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  1. Oh these are going in New Saigon for sure.
  2. @Usashi Thanks, I'm not a fan of copying the offical schemes either. For the second Butai I will make the street tiles pale and then let people compare the two options. @schoon I think it's a mixture. I tried to keep the models a bit darker and pushed the contrast especially the shadows. Also I used my girlfriends new iPhone to take the pictures, much better quality but I didn't run them through an editing app so they are a bit dark. Will do my best to edit the next ones.
  3. Test piece finished for my JSA sectorial. This army born after seeing Le Franks Domaru, I had never even considered YJ until I saw those models. Less than 24 hours later I had placed an order. This army will have a fair number of proxies as I won't be using the older sculpts. The Zhanshi will stand in for Butai and I will be using all the various Mushashi/Yojimbo sculpts plus some Bushido models as my Haramaki. I knew I wanted to try some colours that I have never painted before, blue and gold seemed suitable colours for Samurai and I had seen the excellent tutorial by Painting Buddha for the Storm Cast Eternal which used these colours. It was only half way through painting the Butai that I realised it was looking very 'Ultramarine'. Undeterred I pushed on and I'm overall fairly pleased with the result. I would like to add more marking and possibly some battle damage but as ever its the double edged sword of maybe making it look way better but also maybe just ruining all that blending! The main colour I have an issue with is the purple. I tried white on the sleeves also but it didn't look right either. I think I will paint another Butai and see how they look together before deciding what to do. I spent a longer time than usual on the face and the tutorial from the Brush Brothers was very useful. The Japanese writing on his shoulder and back simply means '6' as he is a line trooper a number seemed suitable. Any suggestions for changes are more than welcome as this colour scheme will be for th whole sectorial so I want to get it right.
  4. First Butail finished. Still not 100% convinced by the colour scheme. I think it's the purple. I did experiment with white sleeves but that looked even worse. Overall very pleased with the standard, arguably the best model I've ever painted. Spent a lot of time on the face used the tutorials shared with me by @Maru.
  5. @Golem2God yeah, some of them even have the Japanese style hair buns. I almost forgot. I also made this modern art monument piece of terrain as a memorial to the events at Wotan. #holdtheline
  6. With the final 3 models completed I have now officially finished my Corregidor Nomads Sectorial for now. Here they are, the Ice Storm Aguacile's and the final Mobile Brigada. Feels great to finally finish a Sectorial. I plan to add the new Hellcat and Intruder from Beyond Ice Storm and possibly the new Riot Girls as proxies for Wildcats but those additions will wait whilst I first expand into new Sectorials. I hope to finish off my Morats as well in the near future but first I will be developing my JSA as I need something new on my paint desk. Here is shot of my entire Nomads collections in my display cabinet. Thanks for all the positve comments on my Nomads, it was a real motivator and helped get them finished before my painters itch got too strong to move on.
  7. Final Corregidor Nomad finished! I have now completed (until new unavoidable models get released) my first Infinity Sectorial. As one door closed another door opens, here is the WIP on my first Japanese Sectorial model. Now most people are going to say 'That's not a JSA model you idiot.' and they would be right. But lets face it the Keisotsu Butai models are showing their age a bit. So I will be using the great Zhanshi models as proxie for Butai. A few Japanese symbols on the armour should do the trick. Whilst I'm happy with the quality of the painting I'm not sold on the colour scheme. It's looking a little bit too 'Ultramarine' for me so far. I will press on and see how it looks once its finished before making a final decision. Black or white gun? They will be on snow themed bases so I'm leaning towards white. Thoughts?
  8. Cheers, @Nazroth. Interesting proposal. As you said well thought out and at least trying something different.
  9. I was overall happy with how the campaign was handled by the Nomad high command. I didn't mean the grunt comment as a complaint. I meant that for obvious reasons a lot of the politics needs to take place behind closed doors. The down side to this is that unless you are in the high command you don't know it exists. @NazrothThe combined proposal didn't need to be shared at the time. I meant can it be shared now? You said that it was an interesting and well thought out proposal so I would like to see it just from a personal interest in their approach. If that will compromise future diplomacy then feel free to keep it secret.
  10. Reading all these messages, it seems that all of the political intrigue took place behind closed doors between the faction high commands and us grunts didn't have much idea what was going on beside 'Go and get that location.' It would be nice to get more of this information. I would love to see the Combined proposal to the Nomads. Also, as someone who has multiple factions it might be a good idea if all of the factions have a week prior to the campaign to 'Recruit' players. Each faction produces propaganda and sets out their stance based on the situation and the fluff. Then players can make an informed decision on who they want to join. This could produce some friendly rivalry prior to the start of the campaign. I joined Nomads because I like their background and general attitude but I wouldnt be against trying YJ or Combined next time.
  11. Good point. You could say that within a faction there are elements that think joining the El is the best option for mankind? So a splinter faction can join the Combined in a short term alliance or they are willing to smuggle the Shaavasii like the Nomads did this campaign, Or even go the septorised route. Whether factions would choose this route based on fluff is debatable. I would ban Aleph and Tohaa from allying with Combined for fluff reasons. Or whenever combined face a faction in an alliance the Combined player gets +25pts to spend to demonstrate the huge size of the combined army? Difficult to factor them into the equation, but if I was a combined player this campaign I would have felt I faced impossible odds already.
  12. Lots of good feedback on here and great data analysis. As a first time campaigner here are a few thoughts: Narrative: This was the biggest issue for me. It never really felt like our actions had much impact upon the game. As a Nomad player the loss of La Forja despite the most intense battles of the whole campaign was really demoralizing. As a solution I think there should be a one week gap inserted between the phrases to allow CB to adjust the new phase according to actual results. In addition there could be a faction wide bonus based on securing a location/mission. For example, whichever faction held the TAG repair facility gets - 10% on TAGs in the next phase. Then if feels worth going after locations and the best rewards will attract the most action. Alliances: The current system is heavily numbers driven. This rewards the bigger factions vs the smaller factions (unless they have a few dedicated players). There should be the option to form alliances. This could even agreed using the faction liaisons in the one week down time between phases. This allows the smaller factions to become 'King Makers' as seen in medieval Europe. The super powers had to keep all the smaller countries on side. This allows factions like Tohaa to influence the campaign and adds options for politics between factions. I would add that Nomads can never ally with Pan O. Report Spam: In phase 3 it felt like it became Nomads vs a Single Ariadna player. This is not good. There should be a system of deminishing returns for playing the same player in the same theater over and over. For example after 5 wins vs a player your victories are only worth 1 point. At the end of the day this was a free campaign that I'm sure took a lot of work. I get the impression that BoW did their part but were let down by CB in terms of Narrative support. Well done Warren, much appreciated.
  13. As someone who is about to start JSA I would like to thank you for proving the law that as soon as someone makes a great conversion of a missing profile, the official model is released. Your sacrifice is appreciated.
  14. The march towards a finished Sectorial continues. First up is an Aguacile, not very exciting but needs must. Next is rather more exciting, my final Brigada. I could happily paint an entire army of these. Would like to build up to a 5 man link eventually but that will need to wait for another day. "Babe, do you want to play infinity at the weekend?" "Sure." "Shall we play 300pts for once?" "Yeah whatever." Boom! Operation armoured fist is on! She's nt going to know what hit her. She never fields hackers so fully expecting to be in the dog house by Sunday afternoon.