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  1. Yeah that looks cool, if I'd had some spare TAG bits I'd have given that's a try. Maybe I need to order a couple of old ones off eBay to use as tactical junk. Maybe I can improve my modelling skills to the extent that reposing is possible, but I'm not ready for that yet!
  2. Cool, thanks. So If we're calling the little pod with wings thing something related to Sensor, the right loadouts would be: Sierra - 1 Pathfinder - 2 & 4 Fugazi - None Clipper - 3 But the pod thing could be considered a Sniffer (looks like it could be deployable), in which case Fugazi would have a No.4. Or you could call it a 360 visor and put it on the Sierra. (PS those aren't my models, in case I fooled anyone into thinking I'm much better at painting than I am - I got the photo off Google, but I believe they belong to @Charno).
  3. Cool, thanks. Shame we don't get that E/M LGL any more! Edit: Are you sure it's not a Sniffer? That's listed as a weapon, whereas Sensor is a skill. If it was a Sniffer, it would be pretty easy to convert a Pathfinder to a Fugazi, just by magnetising the combi.
  4. Here's what I did with the Uhlan. Not sure why there are all these barrels in my streets, better than trees and random platforms though I guess!
  5. I've got the dronbot box, just trying to work out what all of the parts are. My initial guess is: 1 - HMG 2 - Combi Rifle 3 - Smart Missile Launcher 4 - Sniffer 5 - ?? One source of confusion is that I've seen a model with 2 & 4 marked as a Sierra, but I think that must be the Pathfinder. Does that look right? If so, what's number 5?
  6. Any news on those new bridges? I'd like to replace my older terrain with your new buildings, but I like the interesting layouts you can get with raised walkways etc. so I'm holding back for that.
  7. Makes sense, thanks.
  8. What happens when a minesweeper takes ownership of a perimeter weapon (e.g. crazy koala) which isn't in Standby mode at long range, say 20"?
  9. Makes sense, thanks. I knew you couldn't go into B2B but I wasn't sure about whether you had to do that or not, e.g. going into B2B was automatic based on your position.
  10. E.g. if one's blocking a doorway. Sorry I'm sure it must say in the rules, I just can't spot it.
  11. Thanks, yes I have a razor saw which I use for turning the tabs into pins - it's just these pupniks have individual fingers & toes on the rocks, and I can't imagine being able to cut/file round them well enough. The reinforced concrete's a good idea, I should be able to make that work on one of them. Between that, a bin bag, and filing one down (or even just green stuffing around it to make some kind if step), hopefully I can get them all into shape!
  12. Hi, I've just picked up an Uberfallkommando (not mad about the minis but looks interesting to play). My army's got urban bases, but the Pupniks are all standing on rocks which don't make any sense in that setting. They seem pretty much impossible to separate, for a man of my modelling talents anyway. Any suggestions as to what to do with them? Only thought I had was to make the rocks look like rubbish bags, which isn't ideal but at least would fit the theme.
  13. It seems to be solid - I put it in boiling water to soften it up then stood on it, with an Allen key on top to give it a crease in the middle.
  14. I ended up using a barrel from TT Combat in the end. Had to squash it a bit to fit, but I reckon it's worked out well.
  15. Me and my friend enjoy it for casual games - tried it twice so far. We both play vanilla so getting out of the plague zone becomes a big challenge affecting list building and the game itself, mixing things up a fair bit compared to the other missions we play (usually other killy ones). Perhaps due to the vanilla armies, the first turns involve a lot of hard choices relating to killing vs moving vs suppressing, and despite the charge into the middle there are usually quite a few guys left for turn 2. Not many by turn 3 though! It's also the only mission so far where removing the ability to use more than one command token in turn 1 seems to be useful. The only part of it I'm not so keen on is Confused Deployment, which seems to cause more friction and questions than I'd like, and adds in a bit too much randomness. I might prefer just disallowing any kind of infiltration at all. But in the context of a chaotic bloodbath, it works well enough.