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  1. I just stumble on this randomly through the forum and I instantly fell in love. New wallpapers for everyone.
  2. I played Deadly Dance in my most recent game and it was a blast. It was my first time playing with a TAG and I think I liked how strong they are, but mine didn't last for very long in this match. Check out my Battle Report here.
  3. This seems to be the consensus of the Ectros. That fire dmg shotgun is a beast and can cause serious damage. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  4. Yeah looking at all of the loadouts he felt like one that might get skipped, but is really strong. It's a cheap way to get a solid HI on your team. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  5. Hey guys I've got a troop review up on my site of the Ectros Regiment. Find it here. It's basically a solid overview of the unit. I have been writing reviews of all the HI troops for each faction. Anyway let me know what you guys think. I haven't purchased this faction yet, but I keep telling myself I'll buy it soon. Maybe when the new sectorial comes out.
  6. I *believe* it was muted by default already, although I had my general volume on mute anyway. I was just shocked to see one getting through adblock. [emoji6] I think comparing them to other HI is interesting, maybe you could call back to older articles for people who aren't familiar with the series? It would have been a great opportunity to look 'beyond the profile' and talk about all the tricks you can pull off using an unassuming set of skills and equipment. [emoji4] Another great idea. I've been doing this series for the last month and a half now and I should call back to the other articles and do a comparison of them all. I'll go and update it after work tonight. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the great feedback. The last few weeks I've been doing a quick review of one model from all of the starter boxes, but I haven't made any lists with then yet. That's a great idea. After I do the Tohaa next week. I start back through and make a list or two for each of the units I've reviewed and discuss tactics and such. When I said they don't have too many tricks I was referring to the fact that most of the other HI troops I've reviewed thus far have all had a number of special skills. I'm really sorry about the video ad. In my computer they are on mute unless I mouse over them. I didn't think it was too obtrusive. I'll tinker with it and see what I can do. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  8. Hey guys, while I'm not an Aleph player myself I've written a review of the Asuras on my blog here. Ive been looking at the steel phalanx box for a while, but I still have the Ariadna army box I haven't even opened. I guess I just like too many of these factions for my own good. Anyway let me know what you guys think of the review.
  9. I've uploaded my first battle report video of my game this week. It was transmission matrix and it was also my first win with the JSA. Find it here. Check it out and let me know what you think. The video angles will be much better in my next video. The overhead camera just didn't show the action as well as I wanted.
  10. Yeah it says HMG in the description, but it looks like it could be either.
  11. Yeah he made an illegal ARO and we didn't realize it until after the game had ended. It is what it is. We were playing friendly so it didn't much matter at that point.
  12. Hey guys I've got a troop review up on my blog. This time I'm focusing on the Maakrep Tracker. Let me know what you think. I've never played as combined army, but I play against them regularly.
  13. Hey guys here's this weeks battle report on my blog. It was another rough game for me. My JSA just keep dying...I'll figure them out soon. That or I'll build my US Ariadna and play them for a while.
  14. Feel free to borrow what you want, and if you'd like anything further then please ask. [Though I'd appreciate a mention [emoji4]] Happy to shout out where it's deserved. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  15. I appreciate that. It's a fairly new site. I started it about a month ago. I'm slowly adding reviews of troops in each faction.