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  1. I will admit when I'm wrong. Yes it is always the first movement stat if you move once. Characteristics: fury Pg47 of the rule book. Table with legal combinations of skills for the impetuous order.
  2. For me I think Tohaa has an aggressive play style, In my opinion I see Tohaa as a turn one alpha strike kind of force. With the use of symbiont armour, nanoscreens, symbiomates and symbiobombs all helping out in the early to med game securing objectives and taking out foes. so what are your thoughts on the Tohaa play style, how do you like to play them or beat them?
  3. I'm guessing you are talking about the Makaul, which the cheapest model is 13pts, but it is regular/extreme impetuous. You will usually all ways see these models/troopers in a link team to stop the extreme impetuous order from taking affect. I would assume that you are taking bikes? just remember that one part of the extreme impetuous order must be a move action, whether that be the first part 8'' or the second part of the movement stat 4''
  4. it's sounding like William Wallace might be a good choice for you, makes all other orders in your force regular/irregular
  5. Hello Wombat85, I think your thinking of the skills needed to get the new classified deck objective called kidnapping.
  6. I can see what you are trying to get at Inane.imp. for your example of posthumans, G:jumper L1 has nothing in common with G:sync, posthumans you pay for 2 to 3 different trooper profiles to make up a poxy group of miniatures. Each trooper/model fills up a slot separately in a combat group, but its like when the AI went to walmart to get the cheap model, they didn't get enough brains/battery's to go around for them all to work at the same time, so they have to share. I think we've spent enough time on this subject of the Kerail and symbiobeasts. lets get back to finding an amazing troop profile for the data tracker.
  7. I've just checked, and there is no answer to your question yet. I would assume that the only legal and the most sensible model that you could put the data tracker on for this unit would be the controller of the g synchronized models/troopers. So following what the current rules say/read as, the whole synchronized unit(controller and symbiobeasts) would be able to take advantage of the data tracker rule if the rule is added to the controller of the unit and not the symbiobeast, because of the G:Symchronized rule. unless a new errata comes out to change things....
  8. Hello, just in reply to my earlier post. The wiki page says that the handler and G:sync model count as one model. You don't need to read far, it's in the first part of the requirements for using a G:synchonized model. I don't mean anyone ill-will when posting this comment, i just want to inform. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Ghost_(G)#Ghost:_Synchronized
  9. I think the easiest choice for me would be the Sukeul K1 or missile launcher but I would like to run the data tracker on either a Nikoul or the Kerail with Surda symbiobeasts just for fun. my understanding is that they are G:synchonized, so what ever the handler does so do the symbiobeasts. So the Kerail will be killing stuff, just through a G:sync model.
  10. OK, so my understanding of the rules are that an attacking model must have LOF to an enemy model before it can use a flame template? And that a model in full cover can not be hit as a result, weather they are the primary target or not...? So have I read the rules correctly...
  11. In one of my games with Scarface, I had put the tag in front of a console, then got Scarface out of the tag to push buttons in full cover of a s7 tag, no ARO's if they can't see you through a empty tag.
  12. I'm not sure if this has been suggested yet, how about a couple of muttawi'ah just sitting in front or flanking of your Maggie. A 5pt muttawi'ah with jammer is amazing. An a engineer or nasmat near the rear of Maggie, to deal with immobilization.
  13. Someone I know, says that your opponent will always use his or her best tool for the job of taking down your models, MSV2, K1, etc..... It's probably better to think of a tohaa model as having 1 wound and 1+ structure/armour points
  14. If you look at the ectros, and how losing two wounds effects it. When this model loses it's active symbiont armour, it loses 13pts of stuff off it's stat line and loses a special skill as well. And there's no way to get it back. So that's just one model, all models which lose their symbiont armour go to 0 ARM and 0 BTS, as well as lose a point or two from their BS or PH on average. So for now, symbiont armour and mates are fair.