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  1. Thanks, yes it looks like that's where it's managed. Unfortunately it looks like you can only have one image associated with your email address, and I use mine for work related things, so I think I'll have to live with it.
  2. I don't know about Acon, but I've run the GdA a few times in vanilla. Sometimes he's won me the game, others he's done nothing. Good as a Data Tracker - twice in Decapitation he's gone out and killed the Designated Target in the first turn under cover of smoke for an easy 5 points. Admittedly the bot isn't the best smoke platform, but he's the only one we've got! Sometimes a bit of eclipse smoke makes all the difference, especially in button pushing missions.
  3. Mine's set to an avatar from my working life which is associated with my email address somewhere.
  4. Playing a game against a lot of camo recently, my opponent said something about how the ARO from a camo marker that was actually a mine made it clear that it was a mine and not a regular troop underneath. Is that right?
  5. Apologies if this has been discussed recently, but what do you think the odds are of a Cutter resculpt within the next 3-4 months? I'd like to get one but it'll be annoying if they bring out a new one soon after, I generally prefer the newer sculpts over the old ones (although current Cutter still looks pretty good).
  6. Sweet. Kirpal Singh finally has a reason to make an appearance!
  7. Power Pack has the following under Chain of Command Bonus: There is no Activate Console in this mission. Does it mean Active the Antennas?
  8. Annoyingly I managed to lose a few bits from my Bandua buildings. Got in touch and they were kind enough to find me the parts and send them out for the cost of postage. That's good customer service! Thanks Ivo.
  9. I think @weeble1000 makes a very good and well-articulated point. While it's cool to play against a painted army, I'd much rather play against bare metal than not have a game. As someone with only semi-painted minis myself and limited time, my options are A) play with unpainted minis, or B) Don't play. And as I'm sure you can understand, option B is not an option! For anyone with long-term bare metal, I would encourage you to either 'zenithal prime' them (prime black then spray from above with grey/white), or prime them grey and put a black wash over. It's quick to do and really helps bring out the details in the mini.
  10. This is what I made to keep track:
  11. There was a good spread of vanilla & different sectorials too - not sure if everyone can see this but this pie chart on the Infinity Northern Alliance Facebook group shows them.
  12. I used 2mm diameter, length a mix of 1mm & 2mm. Here are some photos - not the neatest of jobs, but it's the first time I tried magnetising and it fits together OK, which is the main thing. (Side part isn't flush, but doesn't look too bad as you can't really see where it joins). Guns - 2mm x 2mm, drilled in by about 1mm. Side parts - mix of 2mm x 2mm and 2mm x 1mm, according to thickness of part: Body gun fitting - 2mm x 1mm, drilled in as far as possible without coming out the other side (around 2mm): Body side part - 2mm x 2mm:
  13. Yeah, not mine unfortunately - mine are still in the works, although they're not going to end up looking as good as those! I just found a photo on Google which showed the pieces, which it turns out were done by @Charno. I have managed to magnetise mine though, so that's a good start.
  14. Yeah that looks cool, if I'd had some spare TAG bits I'd have given that's a try. Maybe I need to order a couple of old ones off eBay to use as tactical junk. Maybe I can improve my modelling skills to the extent that reposing is possible, but I'm not ready for that yet!
  15. Cool, thanks. So If we're calling the little pod with wings thing something related to Sensor, the right loadouts would be: Sierra - 1 Pathfinder - 2 & 4 Fugazi - None Clipper - 3 But the pod thing could be considered a Sniffer (looks like it could be deployable), in which case Fugazi would have a No.4. Or you could call it a 360 visor and put it on the Sierra. (PS those aren't my models, in case I fooled anyone into thinking I'm much better at painting than I am - I got the photo off Google, but I believe they belong to @Charno).