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  1. It's summer time here in Canada. The wives demand yardwork...that's my biggest setback!
  2. I'm actually excited for some missions that start off as skewed to one side or the other. This sounds like fun.
  3. Okay, but overall I'd say that many of those comments were either constructive or encouraging. It's easy to focus on the single "needs work" comment, but on the whole I don't think that report ate too much heat. I'd agree that clearer guidelines would help. If I write 10 winning batreps that only get 1 star, does that count as much as writing 3 winning batreps that get rated as 10 stars? This kind of understanding might help guys decide how they'd like to proceed.
  4. I agree that negative comments are not the way to moderate a problem. Outright abusive language should probably be managed. Perhaps we just need a "report abuse" button. That being said, I think that your average adult should be able to take criticism, even the non-constructive type, and deal with it. Now, I go to great pains to deliver positive comments, but I realize that some people do not.
  5. I was under the impression that they removed "no content" reports. I may have missed this, but are they removing anything else? I would assume that people could publish at least a very brief rundown to make a report count. Have people been "place holding" completely empty forms? If that's the case, I'd have to agree with what others have said: keep it private until you're ready to have it evaluated.
  6. I'm feeling that the crux of this conversation is that a placeholder batrep does meet the minimum criteria. I'm having difficulty seeing why someone posting a minimum effort report would be offended by ratings and comments reflecting this minimum effort, dick comments notwithstanding.
  7. I started with JSA. Until you learn how to maneuver into your good ranges you'll likely get shot off of the table a bunch. They're a lot of fun, but not terribly resilient, and not the best at commanding fire lanes.
  8. I agree. I would love to have a TO model in Acon for that exact reason.
  9. Your list is similar to what I would typically run. (and did run at the rumble.) I'm a big fan of Acon's heavy hitters, so I tend to play with a few less orders in favour of TAGS or sexy HIs. I tend to use 11-13 orders in my happy place. I agree, the Akal's can be very clutch. The EVO AD move is a definite high risk / high reward scenario. This means that I tend to whiff the roll If you're looking for fun try to include the following: Montessa Peacemaker naga Naga minelayer. That's 6 models at center that your opponent has to deal with. Obviously, you can do more if you leverage a second Montessa and Peacemaker, but using just these 4 units can really hamstring your opponent: super fun!
  10. I feel like Ariadna's biggest advantage is their efficient ability to clear good AROs off of the table. I usually expect that I will lose covering pieces to their first turn onslaught, so I adjust to only cover what I really need to cover (There isn't much that withstands a spetznaz or tank hunter surprise attack). That being said, you can't give the run of the field to Galwegians or Dogs. It can be hard to find the balance. I've found that I need to plan to win the game with my later turns. Once the camo is off of their big hitter pieces, the higher BS (and higher armour) of Pan-O troops can allow for favorable gains as you try and dismantle their strategy for winning OPs. But, yeah. Watching a fully linked Bagh Mari sniper get shredded in one order is demoralizing AF!
  11. Do we know when the campaign will actually open up for players?
  12. Where is your game mat from? Great report.
  13. Right? So, if you want anything like a gunfighter, you're now up to 5 SWC before adding a single specialist. It's not impossible, just limiting.
  14. I've often thought about the double sappers, but I just can't make it work. The SWC is at such a premium in that faction that sinking 3 SWC into an armour 0 link seems so binary. I also really like to keep my links tactically flexible, so double sappers doesn't really help there.
  15. 1 in 5, Ian. 1 in 5.