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  1. So I recently ordered the new Taskmaster model with the tinbot and crazykoalas. I've used the Lunokhod a lot before, and the moran as well. Now, the crazykoalas profile says disposable 2, and the lunokhod and moran have Crazykoalas (2), while the Taskmaster only has Crazykoalas. What's got me confused here, is that 2, since when more than one of the same weapons are carried, it'd say something like 2 Combi Rifles (in the case for the Gecko), not Combi Rifle (2). I'm confused that this might just be an inconsistency. But from my understanding, the Taskmaster does indeed get 2 crazykoalas. And if the morans and lunokhods have crazykoalas (2), then does that mean they technically have 4 crazykoalas? Additionally, can I start the game with crazykoalas on the table? Or do they need to be deployed? If the prior conundrum is true, then that means morans and lunokhods can start with 4 koalas on the table, which seems like a bit of overkill, also considering that neither of the kits provide that number of koalas. Does minelayer allow them to be deployed on the table along with the model? (not that any of the three troopers in question have that skill) So the baseline question is: Do taskmasters, lunokhods, and morans all have 2 koalas, or do the latter two have 4? And must they start the game in the trooper's inventory?
  2. Hello, I stumbled into a couple of conundrums while I was thinking about random scenarios in Infinity. I know this first topic has been up for debate for a long time. But all I seemed to come across were long winded debates from two years ago with many of them ending with 'solved' on either side of the spectrum. I am of course talking about Repeaters and using an ARO through an enemy's. Now I would prefer not to have to get into another long winded debate, so I'm simply looking for a short yes or no answer with the least amount of explanation needed. From what I've read from the wiki, having an enemy repeater in your hacker's ZoC allows you to use the hacking area provided by that repeater, as well as being able to target any enemy hacker. Now... The only dilemma I have here is: Can you ARO hack any enemy hacker with your own hack at any distance, and without LoF, so long as you are in range of an enemy repeater? Onto my second question. I have slowly been unraveling this question whilst typing this thread. But I simply need confirmation on the matter. Netrods and Imetrons, along with their AI Beacon equipment. I know you can isolate them to stop them from providing orders, and also stopping Proxy AIs to move into the beacon and continue existing. While I was googling an answer for my question, "Can you Blackout an AI Beacon?", I was met with more mixed results. People in the few discussion threads said that AI Beacons were Comms Equipment, which would make sense considering they're in the unit's equipment line and are treated as deployable equipment. But, while attempting to confirm this on my own by using the Wiki, I saw nothing of the sort regarding AI Beacons as Comms Equipment. This of course then made me think, No. Simple enough. Then, as I looked further, I realized that Netrods and Imetrons aren't classified as any of the usual 4 hackable targets, HI, REM, TAG, or Hacker. Furthermore, they don't even have the hackable trait whatsoever. Naturally, the reasonable thing to say is no, Netrods and Imetrons cannot be Isolated through hacks; thus, the only way to stop them is either by using E/M weapons or straight up killing them. Okay, sounds simple enough. But I still remain curious if this is as intended. It seems rather silly to me that a technological spike in the ground labeled as an AI Beacon isn't hackable in the slightest, nor that it isn't comms equipment of any sort. I am simply looking for confirmation on whether or not a hacker can be used to Isolate an AI Beacon. As a bonus, would blacking out the AI Beacon do anything to a jumping Proxy AI?
  3. I would personally love to see a hacker character for tunguska that has TWO hacking devices. Perhaps an EVO HD and a KHD. She'd basically be similar to an interventor profile, but with the gimmick of having unparalleled hacking versatility.
  4. Hello, my friends and I are all quite new to Infinity and we've been playing plenty of games using proxies so we can get a hang of the rules before our kits come in. We were playing a 2v2 game today and all was going well, until we hit a bit of a snag... You see, one of our opponents had put one of his men into Suppression not far from the position of our troops. We will call him troop A. Not far behind troop A, was a sniper that my friend wanted to shoot at. The sniper will be troop B. Well, my ally had wanted to shoot the sniper which naturally prompted AROs to be made. Both troop A and B made AROs against my ally. Now, the rules quote, "Enemy troopers apply a -3 MOD to their Attribute on all Face to Face Rolls against a trooper in Suppressive Fire." So since trooper A was in suppressive fire along with the target, trooper B, we didn't know if my ally had to suffer the -3 MOD that comes from suppression. My ally wasn't acting against the trooper A. But the trait applies the -3 MOD to all face to face rolls. So now we're confused. Does suppressive fire only apply the -3 MOD when the target is the suppressor? Or does the -3 MOD apply to rolls made when a suppressor is participating in any ARO?