary, WIP shots, etc. Going to do a few posts to get this thing up to date. First up, we have my borderlands inspired Rafiq remote for my QK force. I thought this would be an interesting direction to go with the force, given their sort of merc heavy nature. Had a lot of fun painting this guy, and it came out well enough that I decided to follow through with the scheme *eventually. and in profile...
  20. Changing gears a bit, here are my collected Yu Jing I've painted so far. If you keep up on the painting challenge, a lot of this will be familiar, but it should all be collected into one thread at least. Going for a purple black/grey/white theme. There's a lot of individual variance between models, but I like that... feel like it fits with the direct action operations kind of feel. Generally, the more specialty ISS type units have more purple, stealthy/scary troops have black, general rank and file troopers wear more grey, and JSA units will favor white. Anyway, here's the army as it stands. Ninja with Tactical Bow Guilang FO Tiger Soldier (red veil figure with combi) Daofei with HMG More to come soon, I hope. Plugging away on a couple more models.
  21. That's sort of intentional here. The base really isn't finished... trying to decide what kind of stuff to add based on what armies I think I'll end up using him with. Just a placeholder for now.
  22. First painted model done! Man it's amazing what you can get done when you have the day off. Went way faster than I thought it would. Next up, finishing the Guijia!
  23. Based on the color of the MDF in the background I'd say the pic is tinted a little blue, so I think there is black. I'd guess the white balance on the camera is just a tad off.
  24. @CanisLupus that armor is top notch!
  25. Well, that's fair. In my mind, it's little stones mixed with some sand. I actually like that substrate (crushed apricot seeds meant for soap from Michael's btw), because it adds a little texture. Again, opinion from me, but the resin desert bases always lack texture. Let me put something else up and see if that's more agreeable. Speaking of borderlands... this guy! Not technically CB but he's going to get passed around several armies as various types of auxbot.