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  1. please return them. My Druze feel inferior.
  2. thats work on intuitive attack, i think
  3. no. The bug is in the main build. You can go in and see for yourself. I do not use the mobile version. Thank you all for clarification
  4. According to the Builder tags are divided into three types: 1) tags with the remot presence 2) Manned Tag 3) All other We are interested in the third option. The third option includes Maghariba, Guijia, Lizard and Raicho. The problem is that in the presence of the pilot, the tag is not written "manned". This raises a number of questions. 1) >Users of this Special Skill are pilots or drivers of vehicles or TAG with the Manned Special Skill. This Pilot Troop Profile is usable only after the trooper declares a Move Short Skill and specifies he will use it to Dismount his Manned TAG or Vehicle. It is written in the skill of the pilot. But the above tags are no skills manned. It turns out, the pilots of these tags can't get out of the robot? 2) If you get out they are all the same, refer to rule manned. There are the following: If the TAG or Vehicle figure of a Manned trooper whose Pilot dismounted enters the Dead state, remove both the TAG or Vehicle and the Pilot from play. It turns out that if the pilot got out of the tag, and the tag shot, then the pilot goes along with a tag, as I spelled out manned? 3) Or is it just a bug of Builder? But I found a printed sheet with maghariba, dated 29.01.2017. And there also was not manned.
  5. Done
  6. "MERCS" clones factory - the most illegal clones of the human sphere
  7. Hello. Can a model use a motorcycle of another model? The bike has no driver and is in a marker state.
  8. odalisques were bodyguards of Kerim Bey. And their background is telling us that they are used as VIP protection. What is it if not the bodyguards?
  9. good idea, im think. but does not reveal the essence of the link and Haris odalisques
  10. synchronization of the unit makes a vegetable if you kill the leader. Odalisques and his "target" are people, not remots or cyborgs. But the use of women as there pupniks is a good idea. Act together is the work of a bodyguard even if the protected makes any stupidity
  11. Hi all. As soon as I got to the hands of the HSN3, I immediately started reading background of haqqislam. I liked the story of odalisques. But I do not like what they represent themselves on the playing table. They do not reflect the essence of cunning femme fatale. That is also almost the best bodyguards. But on the table, we see haris and link consisting only of odalisques. Stick to only hafza. And only by the fact that it can be linked to any non-standards. Butodalisques as bodyguards! Whom do they protect? Student military academy? It's boring. My suggestion is to make it possible to link odalisques with any other model or lieutenant. What do you think about it? It seems to me this will odalisques appear on the table more often and give them more variability and tactical flexibility. Maybe I am not writing in that section. I'm sorry, I still poorly guided on the forum. p.s. Google translator is merciless.