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  1. I've had a decent bit of luck with the Ghulam LT w/HMG (.5 SWC instead of 1) in suppressive fire. I have not had as much luck with the other special weapons.
  2. The Nasmat is a G:servant that works with a doctor or engineer. I love my Jannisary Akbar Doctor as my second combat group with 3 ghulam (2 rifle+light shotgun, and LT w/ HMG). The Ghulam generally get parked on suppressive fire and in my game today, the Jannisary ran around with the 4 orders playing M*A*S*H.
  3. What are you guys using for your Alive Anti Establishment Group members? I can't shake the personalities attributed to them by Tom and Kip on Mayacast ep 118.
  4. I was hoping that you misspelled Crabbit.