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  1. Ironman wip10
  2. Thank you very much. Yeah its NMM.
  3. My Aquila (WIP) Tested the Schmincke Titanium White and i must say, its great color. Very smooth and highly pigmented. wip1 wip7 wip8
  4. thank you guys. Yeah it was not really clear for me, what kind of cloth/armor it wants to be. So i decided to make it look like an leather jacket, maybe as contrast to all the metall.
  5. f2+ f1+ f3+
  6. Red Veil still waiting......... DSC01249 DSC01248 DSC01247
  7. After a long break....My (very original) Joan of Arc joa111 joa22 joa33
  8. Thank you very much mate! Im priming and shading with an airbrush. First black, than dark grey . Took a picture with my smartphone p1 After that im highlighting spots of light with white. So my airbrush goes sleeping after that. p2 The rest was painted with the brush. All fine details like edge highlighting, glazing to smooth out the transitions, shoulderpads and scratches.
  9. The Mean Maschine f4 f1 f2 f3
  10. Started this mean guy... 2
  11. I like it very much!
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. Yan Huo has arrived ( after a loooong slooooow walk) yh2 yh3 yh4 yh1
  14. Absolutly worth it.