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  1. With RAW, mine and ambush camo marker don't have a combat group (as they are not trooper and combat group are made of trooper) so if camo combat group are public, all you need to find if a camo marker is a trooper or a mine/ambush camo is to ask which combat group they belong to. It would render ambush camo fully useless and minelayer much less efficient
  2. Because the same discussion occured on the new forum : Arguments on "camo's combat group" is public was mostly "it was ruled this way at the interplanetario" and "it is easier to play this way" while the arguments on "camo's combat group" is private are (roughly) "combat group you belong to is public info" but "camo keep all public info private" Both sides refused to change position and we are waiting for a promised official answer
  3. Question regarding the killing state (in scenario where the datracker have to kill the HVT) My datatracker make the designated target fall unconscious, another of mine trooper perform coup de grace (or shoot it, CC it...) on the designated target and kill it. Do I pass the objective for killing the designated target with my datatracker ? Same question with the opposite situation (a trooper make it fall unconscious then the dataracker coup de grace it)
  4. Don't forget with good BS/Strong ability to put malus. The avatar ORA will be a BS15 EXP shot so maximazing the chance to win with cover, camo and surprise shot is a must have. Against an Avatar in cover with a burnt ODD, a tankhunter APHMG coming out of camo/in cover has 57% chance to inclict at least 1 STR loss aigainst 46% for a blackjack. More or less the same diffence when it come to taking the ARO shot in the face (9% for the tankhunter coming out of camo against 21% for the blackjack) AS a footnote, TH autocannon is more likely to make more than 1 wound than the APHMG but he is also more likely to die due to ARO.
  5. I'm more thinking of the opposit : you going too close (19cm while thinking being at 21) to take him out and ending in light shotgun range. Because, if you want your mine to hit, you have to go very close to the swiss : range of a mine is a small teardrop =>21 cm, if you add the size of the base, the farest you will be while laying the mine is 23.5 cm. From there, it's easy to miscalculate and ending up in the light shotgun good range (and the table won't always allow you to step back and find a good spot to shoot the swiss)
  6. Be carefull, the swiss missile launcher also have a light shotgun. BS 15 TO light shotgun can hurt very badly.
  7. The speculo will have to find my tankhunter among my 10 + camo marker (and 5 + in my DZ) for this to happen (without taking a shot to the face when detecting my camo marker). Possible but unlikely.
  8. I looked everywhere but can't find the dire foes download page to download the scenarii and fluff. Is it gone ?
  9. I guess : SMG, marksman, feuerbach. The one on the right could be combi (engineer) or maybe a small HMG (like the one of the volunteer box)
  10. First thing to do is to destroy his ODD. Flammer do it very efficiently. Each time I had to face it, I send a chasseur sacrifice himself to burn the ODD. Just be careful while placing your Chasseur before flamming so he won't cause any ORA other than the Avatar. When the ODD is burn, Tankhunter can destroy it quite fast (I prefer AP HMG for its high burst but I imagine its more a question of taste). As said above, CC could also be an option. Antipodes are tank killer if you manage to have the 3 of them reach the avatar In any case, remember to destroy the TAG, not leaving it unconscious, or he will be brought back very fast. Another advice : Camo and full cover. The Avatar doesn't have any MSV so end your active turn (and start the game) with all your active pieces in total cover and camoed/re-camoed to cost the avatar as much order as possible to it each one of them. Best way to neutralize it it to make it waste orders moving, discovering false camo marker (mine, ambush camo) and failing discover roll (discovering a camo in cover is a roll on 11s for the avatar => 40% chance of failing). A well placed chasseur will also be very efficient to burn the ODD during your reactive tunr (remember to use SS lvl 1 : he move close to you, you delay, he does what he want, you flame him, destroyits ODD and with luck make him loose some STR).
  11. I don't think combat group of camo marker is an OI because some market are not part of a combat group : ambush camo marker and camoed mine are not trooper, therefore they are not part of a combat group (as wiki say :"A Combat Group is a closed group of troops"). So if combat group for camo marker is a public info, all you would have to do to identify a mine/ambush camo would be to ask what combat group they are part of.
  12. I missed this, thanks for the information
  13. I read the D-Charge page on the wiki again and it seem you don't need a CC roll against a scenery piece cause you are using the Deployable Mode : Deployable Mode. Using D-Charges as Deployable Weapons is a two-step process: Planting and Detonating. Planting a D-Charge on a piece of scenery or on an enemy trooper in an Immobilized (IMM-1 or IMM-2) or any Null state. In base to base contact, spend one Short Skill of an Order or ARO. No Roll needed. Detonating a D-Charge. The user, or another friendly trooper with D-Charges or the Special Skill Engineer, spends one Short Skill of an Order or an ARO (if ARO Requirements are fulfilled). No Roll needed. D-Charges can only be detonated if they have been previously planted. So using a D-Charge to destroy the AC2 is a perfectly good option. So mk2 hacker take the D-charge, plant it then mk1 engineer datatraker explde it and win many objective points
  14. yes but you can remove a model of the fireteam by having him doing a different ARO than the fireteam. Imagine the 3 moderator in CC, two not (and all in FT). The "official" fireteam ARO is dodge, the 3 moderators in CC declare CC as an ARO and leave the fireteam => you get 3 separated electric pulses
  15. Another usefull info : they all deploy at the same time so if you keep yur proxy as your last model, you keep all 3 of them to deploy last (which is a very nice trick, even nicer with the marut)