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  1. Thanks for the advice and the breakdown, all! I’m definitely looking forward to putting him on the table soon, so I️ suppose I️ will report back with the damages. I️ can definitely see taking two and tag teaming both sides of the table. Plus, 100 points for the pair is cheap enough that there is still some serious meat to the rest of the list. One thing I’ve been enjoying building Acon lists is how cheap everything is. It doesn’t feel like I’m playing PanO anymore, sometimes. I’m prepping a conversion using a spare Icestorm ORC body I️ have lying around, just trying to figure out the arm situation right now. Thinking of finding a Santiago Spitfire arm and replacing the old boxy spitfire with a new sleek one, and adding the HFT underneath.
  2. I’m starting to look at Acontecimento now that my Baghs are on the painting table. I️ was flipping through the unit list and read through the Guarda de Assalto entry and thought “dang these guys are awesome!” Which is really strange since I haven’t seen heads or tails of them in most forum posts. 50-odd points for a BS15 spitfire and zero-v smoke sounds hot, and with no Aquila or Swiss competition in SAA I️ could see one of these bad boys as a mean second combat group striker opposite a Bagh core team in group 1. Does anyone here actually have experience with the GdA? I️ rarely see them in lists and I’ve never seen one in person. I’m definitely down to do the experimentation myself but having some intel would be nice.
  3. Grenzer Missile Launcher! I️ used an Alguacile Missile Launcher arm set and cut off the Grenzer bead to rotate it. quite pleased.
  4. Hey Cho, any chance of seeing a Grenzer MSR from icestorm, and an Alguacil Missile Launcher? Also interested in a Swiss HMG from Beyond, and maybe some other stuff.
  5. I know it was mentioned in the OP as having no plans for an iOS app version (like the android one) but has that changed in the last year and a half? I just “upgraded” to an iPhone and I’m really missing my Army app. Couldnt find any posts in the last couple pages about it, figured I’d ask.
  6. I’m thinking it might be useful to include an LGL Montesa Knight in lists vulnerable to KHDs as a way to flush them out. Obviously it won’t work against Hidden Deployment hackers, but anything that starts visible or as a camo token is going to be making some dodges first turn.
  7. I'd suppose that he wanted long range or reactive firepower and would use the Jotum for active turn killing.
  8. I still don't buy any arguments for "PanO can't have smoke" except "CB doesn't want it to happen". The usual one is "smoke+visor is too abusable!" ISS has a haris-linkable BS14 MSV2 HMG with easy access to smoke. Every other faction aside from Ariadna (no MSV2) has access to the smoke+visor trick, with varying degrees of BS behind it. And the smoke+visor trick, while deadly, isn't even the most common or best use of smoke! I literally had a beacon in Capture and Protect stolen out from under me while Joan sat there helplessly as a Morlock smoked, grabbed the beacon, and waltzed away with it!
  9. If I hadn't just sliced up my Acon Montesa bits I would be slicing them up for this! I love it and want to use it for my Assault Hacker/Multi Rifle Swiss.
  10. I'm looking forward to pairing him with an assault hacker and Immobilizing stuff then chopping it to bits with Monofilament. Sweet sweet revenge for having it done to me all the time.
  11. Have played the Swiss Assault Hacker in Hunting Party. Can confirm that he is baller as hell. Surprise Shot ADHL at -9 or -12 to shoot back really helps mitigate B1. The Hexa has an ADHL too, so you can set up multiple Surprise Shot TO situations. Obviously better on the Swiss because BS15 allows you to take shots from your +0 range and not miss half the time.