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  1. Wait, when did we start moving Tikbalangs and I got skipped?
  2. No problem, I saw a few names on the Uhlans but didn't know what that meant.
  3. I am interested in getting the Tikbalang half of the TAG box. I didn't see it on the list. Is it waiting in the wings or off of the table?
  4. this isnt speculation

    Only the people present could listen to the Q&A. The live stream was unintelligible. One could muddle through the slides if they followed along on Facebook but once the Q&A started, all was lost.
  5. I want to make sure. I thought Indianapolis was still Eastern time. I'd hate for people to tune in and miss half of it.
  6. Bostria at seminars last year. Go search for the one at GenCon, that'll have it in there.
  7. It has a non-Chinese name because the island was originally found explored and mapped by PanO.
  8. Isn't Infinity Army on the official Infinity website?
  9. Eh, I'm not going for right and wrong. More of a ridiculous optimism meeting with wishful thinking from my angle.
  10. Yes. You could still add on things and change or upgrade your pledge if you so desire.
  11. I do believe they have hired more since that time.
  12. Yes and a lot can change when you move to a new HQ hire a bunch of people and expand your workforce.
  13. Definitely an interesting article and a much debated topic. My problem with the article is that it is presented as fact when it is merely an opinion.
  14. People have a natural tendency to trail off as they end sentences, especially when they are speaking in an off-handed manner. It seemed to me just a matter of being aware (as most people don't have public speaking or stage experience). Look at Dexter when he was on the Krug, he was always the loudest and most consistently audible on there. He has plenty of stage experience as well. (He's also just loud.)
  15. All your write up says is that they don't have room in the release schedule at the moment because of things like USAriadna. It does not say there will not be any more Dire Foes. Besides, Bostria's most recent interview says they were a solid, well selling release.