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  1. Perhaps the best use of targeting unconscious models is done with template weapons such as the missile launchers. Use this in situations where you can get a good shot on enemies outside your line of fire but within a few inches of the unconscious opponent. Don't waste too many orders not taking objectives, but still a great tactic.
  2. Indeed. Sorry for jumping subjects without a solid paragraph break.
  3. I bring these guys very often. The Asawira is very strong. Taking the Spitfire model alone is a solid choice by its own right. If you place him in suppressive fire midway up the field he will tear into your opponent. Placing him in cover in a good spot will give you a huge advantage. Your opponent will be -3 for suppression and -3 for cover before range modifiers have been taken. With the BS 14 that puts you at a huge advantage. Most enemies will be hitting back at an 8 or less a net -3 to their BS against you, but you will be on a 14 or less for most situations. +3 range -3 cover. Facing an Asawira in suppressive fire mode is dangerous. 2 wounds and religious. Your opponent has to kill him to remove suppressive fire mode, but your high BS score will make that tough.
  4. I've started up a YouTube channel to go along with my blog focusing on Infinity miniatures. My most recent video is about the skill Sensor. I do a series on skill and equipment in the game. They are brief explanations of the rules for a skill along with some recommendations for its use. Check it out and let me know that this awesome community thinks. If you like what I'm doing be sure to subscribe to get all the latest updates.
  5. I finally finished her. I've been working on a few other miniatures as well, but I finally got around to finishing her up. As before you can see the whole progression of her painting on my blog here.
  6. Even though most of my lists contain a doctor I rarely spend the orders to actually doctor any of my troops up. It's not usually order efficient unless you've got one of the classifieds. You can spend that same order to complete an objective or get closer to an objective. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. I'd start with vanilla at first and play with all the toys available. There are a ton and the tricks and shenanigans available to Haqq are pretty fun. If you want to plunge into QK then go for it. It's a great sectoral. I personally play Bahram, but QK has more sixth sense and holoprojector lvl 2 on the Bashi. Djanszaban has regeneration. It sounds like QK fits the bill for what you are after. They also have access to some Nomad troops and a tag. Barham doesn't get access to a tag. In the end play what sounds like fun. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. The whole group of four troops only generates one single ARO so the opponent must declare his reaction against one single trooper of the four. The opponent having declared delay on the camo token loses his chance to ARO against anyone else activated because he declared delay against the token. This could be used as a solid strategy to move up troops. Forcing the enemy to declare delay on your tokens and then putting the rest of the models into LOS on the second half is a great way to move up the board with multiple units without risking them getting shot.
  9. I've been working on the Free Lance Stringer for a while now and I'm so close to actually finishing her. You can check out my progression on her on my blog here.She has been so much fun to work on.
  10. I'm most likely gonna be there as my wife will be out of town. I'm only planning on playing in the ITS tournament though as I have a wedding to go to that Saturday as well. I haven't decided what army I want to play though. Hmm...
  11. I went ahead and rewrote that last part of my entry. I also removed the bitterness that was dripping out of the words. I did have a great time that night and we do need to play against each other again. I assumed you understood the E/M rules and since you didn't put him in Immobilized I assumed that he must not have been an HI. I should have double checked as well. Other than that it was a great game. I hope to play you again soon.
  12. It was really fun. We had lots of friendly people from all over. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  13. I recently played in a tournament in Tacoma WA. I've got a recap of my games posted here on my blog. It is a little light on pictures during the games, but I did remember to take shots of the tables before I played.
  14. I've been trying to make some good battle reports. I want to post them bi weekly, but life has gotten in the way for a bit. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  15. I just stumble on this randomly through the forum and I instantly fell in love. New wallpapers for everyone.