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  1. ...I may have painted up my Bagh Mari sniper as a Kamau MSR as I find myself using the Kamau way more than the Bagh. I’ve never really been tempted to put the MSR Bagh into a link so I figured she would be used much more as a Kamau! She at least matches the paint job on my Beyond Kamau HMG.
  2. Got to use the Spitfire GdA in a game last night! 200 points of Annihilation vs CJC. Since it was a killy-killy mission and low points, I felt pretty comfortable taking a pared-down Bagh-Mari core (HMG, Rao Lt, 2 BSG, Combi+LSG) alongside the Guarda. Rest of the list was a Traumadoc+palbot, 2 Regulars, and a WarCor order battery. 10 orders on the nose. i took first turn and held the GdA as my reserve model. He deployed opposite 2 Brigada (Hacker and BSG Lt) while the Baghs deployed opposite an Alguacile link. His reserve model was a double Combi Gecko, which deployed out of cover but also out of LoS. The Guarda was a goddamned hero this match. The Baghs dropped his MSR Alguacile, the Auxbot dropped eclipse smoke on the only lane his ML had to the Guarda, and I flanked him hard in the first turn. The GdA took down the Gecko, both Brigada, and the Alguacile link leader , breaking the link, ate a long range Combi crit, then went into suppression fire with the Auxbot covering his rear. He died to a coordinated order from the rest of the Alguaciles, but at that point the match was already decided. We didn’t even play through my turn 2. Overall I loved the performance of this guy, but that may have been slanted a bit by the mission choice and game size. There really wasn’t anything that could have challenged him on the offense. It took a while to break the Gecko but I never worried about losing the F2F. Between unopposed shotguns and a Spitfire hitting on 18s vs a single Combi shot at -6, the Gecko just didn’t have the staying power. I will have to field him in a larger game and also a more objective oriented one to get more data, but I think that he’s a little overkill a lot of the time in Acon.
  3. Guarda de Assalto and Eclipse Smoke Auxbot conversion! Since he’s a “fast HI” with only ARM3 i decided that the MI arms on the smallest new style HI body available looks about right.
  4. conversion done! Since the GdA is a lighter faster HI i decided to use MI armor style for the arms, and the smallest “new HI” style body I could find. pretty happy with the results. Can’t wait to prime him and get him painted!
  5. Thanks for the advice and the breakdown, all! I’m definitely looking forward to putting him on the table soon, so I️ suppose I️ will report back with the damages. I️ can definitely see taking two and tag teaming both sides of the table. Plus, 100 points for the pair is cheap enough that there is still some serious meat to the rest of the list. One thing I’ve been enjoying building Acon lists is how cheap everything is. It doesn’t feel like I’m playing PanO anymore, sometimes. I’m prepping a conversion using a spare Icestorm ORC body I️ have lying around, just trying to figure out the arm situation right now. Thinking of finding a Santiago Spitfire arm and replacing the old boxy spitfire with a new sleek one, and adding the HFT underneath.
  6. I’m starting to look at Acontecimento now that my Baghs are on the painting table. I️ was flipping through the unit list and read through the Guarda de Assalto entry and thought “dang these guys are awesome!” Which is really strange since I haven’t seen heads or tails of them in most forum posts. 50-odd points for a BS15 spitfire and zero-v smoke sounds hot, and with no Aquila or Swiss competition in SAA I️ could see one of these bad boys as a mean second combat group striker opposite a Bagh core team in group 1. Does anyone here actually have experience with the GdA? I️ rarely see them in lists and I’ve never seen one in person. I’m definitely down to do the experimentation myself but having some intel would be nice.
  7. Grenzer Missile Launcher! I️ used an Alguacile Missile Launcher arm set and cut off the Grenzer bead to rotate it. quite pleased.
  8. Hey Cho, any chance of seeing a Grenzer MSR from icestorm, and an Alguacil Missile Launcher? Also interested in a Swiss HMG from Beyond, and maybe some other stuff.
  9. I know it was mentioned in the OP as having no plans for an iOS app version (like the android one) but has that changed in the last year and a half? I just “upgraded” to an iPhone and I’m really missing my Army app. Couldnt find any posts in the last couple pages about it, figured I’d ask.
  10. I’m thinking it might be useful to include an LGL Montesa Knight in lists vulnerable to KHDs as a way to flush them out. Obviously it won’t work against Hidden Deployment hackers, but anything that starts visible or as a camo token is going to be making some dodges first turn.
  11. I'd suppose that he wanted long range or reactive firepower and would use the Jotum for active turn killing.