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  1. One of the best things you have done. Really like the Fiday. Nicely done increasing the highlights on the black towards the head to draw attention to the focal point of the model. I'm getting in on the Haqq after xmas. Going to try a dark scheme as well but not this dark, good to see an alternative to the cream/green Haqq.
  2. These are great. Nice smooth blue that works well on Combined. Complimentary colors on the bases finishes them off.
  3. These are excellent. I agree the gold on the Sputnik stands out. Always good to see more nomads. Would like to see this scheme on the poster boys, the Mobile Brigada.
  4. @inane.imp to be fair she does look way more like a Druze hacker render than a nomad. Maybe she is a Masai who joined Druze?
  5. Yeah the Moran is a hit, Massacre is a miss. Strange pose. Gonna have to stick me a cloak on that Moran though. Will these be released at individual blisters or an upgrade pack with 3/4 models?
  6. Thanks for the comments lads. It does look great with the rest of the Morats. Still clearly bigger than the Xeodrons even kneeling down. @jherazob I did look into making a TAG completely from Gundam pieces but they are slightly too big. Definitely a great source for parts. I'm considering buying a set just to make Scenery with. Next on the paint table is my Hungries/Oznat core link. I thought Morats were terrible to play until I tried using these. Absolute game changer. Turn one carnage.
  7. Sacrifice a Fusiler to our El overlords! It's finished! I would like to say this model was a labour of love but to be honest it turned into an odyssey. Having looked at the Raicho TAG from every angle and decided it was too ugly to use I looked for alternatives. I already owned Scarface with an idea of converting it into a Tikbalang for my girlfriends SAA. A few days casting covetous glances it's way and it was recuited into the Morat master race. First stage was to make it look more Morat. Easiest way was going to be to have an actual Morat emerging from it. I liked the new pilot model so she was placed on order. Next up I set about hacking out a place for her. Next up I knew I needed a big gun. The knife hand was removed and the shooting hand also hacked off. I was scouting the internet for options when I got lucky. I was working with an autistic boy at his house when he showed me his Gundam collection....mother of god. I sized up the most suitable gun asked him where I could get them. 'You can have one, I have loads. They also come with multiple hands.' Bingo. So armed with a massive gun and Gundam hands I had my arms ready. I wanted an 'at rest' pose for the TAG so set about converting it to be kneeling and resting its hand on a piece of scenery. The left leg was just repositioned. The right needed to be cut and then greenstuffed back on. Not the neatest work but good enough. I then found a piece of random plastic toy at work to use as a Pan O security post. The model was glued together and was looking the part. But it still looked too....Scarface. So I added hair to the back of the helmet from a Dark Elf Riders set. Painting this beast was an effort. Pieces breaking off and needing to be fixed, lots of large areas to blend. Then Operation Furstrike...... I left the model unattended on my desk for an afternoon after forgetting to put it in the cabinet...I came home to find it broken on the floor and my cat making arrogant eye contact. It's impossible to know the feline mind but I'm fairly sure he was thinking 'You are my bitch.' So the Raicho was shelved for an Age of Man. Time passed. Other projects were completed, yet in the draw he remained. Until last week. It actually turned out easier to fix and repair than I thought. As the project neared completion I was able to enjoy painting it again at last. And the it was done. Certainly the biggest conversion I have ever attempted. But was it a success. I will let you be the judge. The Raicho
  8. Dismounting Raicho Pilot conversion.
  9. Simple yet effective technique.
  10. I've now managed to finish all the JSA miniatures that I currently own. First up the female Domaru. I didn't want her holding the Spitfire two handed as that would look too similar to the male Domaru so I sanded off the hand on the Spitfire and stole the arm holding the sheath from the other female in the box. I had to add a handle for the sword. Overall I much prefer this pose. Next was Yojimbo. I ordered the unmounted model on a whim whilst making an order with Shae Konnit but then realised you can't include him as an unmounted option so for now he will represent Yuriko Oda in my list. He can lead the squad of Butai. This is the first time I'm happy with a blade and I have finally found a method that works for me. I really need a better camera.... Here he is leading the troops valiently to their deaths! So that leaves my Nomads and JSA finished until reinforcements arrive. Next up is a long overdue return to the Morats. I have a lot of models still to paint for these, the most intimidating of which is the unfinished Rachio. He's been staring at me for months, half finished after Operation Furstrike tried to destroy him.... it's time to get it done, no more excuses.
  11. Really big fan of this army so far. Great use of different miniatures and the Taskmaster conversion is excellent. That dog looks perfect. Will be good to see them painted and how they all look together.
  12. Good summary of the Tariks. As someone who is likely yo get into Haq in the near future it's useful but since I need (yes need!) the new Fiday I will get the newest version. I like the free hands on the cloak. I always feel when there is that much fabric to work with you need to add something otherwise it looks way too bland. I would add either an extreme highlight or some shade to the orange segments as at the moment they look a little flat compared to the rest of the model. Otherwise he's good to go!
  13. A new Corregidor starter with a Lt Intruder, 3 wildcats, a Moran and a Clockmaker/Doctor all in the new scale. It would round off Corregidor before they move on to Tunguska. Then maybe a Wildcat box. Also a Guard de Assaulto resulpt for SAA would be nice since they got a starter and then nothing else....
  14. I'm getting a Donnie Darko vibe. In a good way. That display base is excellent.
  15. nomads

    Looks great. Weclome to the JSA! The red and gold works well and you have demonstrated that with a decent paintjob the older sculpts still look the part. Can't wait to see this on the Domaru. I would maybe add something to the base though. If it's outside maybe some weeds coming throught the cracks, if its inside some clutter on the floor like bullet casings.