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  1. They aren't bad. The photos on the official site don't do them any favours. You can tell they are older sculpts and some of the parts are a pain to glue but overall I like them. You have a lot of scope for posing them and they do look like the aggresive alien attack dogs they are supposed to represent.
  2. So the month of Pan O continues. Not gonna lie, painting green is so much easier that it might continue until the end of the month. I managed to finish a second Bagh Mari, unfortunately I was painting over the top of an earlier failed paint scheme so I really didn't give this model the attention it deserves but overall it's another one down. I then worked on my Guarda De Assalto proxie, the Nisse. This is one of those models you don't really appreciate until you hold it in your hands. An excellent sculpt that was a dream to paint. Sometimes your brush just hits the right spot repeatedly and a model is finished with very little stress and errors, this was one of those models. He's now waiting on an Auxbot from England. I may regret putting this guy in my gf's hands looking at his profile. A group shot of my completed Acontecimento troops. They are really starting to come together and I no longer face an unpainted army each time we play. One thing that is bugging me is the autumn leaves on the bases. Something is wrong with them. Any advice on possible alternatives? Finally the Morats got some 8pt reinforcements in the form of a single Hungrie. Tested a new scheme on this guy and it turned out well. It will form the basis of a future Shasvastii army. Next up I will paint the Orc, with a green tutorial. Defeat the Pan O scum at Wotan. Paint the Intruder Sniper and hopefully start on the Gecko. Any advice and comments greatly appreciated.
  3. Quiet month so far, I assume it's because everyone is busy assaulting the Wotan blockade. First up reinforcements for the Morats. My first Hungarie, this is partially a test piece for a potential future Shasvastii paint scheme. I quite like it so with a few tweeks I'm ready for the resculpt *cough* late 2017 *cough* Bostria. Next more troops for the Acontecimento. Another Bagh Mari, this time the sniper. And finally my counts as Guarda De Assalto. Great profile but lets face it, the current sculpt looks like an anorexic Orc. So I had the bad ass looking Nisse lying around. One clip of the clippers and I have an Assalto. I've already ordered a auxbot from Shae. Finally a new Acontecimento group shot....ready to die in a hail of Gecko bullets.
  4. Yes! Massive fist pump. Wu Ming are one of the best looking links out there. Looking forward to this.
  5. Both of them have a pretty wide stance that takes them right up to the edge of their base. You could narrow the stance and they might fit. I can take some pictures tomorrow if it helps.
  6. First time participating in a campaign. It was a dick move from this player either way. The photos don't look good and he's now going to get new players to vouch for him who he essentially farmed for points. These things tend to even themselves out. Aleph now have a huge target on their backs from the other fractions and this guy has ruined his online reputation. Is it worth it? Onwards and upwards. Let's move on to the next phase and let BoW investigate.
  7. Nagas done. Started him today and after an hour realised he was almost done. Realy quick and easy to paint. Not sure whether Nagas are androids or not but painted this guy to be one. Like the look of the scheme and could easily see myself expanding into a super sneaky Aleph force one day, but for now he's the Acontecimento Sam Fisher.
  8. 2 hours start to finish on this guy! Got to love the tiny Nagas.
  9. I've been experimenting with whites for years trying to find the least chalky and one which gives good coverage even when diluted. This is the one that works best for me. Citadel Whites I generally stay away from. The rest of their range is decent though.
  10. I can't put my finger on why, perhaps the muted paint scheme and the fact you nailed the faces (something I struggle with) but I really like those 2 Ghazi's. I've never considered collecting Haq but if I did I would go for a similar muted scheme.
  11. For the green, it's a base coat of Warboss green, then a glaze highlight of 1:1 warboss green & Averland Sunset until I'm happy with the blend, then I add white to the same mix and glaze a final highlight. I shade the green using diluted Waaagh Flesh in the shadows. For the orange I use Vallejo Light Orange mixed 2:1 with Zandri Dust as a base coat then add white to the mix gradually to build the highlights. I mix the original base coat with Sepia wash for the shadows. I can do a step by step at some point if that would help. I'm getting so many different colour schemes these days I might need to start doing it for myself! The grenade is a Space Marine Melta Bomb, the smoke is simply Cotton Wool, twisted into shape then covered in hair spray. Once that is dry it is stuck on with super glue and holds its shape.
  12. So the Pan O scum continue to recieve my attention. First up the Bagh Mari. I really like this unit and the poses are varied and interesting. Hope to work through the unit this month and complete at least 3 of them. Next up was an update on my regulars. I have considered completely repainting their armour but faced with a whole load of models to paint I decided that the cannon fodder could remain a slightly different shade of green to the rest of the army. Finally a group shot of the Pan O so far. Starting to take a bit of shape. The green is going to annoy me enough to for a repaint at some stage but not yet. Green is a much more forgiving colour to paint than the black and purple so I'm working through these quite fast. I also made this smoke marker that I am disproportionately happy about. Considering some Wotan games this weekend, although I will maybe give it a rest after our game last weekend nearly caused a break up.... I used the Intruder Sniper for the first time and he head shotted half her force. My girlfriend is ultra competitive and her precious Orc getting killed with DA ammo on an ARO was the last straw. But 4 days later and she is talking to me again. She is pleased she doesn't have to play with base coated models anymore whilst I field whole painted armies so maybe it's safe to suggest a game...
  13. Early progress this month, mainly due to the fact I have been putting the finishing touches to one model and rebasing others. Only the Bagh Mari should count for competition but thought I would share the rest as well. Bagh Mari Updated Regulars, I painted these when I first got Ice Storm. They recieved a few touch ups and new bases. The Acontecimento Army so far. There is a difference in the greens but I can't face repainting the Regulars yet so for now they will stay like this. Next up two more Bagh Mari.
  14. Suicide booth. Haha brutal. Great buildings. Inspired me to finally get working on New Saigon.
  15. Looks like she unlocked the Blood Mess perk on Fallout.