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  1. Wow. That has exactly none of the things I thought we'd see. Do we really need another MSV2 MSR? We've already got Nisse doing exactly that, Bagh Mari at MSV1, and Black Friar without the Mimetism. It's not all bad news, though. Haris/HMG or HRL/Specialist clocks in at 90-95 points and 1.5-2 SWC. For a BS13 3 man link with Mimetism and 4-4 MOV. That's really all the good news I see, though.
  2. I'll go with the prevailing counter-theory: Limited Camo. Do I need to be more specific?
  3. Alright, you're on!
  4. @Dasaan I'll take the engineer bet. Loser sends the winner their painted Bolt Paramedic from Beyond. Are you betting for or against the engineer profile?
  5. Change out big-ass sword for a knife and I'm totally for it. "Nurse! Scalpel please!"
  6. I'm planning on doing it for the Crystal Brush painting competitions at Adepticon next year.
  7. Weird that the ABH is in the non Yu Jing one, and that the CSU is in the non PanO one. Guess I'm going to have to barter with our local YJ player.
  8. Referencing this piece of art, possibly. I'm presuming that the sword is largely ceremonial and used for public display at the NeoVatican. I mean, that thing has be to 7 feet long if it's that tall at HI scale, no way you can use a sword like that in actual combat. It's just too unwieldy. The Swiss model is going to be amazing for dioramas. I know I'm making one of him on guard at the NeoVatican. It'll also give me the excuse to paint his armor in the egregious purple and yellow of modern-day Swiss Guard, instead of mid-battle TO Camo like I usually do.
  9. Nomad Kriza Borac and HMG Swiss Guard HMG Kamau The whole box - Bolt Paramedic is hidden in the back and has no features in the video. Somehow I think that CB knew no one would want to see it. I'm very impressed by the models. The Swiss is kind of static, I think I would have preferred a more dynamic pose, but the sword looks excellent and it's a very cool miniature for a display piece. I'd rate it 4/5, could be improved by being slightly less static but overall excellent. The Kamau looks good - I like the new paint job for the neoprene scuba suit under the armor. Nothing special, but nothing wrong with it either. Rating it 3/5. The Bolt is completely invisible and I know it's there because there is a blue blob in the background of the photo. ?/5. What do you guys think? EDIT: holy crap the resolution of the images is awful. Working to fix, many apologies. EDIT #2: pictures are now appropriately sized for humans and not ants.
  10. Oh my God dat Swiss. Dat Kamau. Dat ... bolt that was literally not shown at all. Looks like CB knows. Kriza Borac is sweet, as is the Intruder and the Hellcat. Might have to assemble the Nomad side of OpIce after what, 3 years?
  11. I may have to reconsider the HRL+Auxbot Spec Serg after this outpouring of support for him. Usually if I'm taking the HRL guy he's in a Core team, which precludes the use of Auxbots. Combi-armed HI can go die in a fire. Is it really that bad to just remove those profiles or make them a couple of points more for a MULTI or Breaker? If you're already sinking 35-50 points into a badass Heavy Infantry dude, what's another 4 points for versatility?
  12. Please no. We have enough profile bloat as is. Order Sergeants have 11 profiles. Father Knights, ORCs and Hospitallers have 9 each. And a lot of them are redundant. Have you ever wanted a Combi rifle ORC? Has anyone ever taken the HRL+Auxbot Order Sergeant?
  13. If Kamau are truly jumping 4-8 points (assuming a moderate smattering of specialist profiles in the OpIce box) then that's room for some serious upgrades in terms of skills and equipment. I'm excited to see the changes for Kamau but at the same time I'm hesitant to see another link team with premium-price features. PanO as a faction has some seriously pricey link teams - Bolts, Bagh-Mari, various flavors of Knight links, and eventually Nisse (when Svalarheima releases... Maybe in my lifetime). With the notable exception of Magister/Hospitaller links we also have no options for mixed links with "filler" models to keep prices down. Regardless, I'm excited for new Kamau models, super-duper-excited for new Swiss HMG, and I guess with Varuna sectorial imminent I'll have to go buy a Cutter.
  14. New sculpt for the Swiss HMG is making me positively turgid.
  15. Locust with BSG + Drop Bears. Made out of a Croc Man body, a cut down MSR, and a Commando Akal head I had lying around.