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  1. Something that might work is if you go to a store that sells flooring, some will have clear plastic that is used for reducing slip with runners in hallways. It's pretty thin, clear and will reduce sliding. Not sure how it'd look on your color scheme, but might be an option.
  2. Something in the middle yeah. A Small squad of remotes who act like a Fireteam, but require a handler to sync them together and allow them to move as one. Take out the handler, they don't work together anymore.
  3. Something that I'd love to see, as something a little different in a Korean sectorial, is a Remote based Fireteam. Multiple remotes, synchronized and fighting as one squad. You'd need to take a "controller" (like an Antipode Handler), but I'm sure there would be some awesome possibilities!
  4. Count on, no. Use to be amusing and see the look on my opponents face? Much more fun!
  5. Hence the winking face It's less me I am worried about, more my daughter who is playing her first league, but she'll be fine. Just like to give a good ribbing tis all
  6. I'll definitely try and fill in with some Viral. I'm playing Vanilla, and I'd already planned on some Djans, but I wasn't sure what else would be effective. I can't take Hackers for the first few rounds, but I hope to fit at least one later to spotlight some Aleph so I can Light Grenade them to death with Spec fire!
  7. Awesome. In which case, I think it's wise to stick with Chain Rifles. Not because of what I'm playing (Haqq), but because half the league seems to be playing either Aleph Vanilla or Steel Legion. You'll come up against a lot of ODD, and Chain Rifles will serve you well against them! Also, regardless of your opponent, this list means you HAVE to get close for any sort of killing power it seems. Submachine guns and Chain Rifles are very up close and personal weapons (beyond 16", negatives start to pile up, esp against ODD or Camo). With the Sniper Rifle and the Mk12, you have a little bit of firepower, but that's still only 5 shots a turn. Have you considered going down to 6 orders, dropping the Thorakitai and a Netrod, and then upgrading a Myrmidon to a Spitfire? This would give you a -9 to hit in cover, Burst 4 maniac to help cover your other troops as they advance. You can put him in Supressive Fire as well!
  8. I start a league the same day, wanted to make sure I wasn't "helping the enemy"
  9. Starting in an escalation league, and it seems my Haqq will face every man and his dog using Aleph. What should I be looking to use for low point games to help me combat ODD?
  10. First question, before I say anything else, where are you from?